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Love, orbit and blondes.

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This post is about what we think while at work, well I am training and keeping myself shipshape, though not decided what ship yet, ready for easy off planet activity, that will be science of course, yes, you know that buddy that always tugs at your shirt asking whats next, for me it's usually a quick look at the tent and the 'hammers and tongs' are still muddy and I've got some, back to the poncing computer for a while then stuck on the first line of one of 50 books that I read simultaneously. Yes, don't ask me I'm not interested about what they've got to say It's all me and which way is the road!!!

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Yes darling, hopefully I'll do it by the time I'm 50.

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I guess the main thing that most people want the American president to say is that America will be committing to a Mars exploration manned mission really soon, I really empathise with that idea, but, I don't think that the engineers have pulled there weight on behalf of our race these previous 30 year's [since the start of the shuttle programme], honest, they''ll probably kill me somewhere for saying that mainly because there probably like me desperately trying to fund ambition's on a world that doesn't comprehend the importance of money for science, what money should be given to and what sort of people. Yes I know, so what If ten people stand on a different planet or planetoid, it's true what good is that, we really need reasons why many of us want to stand on other planets, ambition is a loud speaker in little world's, but, in big world's doe's it exist? I sort of slot in that section.

Going to Mars with a new leaf is a vegetarian explorer's dream holiday...

Adult citrus root weevil, Diaprepes abbreviatus . The Caribbean Islands, Citrus, avocado, and nursery stock, sugarcane, tuber-bearing crops such as potatoes, and ornamental plants.

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Navy-Radome picture showing the possibilities of surface habitats that could easily be used for multiple use exploration.

Base operatives of this generation will be a hugely important job for this era, I envisage that many of NASA's personnel would be adaptable for planetoid reporting, monitoring, science testing on human biological condition, flight path communication's and manned outpost service, maintenance, refueling and check personnel. Moan with the staff is something that I wonder is suitable for men women teams that are married or single? Guess they''ll just have to wait till there lonely again.

You know.

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Voyager 1 entering heliosheath region...well the common man or woman perhaps does not agree

Moving into slip stream really is an exciting prospect for this generation's space explorers, getting into a groove flight trajectory and preparing for it and the actual process of doing it as a schedule which is a 'fairy tale' for common trivial thinkers. Perhaps I have become a little bit posh, but, my heritage is strongly apparent...

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vitrification picture] Much modern astrobiology seek to align our planetary science with extra solar science, it's sort of like explaining to your friend how good you feel about a woman and continuing to explain, but, he won't have the same the reaction as you do about it. Idiot, I think he needs another pint to comprehend how he should be treating the women. Does it reassemble in a solar wind???

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The colours are a result of the radiative recombination of electrons and ions and the relaxation of electrons in exited states. These processes emit light in a spectrum characteristic of the gas being excited.

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Concerns for radio astronomy based on the principle of heliospheric basiology planetary consensus would certainly be considerable for the 'Drake equasion' specialists. The radio telescope at Aricebo puerto Rico could certainly be used differently with proper approach science theory that could perhaps... Lol... Explain redshift. It would be useful to reconsider the Hubble telescope's meridian.

Interesting development

Could you imagine de-accelerating from high velocity speed and suddenly entering a new star system, that is an absolute fantasy, I know, we're really lucky to be alive at the beginning of the space travelling era, but, could you imagine if we lived long enough to witness such space travel, it's incredible to comprehend the myriad of opportunity and adventure that awaits us, it's just as incredible to acknowledge that it was only one hundred years ago that we had solid proof that we were a flying race, a race that has itself built machines, built objects specifically for us to fly with, flying past star systems...

Man oh man, or should, I say man the number of women that must be waiting to be discovered, or taught to eat blomanche!!! Lol...

Discipline men is learnt on your area times table.

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Pondering work is a really healthy thing to do if you are at work, but, ever wonder where all those idea's go that you have pondered while at work, it's as if you should be pondering a sexual partner, but, crazily enough your actually doing work, ah huh!!! An astronaught exercise for deep space was pondered while in the shower? While in the bath? While in the rain?
Darn it...

A-b again...

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When the mind is circulating theory what efficiency will it reach? [Side of page has a start/finish timer] A credible story is well practiced and it's dump recycle is a commodity that obviously as previously discussed the 'birkleland' currents deal with, solar activity isn't just about explaining to the wife you were looking at a jewellery brooch the woman was wearing near her breasts and it was certainly everything to do with how you spoke to her pillow when she was asleep.

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Well, I guess an astronaught's wife has heard of men that say they have seen red when angry, It must have been something to do with planning for a journey and not being chosen for the job... Anyway...

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Recent developing legislature which seems to be focusing on commercial airspace for the near future doe's not consider many of the 'avenue's' for an immediate sensible application for the constraint of new multi platform vehicle performers perhaps figuratively speaking because such sensible approaches to dealing with commercial airspace do not really have the ability to direct military airspace which is really responsible for the commercial airspace development of this generation.

The paper being presented has excellently positioned analysis of international development based obviously on modern vehicle availability, but, the need to extend the proposition direction into a treaty does show itself in the guise of a 'suborbital' presentation for passage. Hopefully the expert eye for the era's pre flight programmes sends the message across to elite government funded start up companies vying for off planetary business utilising pre destined licensed vehicles.

Looking forward to the completed version.

Earth Observation, the Environment, Space, and Remote Sensing Law in the Pacific Rim:

June 18, 2010 at 2:02 am Space Law

The Lunch presentation was given by Dr. Sara Langston, Research Counsel, National Center for Remote Sensing, Air, and Space Law, University of Mississippi School of Law. The presentation was titled “Suborbital Flights: A Comparative Analysis of National and International Law.” She stated that purpose of her paper was to identify and analyze legal issues pertaining to commercial suborbital flights by looking at international legal issues and national legal issues. She stated that she would primarily examine the legal regimes in the United States, Sweden, the Isle of Man/United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.
She began by briefly explaining the underlying treaty regime that applies to suborbital flights. She said that treaty regime was comprised by the Outer Space Treaty, the Registration Convention, the Liability Convention, the Rescue and Return Agreement, and the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties. She said that this regime helps to establish issues that national regulations will have to address such as definitions of key terms, issues of state supervision, liability and insurance issues, registration issues, environmental concerns, and regulatory compliance.
She started by examining terms that need to be defined by national regulations. She started by examining “suborbital flight.” She said that a commonly accepted definition is “a space flight that consists of less than one orbital trajectory around an astronomical body.” She then contrasted this to the United State’s Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act (CSLAA) which states that a suborbital trajectory is “intentional flight path of a launch vehicle, reentry vehicle, or any portion thereof, whose vacuum instantaneous impact does not leave the surface of the Earth.” She then went on to point out that several terms such as “launch,” “space object,” and “astronauts.” She said that all of these terms have implications for the regulatory regimes and how these regimes will interact with the international law regime.
Next, she moved on to discussing state supervision of commercial actors. She said that most states use a licensing regime. Some states have a permit and license regime such as the United States and Australia (though these systems are applied differently). Other states such as the UK, Sweden, and the Netherlands have must less developed and defined regimes, but they still require license.
She also discussed liability and insurance requirements. Again she said that the United States and Australia have the most complex regimes that required launch providers to get requisite amounts of insurance, but these regimes also required the government to indemnify after certain amounts of damages. Other states shifted all risk to the launch service provider.
Finally, she briefly covered environmental law issues and regulatory compliance. She stated that there were numerous other issues that were not covered due to time limitations, but that her full paper would be published in a future issue of the Journal of Space Law.

Obviously supporting the president during significant national restructuring is not just a natural thing for any nationally intelligent person to do, but, considering the development path for the business and social sector which one has most interest's with the syllabus of the 'community' need tend to be internationally astute comparative to potential international conformity which in the space business is vitally important.

The flexible path which is now really the operating principle for space business development is being stimulated around new business personnel intrinsically reliant upon immediate banking investment, not so because of risk, but, becuase of the volatile nature of the rocket business dependant of launch facilities that are still government manned, but, based upon window launch availability, the operating vehicles of the U.S.A will principally be competing for business with the personnel trained for payload specialty, and with pre flight schedules I think the president should be a very popular man.

Good Jobs and a Level Playing Field in the Next Recovery

June 17, 2010 at 12:20 PM EDT

As the American economy moves from recession to recovery, our administration must continue to do all we can to create the conditions for robust job growth. What’s more, we need to be mindful not only of the quantity of new jobs, but of their quality as well.
That’s why we’ve proposed to address a growing problem in our labor market: the misclassification of employees as independent contractors (ICs). Deputy Secretary of Labor Seth Harris testified to Congress on this issue today, and the opening of his testimony is worth repeating here:
"Misclassification" seems to suggest a technical violation or a paperwork error. But “worker misclassification” actually describes workers being illegally deprived of labor and employment law protections, as well as public benefits programs like unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation because such programs generally apply only to “employees” rather than workers in general…Misclassification is no mere technical violation. It is a serious threat to workers and the fair application of the laws Congress has enacted to assure workers have good, safe jobs.

While unintentional misclassification occurs, that’s not the real problem. Some workers really are independent contractors, and sometimes employers mistakenly classify some of their employees as ICs. But some less scrupulous employers have been intentionally and systematically misclassifying their workers, and it’s these cases that need to be met with new rules to address what experts say is an increasing problem. And those new rules are precisely what we at the Middle Class Task Force have proposed.
You may be wondering why an employer would misclassify their workers. The answer is simple: they can pay them considerably less, since ICs are not subject to minimum wage or overtime rules. And since employers don’t have to pay the requisite employment taxes on ICs, like payroll or unemployment insurance taxes, they end up shortchanging government coffers as well.
A moment’s thought also shows how misclassification creates and uneven playing field: employers who systematically misclassify their workers have a significant competitive advantage over the vast majority of employers who are playing by the rules. And if the folks breaking the rules can do the job more cheaply than the folks following the rules, it’s going to be tougher and tougher for the good guys to hang on.
President Obama’s FY2011 Budget features a plan to address the problem. First, we need to get rid of some of the old policies that incentivize misclassification, then we need to make it easier for both the Labor and Treasury Departments to find misclassifiers, get them to accurately classify their workers in the future, and penalize them if they fail to do so. Finally, we must restore workplace protections to workers who have been wrongly classified.
And there’s another good reason to pursue these changes today: in these times of high deficits, we need the revenue. Remember, when employers misclassify employees as ICs, they don’t pay the taxes they owe. Implementing the changes we’ve proposed will bring in $7 billion over ten years.
So keep an eye on this issue as we work with Congress to not only create more jobs, but to create better ones.

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