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Picture of aviation helmet].

This post is a quick appetiser for everyone getting a wet mouth!!!

Encouraging the ranks to exercise ion management in the ranks, bringing balance to the neurons orbital that sit upon the fringe of solar system tides according to neuclide stimulation of ions, water residuals of light paralysis stimulation, diet and exercise of sugar and salt levels.

The first African American united states of America airmen...

Picture of black airmen].

All around the world we are very lucky to have different climatological regions that give each and every man different DNA [Deoxyribonucleic acid] variations of their regional attributes according to how they have evolved, and how they adapt develope and change, obviously, as I have shown at previous postings, all north American men of African and of European decent are evolving towards the regional average chemical climatological quotient, which as is clearly shown is a complexion of the native American Indian, hence, all north Americans are becoming Indians, which is probably why white and black Americans are so colour conscious. The psychological displacement of the chemical changing process ''sliding with silent acknowledgement'' is testament to the scientific value and potential for a huge advancement in the study of evolution, but, for me, more interesting...

The art of terraforming...

Valentina Lisitsa {op.25 no.12}

Placing flowers strategically is what this is all about!!!

Chopin, nocturne,opus27#2,solopiano

I Have mentioned at previous posts that my experience with Circadian rhythm training has not been proven on base of another planetoid surface, but, I continue to advance mission planning strategy for future job opportunity that obviously need the necessary credentials and knowledge.

Training for the right job...

It's really important that we chose the right pedigree of flora for starting terraforming programmes, the comprehension of coercive adhesion is a tactful science and a science that many many scientists have dreamed of for many many thousands, perhaps millions, perhaps, billions... Perhaps trillions of years. My own research for molecular stimulation in water suggests that star stages would play an active role in stimulating terraforming, but, simulation programmes could adequately do the job. Given the regolith samples from the moon that the Apollo missions brought back combined with the recent probes for water on the poles and interior region I would suggest that some sort of light simulation from an artificial satellite projection beaming radiation and warmth to the surface for the start of photosynthesis oxygen building.

I have the solution to the April 24th New Scientist article

''Life was all but inevitable'' [Author Catherine Brahic]

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Aries pleaidian making love stimulating the vertebral... [God I love being a man...]

Bach, Air on the G string (Air on a G string, string orchestra}

Heart / alone

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R.E.M / man on the moon

R.E.M / The one i love

Water molecular structures change while vibrations of sounds echo across them, reverb through them, bounce off them and stimulate them. It has not been shown that the technology exists for controlling water flow and shape exist yet, but, certainly the science of water gravity is something which is a VERY VERY interesting prospect...

Something that interests me enormously.

Blonde at pool.

Colonising, sneaking off and conspiracy theory...

The conspiracy theories that so worry many people about an elite group of rich men and woman running off and building planetoid bases for themselves then hatching a plan to start a nuclear war on this planet that wipes out all of the surface inhabitants while they wait 600 years for the atmosphere to settle and then they return to a planet which they themselves populate and rule, has it's educational values...

Have they done the gravity research on the effects of gravity on our bodies off this planet? Bone loss is a problem which is still being researched in Low earth orbit? And women's menstrual periods will change, perhaps rendering them barren? It is possibly the reason the Chinese government have just enrolled so many female astronaughts and particularly mother astronaughts...

R.E.M / losing my religion

T mobile advert

T'pau / China in your hand

I hope that men like the mercurial Steve Fossett will continue to grace our race with the adventure that brings peace and awe of life to man...

Picture of Steve Fossett].

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First woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and setting many aviation records.

An inspiration to many women of her era and certainly the instigator of the modern female astronaught, a woman who has stepped into unchartered territory must surely be a candidate for more honors to come.

Star trek ''The 37's'' is an episode that many will enjoy...

While the International traffic arms regulators [I.T.A.R] moniter the developing space vehicle capabilities and their potential concerning range, payload and technology we seek to maintain a firm grip on the manement of space and the evolution into it, it must be of vital significance that every move to space be an educated move, inertia applies to space sociology and now would be an excellent opportunity to considert the Ronald Reegan star wars programme, the national security agency [NSA]and men in black [MIB]...

Shakespeares sister / Stay

Mining on the moon will certainly bring memories of men that have done some serious knowledge searching combined with astonometric gauging of developing opportunities for the human mind, body and spirit. Yes, bruised, battered, dazed and bewildered... the pioneer plods on tested to limits that test the mightiest of men on and with endurance trails. EVOLVE MAN...


As science becomes simplified, particularly for amateurs, I hope that adventure will become a safe hobby for amateur's to participate, particularly for the right human dna profile to collect the right molecular specimen. A main concern for astronaught's before starting planetoid exploration is planetary contamination, something NASA has considered wisely, but, has not yet published it's scheduled mission planning programme. Medical experts on our planet still have not grasped that it is a particular type of person that is affected with particular types of molecular gene.

My Plasma training is still not being coveted by NASA or any other Space organisation, but, obviously with NASA's new grant funding for medical observation of Astronaught's after missions they will hopefully publish their research!!!
[The jungle book / Thats what friends are for]
I believe when these missions to sanctify medical security of our operative's and eventual space tourists, the legislation will be ratified, and private/public science will become a main player in planetoid excavation and exploration.

Carlton dancing

I am really pleased the President has decided to show the public that the space plane x-37 is ready for orbital test research and on orbit now doing a job [what is not yet included in public journalism] but, obviously clearing the way for a policed low earth orbit sector...

It would be excellent if the President offered it as a police vehicle for the ''United federation of planets'' launch!!!

Picture of peacekeeper nuclear missile grid].

Picture of Norman otis Copeland].

COPELAND NORMAN OTTIS : 2149681 : USMC : CPL : E4 : 6320 : 20 : DE SOTO : MO : 19680205 : hostile, crash, land : Gunner : body recovered : Thua Thien (Hue) : 02 : 19470719 : Cauc : Protestant/married : 37E : 039

Obviously of some decendancy originating with some connection with me, another life given for the protection of our world from clansman that seek to gather wealth away from the innocence and needs of our race, the talismanic John F. Kennedy sent soldiers to veitnam to prevent the old system of warlords from spreading into the new world working towards a united front for and on behalf of mankind and his attempt to become a space faring race that has defeated the challenges of colonialism and terrorism masquarding as justice for all men.

God bless John Kennedy.

Supremo of the Space programme and the human rights bill which has seen America become the most poweful multi racial community on our planet, this work towards the uniting of men is pioneering work that I envisage will soon become the start of the United federation of planets that many many boys, girls, men and women have dreamed and waited for for much of their lives, It was the John f. Kennedy America that put this new world into order with the begining of serious infrastructure investment for the common good of our world and for the hope and sanctity that all men will be equal and offer their services to such a great clarification of our dream which is our existance.

God bless John F. Kennedy.


John F Kennedy Pioneer, new frontier conquest one of {many) yesterdays tommorrow men
In time building block frequencies emerge...the homosapien
Irrepressable faith, truth take shape, rooted as messiah prophecy mysticism
Yin and yang agreed.. they were locked in a reversal, cataclism
Akin the'hybridia Marilynia Monrosia'has grown,from yesterdays sun
Lashings from the zenith.... wake the twin smile commanding light has begun
Woe,to those who look but do not listen or feel thy healers{inverted} hilted heat
Anarchy's under control-submissive love{restrains } is never complete
Yee who speaks the unspoken tongue! (reeks) of reverberating truth
Shall reflect the echo of light eternal from the bottomless well {of uncouth}
As perspective point to another, yea my little brother
Now... equalacteral triumpth {conduced}is a colidoscopic lover
Dither not as we try this angle,this existance does not fathom 'stars spangled'
From the pinnacle......intrusion is past out immacculate mangled
Once Soloman resided and showed unparalleled, mastered thoughts of reach the master of those who did not stop to consider times greet
Eleviate.... elevate, {thine is thou}philosophies of the futures
Vere away from the bull head, sneering, madness.......ignorant of confucious
Elegant cultured, emancipation sculptured, sired, desired, given by the oister
Rekindle the passion! message is life n'see what rejoiced her
Rare is the palm what holds matrimony with the forces of nature
Overstand the delivery...silent, tempered, the killer is not the vulture
Who stands alone.upright, shall bear the consequences of many a judgement
Shallow is the shadow cast by the snake...even if {they} he is abundant
Of all the greatness,ever existed,the movement was always perpetual
Forward, the motion what guarantees beauty remains lethargically circumspectual
Rise as the nation of one race, let us grow together let us fill the space
On distant worlds shall we govern?Or shall we perish without trace?
'Se'el mirage,say the rights of a sumbrero gringo, (brow high) converse not in black man lingo?
(Enlighten)......... 'how reach this hand across the sky where dust sun city lie?
Such visions manifest in physical form, then align upon sight of paradise valley
Relinquish dreams, nor child, nor woman, nor man. America, cope, land adjacent tally
Oh.... buck!..i bring unparralled growth with reform spanning the globe
Scatter the message with seed of lime'bitter correlates' prior to the space probe
'Eliza, pigs fly!'....;as they bay for blood 'the enemy preaches within'
Me {'the boys'l}extinguish those of different colour then we'll rectify and begin
mockery.. ..][ A] toe stumped by the object.............signposted, highlight JFK
though] Sometimes reaction launches,vessels own magnetical say
aloft] Transcended?Never eternal unless original decended {and}
honour] Eventual..........hellos waves come to pass as their goodbyes
secure] Retribution sought.......loves hallmark, in the way of what was given
perch] Pride is forever! ironic,even dead nothing shall live on;
Archimedes] If...Jargons conjecture? pi is forever not the conqueror of man
silence.......] E.g)is in the{arena}mouth of the willing and the foolhardy shouts without the plan
anticipates] Collaberate,contrive,survive give birth
wisdom] Earth Earth! oh Earth....Earth........Earth.

Picture of the Saturn V rocket].

The Saturn V rocket is still my favourite vessle of the 20th century, it's sheer bulk and masculinity tell me everything I want to know about pioneering, courage, bravery, wonder and what man is all about. My Idol is Marlon Brando, my iconic picture of our race is the Saturn V, on those foundations I believe that our race will survive and keep our race integrity for what it is. On the morals of such we defy existance for gods pleasure.

Picture of Marilyn Monroe]. R.E.M is an abreviation for 'rapid eye movement'... Everytime we blink reality changes...

But, Marilyn Monroe is still... Lol...

R.E.M / shiney happy people