Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ion class.

An introduction to regime.

[This post is for adults considering asteroid, lunar, planetoid and Martian experiences and colonising].

Pressure subduction.

Learning concentration is a tool neccessary for controlling brain thoughts this situation is perfect for showing that concentration will be lowered, but, our example show's that it's lowest can be a useful tool for it's strengthening.

The woman learning the first practice techniques.

G force stamina training class.

Peggy Lee / How deep is the ocean?

Area field base pressure training: Regulating pulse, adrenalin shift, and sweat glands.

Female 25 percent uphill gradient for 100 yards training [20 minute reconnaiscence archaeology climatology and oceanography scientists]

Female rocket launch preparation and data input stamina. Lowers g force conduction to the spinal nervous system and balances ion deposits correcting to standard golden mean allowing a red and white blood cell maximizing physical efficiency and boosting mental vision.

The coldness of space and it's dwarfing ambience could perhaps play a role in work productivity efficiency. International space station astronauts are trained for missions, but, colonising will need a total different approach to long periods of a detachment from everyday planet Earth surface dwelling on another planetoid surface. Pre training/programming bio-rhythm's certainly provide Inspiration and body heating.

The modern North American people are of European decent, they emmigrated to America about 270 years ago, the country, because it is climatologically hot and warm dictates that the modern north American people will be brown after perhaps another thousand years of colonisation.

This example clearly shows a chemicle displacement occurance that is connected to hormones and testosterone imbalances due to visual effects.

The wooing is a compulsion spurred by ion activity and it's transition to the American continent from Europe.

An example of chemistry at work.

Body vibration's recieved from our star sol account for regional circadian rhythm patterns, off planet it is not known what long exposure away from our star does to our sleeping pattern. These vibrations can be compensated for to an extent and would certainly calm an industrial type room.

Anoushka Shankar / Red Sun

Simply red / Holding back the years

Fats Domino / Blueberry hill...