Saturday, 6 March 2010


It is my philosophy that man should be multi tasking his schedule, as I have trained my own bio rhythm's to be knowledgeable of my capabilities and scope for adaptation, I have seen the speed at which adapting to ''newer worlds'' can happen, the necessary refinements perhaps do not require transient theory, but, the worlds exist among our psyche to be activated when the need is apparent and among these worlds we realise our vague passion of manhood and it's enormity relative to space.

Circadian rhythym training.

Many creatures have adapted to their immediate environment and move about at night activating their sociology and as testament to that they are not seen by people because they rest or sleep in the daytime. These animals, birds, insects, and reptiles move around and feed mainly during the night.

Night creatures are nocturnal, they sleep during the day and become active at night. Durnal creatures, like us humans, perhaps do not witness their activities, but, would it be different if we decided to function at night... Obviously jet lag is an immediate symptom of time zone travelling and on a planet moving at a different rate to our planet would change the schedule which has been memorised into our function.

Of course, the moon's tide's control's the water on our planet which is 71 percent water as is our body 71 percent water, thus the attractive force of magnetism would be a repulsion in our planets magnetosphere moving general relativities equations of mass in motion to refractive index pascal's.

Many perhaps have learnt basic astrology, but, certainly I talk from experience when measuring ion count in my own body.

Recently I wondered if modern scientific equipment specifically designed for monitoring seismic activity was more or less sensitive while on the dark side of the planet? Hence, the side of the planet that was on the opposite side of the surface facing the sun. The reason I wonder this assumption is obviously a cooling on the lower atmospheric environment occurs, but, would positron activity compensate.

I have mentioned in nuclear physics research circles that the work at C.E.R.N {European nuclear research centre} should perhaps be started at night when neuclide activity is lower. My own particle colliding research showed me some years ago that gravitons become destabilised when hot, warm or even agitated [I shall do a post about time splicing and string theory {M-theory}].

Long ago, mammals moved about in darkness in order to escape predators such as dinosaurs. Some developed adaptations such as increased night-vision or hearing that suited their nighttimes' activities. Today several of the smaller mammals have remained nocturnal, and their predators must also be active at night in order to catch them. Exposure obviously the issue regarding lengthy planetoid exploration.

Picture of dark side of the moon album cover]

Pink floyd / Dark side of the moon

Spandau ballet / gold

This is one of my favourite music groups because they tell the truth and it helps me believe the science what I do is all worth it regardless of government funding policies and government legislation preventing our generation's science from being utilised for our generation... I know... We're to 'ffff'ing' advanced.

Spandau ballet / true

The age of 'aquarius picture'...

NASA employees starting companies.

Pink floyd / A momentary lapse of reason

Flowerhead picture...

Base cherishing is a continuing journey...

The age eleven exam

At the age of eleven I new what my place was among my class, I think most of us new, but, certainly I believe that an academy for space operatives would be the central development programme for an age group that is professionally inclined to chose the star trek academy. I was the highest ranked exam classmate, but, I realise that among modern tests intelligence and intelligence quotient is not the test of 'the best person' for the job and all of us would agree that people mature at different rates and are inspired with different circumstance's.

I believe that some people are gifted, but, whether money or an *adverse* teacher prevent them from fulfilling that particular potential is something that joining the federation would maintain, in the walk of life perhaps some opt for different persuits after their initial true feeling subsides [I know, my tongue is still on the floor somewhere watching Colonel Deering walk onto the horizon...]

You see, the mentality that is produced when an adults influence is not structured is a side winding motion that props words such as slack, untrustworthy, uncertain... These words begin the trail to nocturnal thinking which encourages the brain to operate more efficiently at dusk, a connection to low neuclide counts because of atmospheric proximity to our star prompts a lower ion count which itself encourages drowsiness and low sugar levels. Hence the search for vitality...

Egyptian belly dancing.

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Is this really neccessary...

Honing base.

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An Earth day light wolf sending it's vibration's into the air show's us that its vibrancy velocity does not ride the same depth indicating an atmospheric shift from neuclide tides. Even the wolfs ability to cause fear in daylight shows us that it is not because it is dark that the intensity carry's to fear, but, it is an ion count quotient which is itself accountable for man's fear defence. The ADRENALIN.

Shakira / She wolf

the party animal...

Pink Floyd / Money

Many of the new generation space explorer hopeful's, amateurs and professional's {if there is any difference} want space exploration to happen for our era, NOW!!! The attitude around the world's science community is blended between let robot's continue to seek more evidence of possible life signs and let us develope better conditions for equipment capabilities i.e advance our technology. I myself as an international commuter have the experience to acknowledge that it is the doing that is the knowing, not the robot that is the doing... and no disrespect to obese people, but, I live to explore different terrain and adventure, it horifies me to think others would put our pioneering oportunity into the rust and bolt of robot.


let us...



Share the chores while laying the ghost to rest.

Once I watched a group of ants cross a stream of water
they all held hands and made a chain across so the others could walk on top of them to the other side...

Some people prefer the saying 'we're standing on the shoulders of giants'!

How many space ships before captain see's treble...

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Bucks fizz... Making your mind up

The days of car trouble...

Experience for the modern pioneer.