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For centuries, probably thousands of years, but, trully in our genetics it is, it is our desire to pledge to our evolutionary process in ways that portray our inner feelings that obviously are the receptor sensors of the indication of our physical language, song's suggest pledging love until the end of time really now is starting to describe particular motion that perhaps will soon be changed upon it's basis because of our fragmented knowledge of time and motion which to this day we have glimpsed from the surface of our planet as spectators of this wonderful myriad. I believe that soon we will begin to start a better and more educated standard of knowledge which itself explains reflections on and in water that show different sizes and shapes of the object being observed in it's dimension of light and mass quotient. Obviously our planet's atmosphere is composed of water, thus, we are water breathers, our reflections outwardly conspire our pictures and visuals, but, inwardly we use a sense of vision that itself really only comprehends the outer vision, still as we photograph our planet from the atmosphere we see spherical visuals based upon our knowledge of them. This post is about looking from the pinnacle of the universe inheritor constellation, Aries.


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The path to Aries is a path with well illuminated stars to navigate the direction, a journey towards Aries with our present technological abilities would be several generations of technology advancements for any member of our race to reach an Arie's star system during one physical life existance. The path to Arie's region's of space vary with many many options available for starting and ending one's lifespan. Many favourable route's to Arie's, around Arie's or via Arie's exist with many many option's for light and atmospheric planetary condition's to play out visual catatonics.

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MUC1/ episialin: a critical barrier in the female reproductive tract.

The female reproductive tract must resist microbial infections as well as support embryonic development, implantation and placentation. Reproductive tract mucins, in general, and Muc1/ episialin, in particular, play key roles in implantation related events and in protection from microbial infection. High levels of mucin expression in the lower reproductive tract presumably affords protection against infection while down-regulation of uterine mucins has been suggested to provide access to the uterine surface. The present studies demonstrate that mucins, particularly Muc1, are effective barriers to embryo attachment. Furthermore, a strain of female Muc1 null mice in normal housing displays chronic infection and inflammation of the lower reproductive tract and markedly reduced fertility rates. This phenotype is not observed when Muc1 nulls are housed in a pathogen-free environment indicating that this phenotype results from chronic microbial exposure. Only normal endogenous flora were isolated from the reproductive tracts of affected Muc1 null mice, suggesting that these bacterial species become opportunistic with loss of the mucin barrier. Staphylococcal adherence to lower reproductive tract epithelia was found to be mediated by cell surface mucin carbohydrates. Collectively, these studies demonstrate a critical barrier role for Muc1 in various aspects of female reproductive tract physiology.


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Ok, so, the knowledge for colony building is something that will be a long long long time being researched properly, truthfully it will be perhaps close to an eternity, and the lessons that people will learn along the way will hopefully be tested by the real professionals who have the neccessary ''criteria''. I as usual continue to say that the support for a united federation of planets type council, administration, organisation, body, power, afiliate will be the only respectable capability of governance, I don't really see how progression of our race can be seriously adept enough of handling the dta research prominantly enough to divolve to public intelligence while the unravelling of our perimeters practices a safe and thourough coverage of planetary regionics to our people who quite clearly all need each other to survive, scout and perform functions for us as a collective species= arms=legs=head=body.

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Inhibitory effects of indomethacin on implantation and its related phenomena.

The dose-response relationship for the inhibitory effect of indomethacin on implantation and continuance of pregnancy was examined in four groups of rabbits administered with indomethacin (2.5, 5.0, 7.5 and 10.0 mg/kg) during the implantation period and compared with a control group. Implanted fetuses and corpora lutea were counted by laparotomy, and the number of offspring born was noted. The inhibitory effect of indomethacin on implantation was found to be dose-dependent, and the birth rate decreased in the indomethacin groups compared with the control group. As a result, even where implantation had been achieved, death of the implanted fetuses occurred at a high rate in rabbits administered with indomethacin during the implantation period.

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Settling in to new environments is something that not many of us on this planet are knowledgeable of, obviously many of us have family in different regions, perhaps many of us have family in different countries. The holiday feeling is usually the stimulator that gives us a good kudos for the lingering feeling that often stays. In England for instance during the 1970's many people visited the quaint little seaside towns for holidays, many of those seaside towns were installing new engineering mechanical fare ground amusements which many perhaps were replacing bombshelter sites and old houses that had been bombed during the war. Most of the happy atmosphere additions very simple like the big wheel and the carousel, but, the feeling of not having to work combined with the smell of fresh ocean breeze, candy floss, toffee apples and street cooked food was a welcoming feeling. While moving around the galaxy when we have technology suitable for the opportunity it will be very useful to remember that environment kudos is central to the ability to cope with the developing chemicle analysis that merges with the new enhabitants while sinking into it.

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Russia will launch its manned space missions from a new centre in the Far East in 2018, prime minister Vladimir Putin said, as the country seeks greater independence for its space programme.
Mr Putin made the comments as he inaugurated the start of construction for the new cosmodrome at the former missile defence base of Vostochny, outside the town of Uglegorsk, 3,600 miles east of Moscow, and a few hundred miles away from China.
Russia currently uses the Soviet-built Baikonur launch facility in Kazakhstan for all of its manned space missions and other commercial launches as well as a smaller centre in northern Russia for military satellite launches.
Russia has a lease on Baikonur until 2050 and has paid around 115 million US dollars to Kazakhstan in rent since the agreement in 2004.
Mr Putin stressed the "strategic" need for Moscow to have "an independent access to space".
Although Baikonur is located in a "friendly state", it is still owned by another country, he said.
Russia's prime minister said on state-run Rossiya channel that Vostochny will host all launches of Russian-manned spacecraft beginning in 2018. Launches of first unmanned spacecraft from the new centre are expected in 2015.
Mr Putin described the construction as "one of the biggest and ambitious projects of modern Russia" which "gives opportunity to thousands of young professionals to use their talent".
Like Baikonur in Kazakhstan, Russia's Amur Region in the Far East, where the new centre is being built, is sparsely populated.
New technologies will allow the new launch pad to be 10 times smaller compared to what Baikonur occupies in the Kazakh steppe, said Russia's space agency chief Anatoly Perminov.

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Obviously all scientists involved with space exploration and space science utilise biological evidence to summarise the investment procedure [finance and clerical work], many people will want to travel to planets and hope to have children on other planets, planetoids and moons, particularly those who follow astrological mediums, the truth of the research that has been shown tells us that it is not probable women will be capable of conceiving on other planets that do not have simliar moon gravitational tide effects on the women's menstrual cycle, it is possible to recreate those effects in habitate construction conditions, but, similarly to anti gravity platforms, the technology does not yet exist for the public to utilse on it's exponential evolutionary path. For now, for now, for now...

Gain-of-function amino acid substitutions drive positive selection of FGFR2 mutations in human spermatogonia.

Despite the importance of mutation in genetics, there are virtually no experimental data on the occurrence of specific nucleotide substitutions in human gametes. C>G transversions at position 755 of FGF receptor 2 (FGFR2) cause Apert syndrome; this mutation, encoding the gain-of-function substitution Ser252Trp, occurs with a birth rate elevated 200- to 800-fold above background and originates exclusively from the unaffected father. We previously demonstrated high levels of both 755C>G and 755C>T FGFR2 mutations in human sperm and proposed that these particular mutations are enriched because the encoded proteins confer a selective advantage to spermatogonial cells. Here, we examine three corollaries of this hypothesis. First, we show that mutation levels at the adjacent FGFR2 nucleotides 752-754 are low, excluding any general increase in local mutation rate. Second, we present three instances of double-nucleotide changes involving 755C, expected to be extremely rare as chance events. Two of these double-nucleotide substitutions are shown, either by assessment of the pedigree or by direct analysis of sperm, to have arisen in sequential steps; the third (encoding Ser252Tyr) was predicted from structural considerations. Finally, we demonstrate that both major alternative spliceforms of FGFR2 (Fgfr2b and Fgfr2c) are expressed in rat spermatogonial stem cell lines. Taken together, these observations show that specific FGFR2 mutations attain high levels in sperm because they encode proteins with gain-of-function properties, favoring clonal expansion of mutant spermatogonial cells. Among FGFR2 mutations, those causing Apert syndrome may be especially prevalent because they enhance signaling by FGF ligands specific for each of the major expressed isoforms.

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