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Astronaught clothing.

picture of blonde with black lace ]

This post is for people preparing for space travel and their necessities for clothing that provide the right ambiance for their immediate, long term, short term and multi task events. As we speak modern astronaught suit's are being developed, but, still do not have any sort of plasma technology encorporated to give plasma protection from radiation or harmful rays from the sun and it's constituent properties. The use of material for keeping warmth is really an adolescent approach to intellectual problem solving, I do believe that we could use lasers to generate a field around the human body which is activated by a series of projectors that actually reflect the suns rays or even bend it around the suit. In music recording technology the use of Sapphire and ruby in cables dampens noise resonance transmissions which could be used in space suits to absorb and deflect radiation. As yet these suits do not exist, but, NASA has allocated funding for space suit research which with some tolerance will deliver more flexible versatile moving space suits. Surviving in space on long journeys will require concentration management...

The film 'Dune' has an example of a plasma shield...

Dune shield

This is probably the best way forward for mobile exploration of planetoids, planets and asteroids.,28804,1677329_1678408_1678409,00.html/

This gorgeous model Dewi Driegen born on the same day as me shows us what sort of clothing could be appropriate for first time flyer's on basic space plane orbit experiences, hopefully the marvelously talented Richard Branson space tourist business 'Virgin galactic' will soon be available.

Picture of Virgin Galactic emblem]

Sir Richard Branson says that space is Virgin territory... For some of us that remains to be seen.

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Pussycat dolls / Space.

Pussycat dolls / Space.

Pussycat dolls / Space.

Marilyn and dress]

Marilyn Monroe brought a fresh air to our world that many still recognise today with stiff clarity it is moment like the famous wind blowing her skirt that help us remember what really gets us moving intellectually, a healthy brain is a brain at work.

A space suit is designed for life support, still yet to be designed with any knowledge of aerodynamics.

Some women like putting on a show for their man, why do they do it? Because a quantum valancing has occurred between them and their man, a chemical shift has occurred and it seeks to re align with it's original setting, so, environment pressure is a serious part of learning to become an astronaught or planetoids space traveller, it is not just what you think that activates answers for the person you talk to, but, all life interacts and as some planets would show you that photosynthesis works all across the spectrum. It is a wise man that considers that even if life does not appear to be present, some form of chemical is at work that has domain over, under and across the environment and will similarly be activating it's communication mechanism, the fact is chemical reaction happens from any movement and germs and molecular organism's will be released. Dressing can be fun, but, in the animal kingdom it is a ''MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH'', the colour, markings and place of colour and markings will be seriously important to any 'law of motion'.

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Knowledge of colonising and merging with the land is something the world has done to varying degrees, some of the natives of different countries, whether new to the land or much older use techniques to manage ion distribution and flow which is what is necessary for deep space travel, experts such as the native American Indians gauge the count to control their golden mean which becomes the governing centre of gravity for the area. As will be seen in outer space colonising chemical ion fallout will be a deterrent for many who do not yet have the sufficient tolerance to maintain their centre of gravity, which ultimately will result with early deaths and other serious difficulties of the biological condition.

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Babylon zoo / Spaceman

Babylon zoo / Spaceman from the film Matrix revolutions.

Babylon Zoo / Spaceman levis advert

Another serious member of our race with similar philosophy about motion and time is the beautiful Aaliyah who died in an airplane accident. The hugely attractive person that Aaliyah is gave us for the short time she taught and entertained among us some very very valuable lessons. Particularly notable was her comprehension of Afro American flow fallout [African chemistry moving to American] and her cajoling of it in its primitive loving statistic.

Aaliyah / Rock the boat

Picture of Aaliyah]

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Ion temperature management]
men pouches pictures]

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The Masai women dress colourfully to encourage dimensions to bring water based upon the women's chanting resonance a very useful ability when the necessity to summon and distribute water around the body is needed

Masai dance there is for attracting heat while the jumping momentarily changes the centre of gravity which enhances the listening ability of the savanna herdsman..............

The Zulu's clothing for this plasma environment cleaning situation is evident of a neutral inspection.

My favourite clothing companies are modest professional clothers that are very affordable and look to be interested for the catering of professional needs, all the quality of the clothes is explorer proof, heavy, light, durable, non colour leaking, multi washable, rivers, rain, sink, tent roo, and continually performance credible, non iron necessary and multi day wearable.

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John Galliano as usual really shows us how making clothes for environments is done, for me, the clothes seem to be made for martians and people with knowledge of the Martian colour and atmospheric density resulting with a sense of gravity that brings with the clothes a certain immunity to atmospheric effects. It's what proper designers are doing and certainly the one's I could vouch for concerning what their knowledge of light and it's transfer does to intellectual ability.

This is what it is about...

John Galliano's knowledge of light transfer really is educational.

Getting the necessary feel...

Mid way through Sagittarius...

picture of woman with red and black PVC costume]

So, you see, on long missions when space plasma starts to get the better of people it is imperative to feel comfortable with clothing that continues in the finest tradition for it's ability to deliver the necessary rudiments of personal philosophy. Sagittarius is a large constellation, but it is still a long journey to Aries and the journey will not be a forgiving one.

The consideration is what does a man think when a women is wearing the right clothing, is it enough to get the blood plasma going the right way...

tut, tut, tut... men and women, this blog is for the elite.

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Obviously the plasma training I have been working on is yet to be tested.

ultimate lessons when learning that the right language for advancing cultural ethics depends on the cultural historical content, it is that which is the vital strength upon which one builds and in time it is that which fights for it's place in the evolution reality.

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This video of a man's quest to become a better musician see's his test of resilence on his evolution path, his journey to another dimension shows that ambience is central to the vibration of biological rythym that itself is entwined with musical evolution based upon an electro magnetic foundation, the dancer with a black silk and lace dress with red feather brings the next level of energy that is the stage itself for falling... Or rising.

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Blonde with new hairstyle accomodating for the seasonal adverse dissorder syndrome]

Obviously chemistry is so much more advanced than many people have learnt, people have in built functions that operate faster than the speed of light to bring the stimulated equations to 'the table'. It is an art woman have learnt billion's, perhaps trillions or even zillions of years ago.


Aaliyah one in a million.


Putting together a feel for the situation to stage manage the flow of chemical plasma distribution is a neccessities for controlling the oxygen flow to the brain which will be functioning with different pressure on it as a result of new environments, the emphasis on humans wearing clothes at this era must surely become an acknowledgment of a mautring race that realises the need to be knowledgeable of it's chemical direction according to its evolutionary prospects, as it is written in the bible, that man and woman did not wear clothes originally as would be probably be obvious, it would be true to say then that our chemical biological tollerance to cold has receded for some reason, obviously our branching into colder territorries needed an advancement to stay warm, but, to continue branching into space will require another advancement of clothing, now with the need to stimulate warmth that provides a human essence and conservatism to manage our feelings and how ''we feel about one another''

Just moving out of slip stream entering Aryan aries airspace need's a certain type of image appearance.

Pussycat doll / Halo...

This example Jean paul Gaultier has given us teaches us how we could phase chemically into regions of space that have different plasma sickness dangers and potentially dark matter attacks to the cerebral cortex [a system of chemical transfusion data banking] translating to the central nervous system any number of sickness's. The use of these clothes for a vegetarian space crew maintains the chemicals assocaited with the foods the vegan body extracates and exumes, the quantum valencing of dark matter to animal gas presents more danger to the crew, it is commonly known that cows produce more toxic gas that leaks to space than humans, it would be reasonable to suggest that dinosaurs did so similarly and thus the dangers of larger animal dark matter, toxins and toxic gas would seek to realign with its parent constituent. I have been a vegan for 6 years and was a vegetarian for years before that. Again I would consider it a liability to be on deep space journeys with people bringing dead animal gas and acids aboard the crew vessel and at a minimum this jean paul Gaultier collection would be a good introduction to chemical phase alignment techniques for deep space travellers and would be an excellent module for trainee's.

Horticultural clothes for horticulture crew and their crewmen...

But, which plants are they wearing ???

[ahh hum... a quick hello to Paul Newman and Marilyn Monroe...]

Jean Paul Gaultier's clothing really has shown thd that his type of clothing has a respect for environments and communities that 'gives it space' to decide its law of motion, a credible attribute to a master of simplicity.

Jean Paul Gaultier perfume, Madame with Agness Deyn

Space clothes

Washing clothes in space