Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Personal integrity.

Michelle Yeoh picture [acrobatics]

It's really easy to imagine getting into a rocket and pressing an automated sequence button to fly you to another planet, I personally believe that it could soon be possible to have a rail system commuting vessel carriages around the solar system to the planets and moons. I believe that recent technological advances of teleporting technology utilising magnetism will enable a rail route to transport people and cargo from place to place. Space station bases connecting the teleporting beam line would deliver the route profile. That is the reason why I have been concentrating my personal astronaught training on self discipline. Obviously my research is classified because of it's advanced standard of professionalism, but, of course it is something I want to share with everyone else, particularly because it will be vital to exploration experience and knowledge.

So, this is what I believe the NASA funding 2011 budget is considering while developing the 2nd generation space age International traffic in arms regulation [I.T.A.R] for travellers that will have complete access to our solar system moons, planets and planetoids.



Ike picture]

Planetary axis, pioneer focus and retrograde.

Could this possibly be a shuttle and lander in an orbit of another planet?

Is it a pioneer scouting the terrain on foot?

Or is it like watching paint dry?


Alanis morissette / Ironic


Starting this consideration these teachings must be watched.

What does an obese person think, this body is too big for me? What do astronaught's think when in a spacesuit?

Hmmm, What does Jackie Chan think...


I believe that many people have a dream of going swimming on another planet, what will the water be like? Water that is not influenced with lunar tides, will it be denser and thus require different techniques to get through it? What if it had the ability to revitalise the organs if if was a direct pressure on a body swimming in it? Thus the type of swimming encourages different types of rejuvenation.

E.g Breast stroke. [picture of nipple]

Navy seal swimming technique


Navy seal showing intelligence stamina technique and chimp showing capability of same task in different declination habitat.
Show how the instructor teaches base's importance.

How does a bodies training operate on other centres of gravity...

A giraffe uses it's height as it's primary source of survival and thus, uses it.

Crouching tiger hidden dragon


Picture of double helix]

Gofers use the horizon to see what is on it's surface, thus it's centre of gravity is below it {on the other side of the planet}.

A tortoise uses a shell for protection ands waits until everything is sleeping, thus it has evolved patience, patience gives the heart longevity, perhaps the eradication of sleeping and longer life is possible with body stance.

Water bather's think around water thus thoughts slow, thus the habit is to think of home {zero water for away reconnaissance}.

[Michelle Yeoh]

Party animal...


Picture of double helix]

Bringing momentum to integrity {retrograde knowledge}

This video teaches us that skills and ability differ on planets according to retrograde of solid base and gaseous base.


No doubt / Don't speak http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHU_8dgXDzA&feature=related

Shaolin martial arts]

This video teaches us that every moment of movement is crucial to a live body survival, remember each planet has a different law of motion [forget E = mc squared, it is not proven], but, remember that it is possible to suggest that fire is in the feet.


and no the robot,


How many stars, universes and time differential tunnels.





Picture of time plane
Picture of stairs of people.

As we have shown, animals react to the thoughts they evolve with usually creating the centre of gravity which the centre of balance sits upon, it is retrograde that is the decisive technique for the advancement of the pioneer.



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Drunken master.


[Snowman picture]

Reminiscing about fond memories is almost like being influenced with alcohol, when I was a boy I used to go away to remote forest's with my boy cub scout group for days at a time, I remember I had a strong urge to be at the front of each cub team pack and it drove me crazy waiting to be at the front of the pack, it was something which drove me in all of the cub scout training that we got while learning about boats port and starboard and learning the necessary knots that I still use to this day, we learned team moral and integrity among each other with all sorts of exercises and disciplines, but, when I became the head cub scout of our branch I could see the strengths of the other boys and, that was when I treasured my knife the most because it gave me pride to see everything the way it should be for people who genuinely want to explore. So, I realise that many people want to explore and sometimes it can be the simplest things that drive us to them... It's ship shape that we need, and man is it missed...

Sheryl crow / The first cut is the deepest


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