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Dire strait's.

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What has man arrived for... I believe that it is a woman whom gives man a fulfilment that See's to his innate yearning to continue to please all that is. Many, many things are around man for him to grasp and as such, a playful seriousness approaches his every conditioning to an elapsed secondary thought. This, I believe is a contribution to our status...

Dire straits / Romeo and Juliet

When did man decide he needed clothes to keep himself warm? Does the theory of evolution suggest that Charles Darwin proposes tell us that the planet is getting colder? Or does the theory tell us that our genetic memory is becoming less tolerant to the cold? Or has someone secretly been given knowledge that we have been brought to this planet from another planet?
Certainly what is proven is that nothing is proven, and so our search for other men and signs or evidence of other men around the universe is the amazing inspiration many space explorers from our planet Earth have, will and want to seek proof that we are not alone in this space we call SPACE...

One thing we are all sure of is that differing substance's reside among our existence, these substance's that we perceive we name elements. Elements we believe are formed when reaction's occur during quantum continuum movement, we have a law of motion that defines power to weight ratio's comparative to a flux result.

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''To seek out new places and boldly go where no man has been before''

The thrill of adventure is a serious profession, hobby or what we hope to become a sustainable business for building a space infrastructure capable of building homes, business's and, specially sports venues for different gravity sport's discipline's testing man's intellect yet again with untold more practices awaiting spectator's. Of course, it would be special for marriage's and romance's to have the opportunity of a special view hotel room with access to a 100 million star's for direct visible viewing. It perhaps is every one's idea of romance, but, it will be, among all that space, imagine ''making love to a woman on a desolate planet'' where the sun's zenith sits on the surface of the planet setting a sizzling stage...



Portable electron microscope [picture of electron microscope]

Dinosaur Fossils: Sedimentary Rock

Dinosaur fossils, as with other fossils, are found throughout earth's sedimentary layers. To date, approximately 95.0% of all earth's fossil remains are marine invertebrates, 4.74% are plants, 0.25% are land invertebrates (including insects), and 0.0125% are vertebrates. Of the vertebrates, the majority are fish. Moreover, 95% of all land vertebrates found consist of less than one bone. However, billions of fossils have been found. Up to as many as 1,200 dinosaur skeletons have been discovered thus far. Sedimentary rock (sandstone, siltstone, shale, limestone, etc) is primarily laid down by moving water, layer upon layer, in a process known as hydrologic sorting. Animals whose fossil remains are found must have been caught in this running water to have been buried and preserved. The remains would be sorted by density just as the rocks were. If not buried, the carcass would rot or be scavenged. Fossil remains of clams (found in the closed position, indicating they were buried alive) have been found atop Mt. Everest. Sedimentary layers and fossil remains seem to be a testimony to a past marine cataclysm. There are nearly 300 surviving Flood Legends passed down by ancient civilizations. Some suggest Noah's Flood.
If we keep digging we could find much more interesting historical value yeilding our heritage that could perhaps be among other planets...
The number of people looking for dinosaur skeletons is rather large compared to the number of dinosaur skeletons actually found and thus it would be fair to suggest that it would be a rather large number of people searching and sifting on other planets before similar discoveries were uncovered...

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Dimension shift is a science that carbon dating has not identified yet, but, of course the rudaments await eager scientists... C.E.R.N {Neuclear research centre europe} has begun it's colliding searching for finer forms of mass particles that will help us strengthen our search for radiation sheiding for outer space applications and the identifying of finer particles will advance string theory mathematic's that I beleive will enevitably produce warp drive engines.

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My opinion to the expansion of our race among the universe is that primarily we ''MUST'' explore the planet's ourselves, we must learn what effect's the element's of the planet's gravity and it's constituent element's have on our bodies. I think it's safe to say that most of us are happy with our bodies and form, considering it's function's and it's range of capabilities. Most of us would like a bigger penis, and women would be happy with control of the water retention in their bodies but, generally speaking we're happy with the fluid's that we exchange with each other in the act of sharing each others bodies.

These reason's tell me that vitally and categorically we must do the reconnaissance of planet's. Why wait for a robot, if you ask me robot's will be the death of us. This machine is about as far as we should go. I don't agree with the lander's that we have on Mar's driving across the surface when we have orbiters photographing and mapping cartography. I believe we should have men down on the surface doing the pioneering. This is why my allegiance is firmly resting with the new Barack Obama American space program budget, of which I hope the research and development cash is for astronaut training and engine development. I do not advocate any further robotic advancement and believe them detrimental to our evolution.

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Signals sent to the brains receptors of the environment can be reproduced in a reaction to cosmic influence, such is a moon shadow's influence upon the female menstrual condition, as such can biorhytyhms produce what some would consider peculiar behaviour.

Different cats for different bats, different horses for different courses...

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From Egypt 36 deccans form our day...

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Not cubism art, but, still counting the number of stars... 4... 5... 6... 7... and on and on...
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An excellent example of what mature adults should be teaching our children at home, school, at work and at play...
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An example of how humans change with exposure to the element's is easily seen visually with regional differences developing, for instance, in 3000 years all north Americans that are white European will be the same genetic looking appearance as the native north American Indian's because of regional climatological heat, moisture and wind condition's. The black skinned north Americans will similarly be transforming to the regional aperture. The substance visually associated with 'how much of the local star' in the body is called Melanin.

Melanin is a class of compounds found in plants, animals, and protists, where it serves predominantly as a pigment. The class of pigments are derivatives of the amino acid tyrosine. Many melanin's are insoluble salts and show affinity to water. The most common form of biological melanin is eumelanin, a brown-black polymer of dihydroxyindole carboxylic acid, and their reduced forms. Another common form of melanin is pheomelanin, a red-brown polymer of benzothiazine units largely responsible for red hair and freckles. The presence of melanin in the archaea and bacteria kingdoms is an issue of ongoing debate amongst researchers in the field. The increased production of melanin in human skin is called melanogenesis. It is stimulated by the DNA damages that are caused by UVB-radiation, and it leads to a delayed development of a tan. This melanogenesis-based tan takes more time to develop, but it is long lasting.
The photochemical properties of melanin make it an excellent photoprotectant. It absorbs harmful UV-radiation and transforms the energy into harmless amounts of heat through a process called "ultrafast internal conversion". This property enables melanin to dissipate more than 99.9% of the absorbed UV radiation as heat and it keeps the generation of free radicals at a minimum. This prevents the indirect DNA damage which is responsible for the formation of malignant melanoma.

Picture of reticuli stars that have probably got planets with nice beaches!!!

In humans, melanin is the primary determinant of human skin color and also found in hair, the pigmented tissue underlying the iris, the medulla and zona reticularis of the adrenal gland, the stria vascularis of the inner ear, and in pigment-bearing neurons within areas of the brain stem, such as the locus ceruleus and the substantia nigra.

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