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This post is about love, it's uniform, it's approach, it's destined apparel, and the many wondrous ways of witnessing, feeling, touching, tasting, hearing and imagining, smelling and loves fantasy. It's obvious with some music that it has arrived from some place, for many people some songs represent special significance to particular people, loving moments in bed with someone you've just realised you love [why???], and moments that seem to be a captivation of some surreal pleasure sending it's signature to the moment as a message of real love, it could perhaps be named a true love, but, it is certain to witness time lapse, frequency, density, and ambiguity. So, for this post, it is the science of Stevie wonder.

Stevie Wonder / Lately


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Export Control Reforms to Be Announced Today

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 08:54

President Obama will announce reforms to the U.S. export control system today according to a fact sheet released by the White House. The reforms are "a major step forward in the Administration's efforts to fundamentally reform the export control system" and "will help strengthen our national security" according to the release.

Included in the reforms are overhauls of the State Department's Munitions List and the Commerce Department's Commerce Control List. They will be structured as "positive lists" that describe "controlled items using objective criteria ... rather than broad, open-ended, subjective, catch-all, or design intent-based criteria," which will "end most, if not all, jurisdictional disputes and ambiguities..."

The lists then will be split into three tiers, which the fact sheet explains as follows:

Items in the highest tier are those that provide a critical military or intelligence advantage to the United States and are available almost exclusively from the United States, or items that are a weapon of mass destruction.
Items in the middle tier are those that provide a substantial military or intelligence advantage to the United States and are available almost exclusively from our multilateral partners and Allies.
Items in the lowest tier are those that provide a significant military or intelligence advantage but are available more broadly.
Licensing policies and export enforcement also will change. The White House said that it will continue to work with Congress and the export control community on its longer range goal of combining all of these activities "under a single licensing agency and single export enforcement coordination agency."

A fantastic web address for people who really care about the money the President Barack Obama administration spend on local, urban and rural community areas has a terrific quantity of data on maps for regional spending and responsibility. It really does show the stimulus package in it's finer details and just how hard average people in America work to make the president Barack Obama visuals of modern America work.


Stevie Wonder / If it's magic


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Stevie Wonder / All i do


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Stevie Wonder / Ebb tide


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Stevie Wonder / Another star


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Stevie wonder / I just called to say i love you


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Stevie wonder / Cherie amour


Stevie Wonder / You are the sunshine of my life


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Stevie Wonder / Superstitution


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Stevie Wonder / Sunny


Obviously many people have many different worries about space and what space exploration will bring to our fragile race. The development of technology has sensitive boundaries which define what is our natural path to happiness regarding our evolutionary process that provides the maximum security and opportunity for expansion within a neutral continuum for human kind. I believe it will and should be the job of the united federation of planets to monitor and restrict the development of harmful technology which will result with a compromising path development on our evolutionary ascendancy. For me, this era's aeronautics's will be and should immediately be classified and defined according to a 'flight path' which will be a blue print for our species to walk, to muster, to comprehend, to expand into, to learn from, to experience, to love inside. I believe it is love which classifies man in his humble state of development he is experiencing, and thus, it is the listening to the borders of our senses that bring each horizon.

A prayer...
Stevie Wonder 'Music of my mind' album picture]

Lord of the sky and of the reflection of our imagination
I ask that we be humble and grateful for the wonders that exist
it is these wonders that man believe he is truly blessed
lord, let us believe more each day that it is these wonders that we love
let us believe that in this wondrous pleasance our satisfaction be admired from a distance of playful harmony
let us believe that each space programme decision will be for the enlightenment of our fathers who watch us from the heavens
and let us be thankful that their guiding hands are the imaginations of the heavens that have been created for our wonder
let us thank the lord of our skies that we have a good man who is the guiding presence of our space programme
and let us trust that all is done for mankind upon the table of justice.
thank you lord for giving us these perimeters of which that it is our greatest destiny to build respect on each boundary.

Permit the stars have mercy on us.

An early astronaught photograph of Charlie Bolden 'head of NASA']

Stevie Wonder / Boogie on reggae woman


Hopefully when we all do our rocket science sums and the thrust calculations weighed with star measurement we all agree that even robots can't do a job
on cocoa cola!!!

Cocoa cola advert


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Head of the Russian Federal Space Agency - Anatoly N. Perminov

A.N. Perminov was born on June 16, 1945, in Kirov region. In 1967 he graduated from Perm Military and Engineering High School as a rocket engine mechanical engineer. After, he held various service positions in the Strategic Missile Forces.

In 1976 A.N. Perminov graduated from the commander faculty of the Military Academy, Moscow, which bears the name of Peter the Great nowadays. In 1991 he graduated from the military academy of the Russian Federation Military Force General Administration, and then he was appointed the Chief Commander of the State R & D test facility of the Defense Ministry (now- the Plesetsk state space port).

More than 100 launches of the civil spacecraft, as well as ICBM launches were conducted under his governance. In August, 1993, A. Perminov started his service in the Strategic Missile Force (SMF) center in position of the Chief of the SMF Missile operation directorate. Later, within four years, he held the position of the SMF General Stuff Chief Commander.

On March 28, 2001, A. N. Perminov was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Space Force.

A. N. Perminov was appointed the Head of the Federal Space Agency in March, 2004.

In 2005, A. N. Perminov has become a member of the United Russia party. A. N. Perminov has a Ph.D. in engineering. The topic of his doctoral thesis was `Operations of Launch Vehicles and Spacecraft`. He is a professor of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), he chairs MAI`s `Operations of Launch Vehicles and Spacecraft` department.

A. N. Perminov is the author of more than 70 scientific papers and articles on space exploration, which have been published in various Russian and foreign editions.

He is the Honored Mechanical Engineer of the Russian Federation. A. N. Perminov is a Laureate of the State Prize. He was awarded several science and technology premiums of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Stevie Wonder / Saturn


Roskosmos supports space tourism

Moscow, April 12, 2008
The Russian Federal Space Agency supports space tourism as long as the activity doesn't interfere with its operations, an agency official said.

Vitaly Davydov deputy head of the agency, called Roskosmos, said if space tourists on board Russia's Suyoz spacecraft do not interfere with the International Space Station, he has no opposition, ITAR-TASS reported Saturday.

Currently, anyone wanting to take a trip into outer space must pay millions of dollars for the honor then complete required training at the Cosmonaut Training Center.

The costs associated with the trip do not include the actual cost of the Soyuz craft and would-be space travelers are encouraged to pool their money to buy a space vehicle, ITAR-TASS said.

Each of the Russian spacecrafts can hold three people with one seat automatically reserved for a pilot. Additional spacecraft can be constructed in Russia for a fee to allow additional tourists into space, the Russian news agency said.

Stevie Wonder / Travelin'man

Stevie Wonder 'Songs in the key of life' album]


Stevie Wonder / I wish


Roskosmos willing to cooperate in space exploration

21:40 19/07/2005
VORONEZH, July 19 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos) is willing to cooperate with foreign countries, including the United States, in space exploration, the head of the agency said Tuesday. "In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the number of countries building space vehicles and exploring space," Roskosmos head Anatoly Perminov said. "Countries such as China, India, Japan and the USA are participating in the Moon Program. Russia would be willing to resume work in this sphere if our partners, particularly the USA, are interested in cooperation." He said that there were good opportunities for cooperation between the European Space Agency (ESA) within the framework of the Ural program (production of rocket carriers for exploration of space for peaceful purposes).

Stevie Wonder / Happy birthday


Stevie Wonder picture... My space programme leadership advertisment picture!!!

It would be a very special day to join the united federation of planets, each and every man and woman committed to a unified space exploration for the advancement of our race utilising the resources of our planet to eradicate disease, to help us learn more about our habitat, to feel it, to express it...

Stevie Wonder 'The secret life of plants']

Stevie Wonder with the picture 'cosmogony' at the louve gallery museum, Paris France]

Stevie Wonder / Frontline


Russian federal space agency]

New Russian rocket]

The Russian space agency, Roskosmos, is putting the finishing touches to the design of a spacecraft, which could carry the nation's cosmonauts into space in the coming decades.

22 July 2010 Last updated at 14:24

Russian officials revealed details about the craft at the Farnborough Air Show.
The work is a culmination of a multi-year effort to define the architecture of a replacement to Russia's 40-year-old Soyuz spacecraft.
With the upcoming retirement of the US space shuttle, Russian ships could, for several years at least, be the only means of taking humans into space.

Continue reading the main story
“Start Quote
We believe that Mars should be a primary goal of the manned space programme with the Moon as an intermediate destination”

End Quote Nikolai Zelenshikov RKK Energia
This would include any American and European astronauts travelling to the International Space Station (ISS).
According to officials at RKK Energia, Russia's chief contractor in manned spaceflight, the agency plans to make the final decision on all critical elements of the new ship's architecture at the beginning of August.

Design pedigree

The company's engineers told BBC News that Roskosmos was expected to convene a special meeting of its key experts to finalise a detailed review of the preliminary design.
"We submitted the preliminary design to the agency and received feedback, which included some criticism," the first vice president of RKK Energia, Nikolai Zelenshikov, told BBC News. "We are ready to address all these issues."
Roskosmos awarded the research and development project for the future spacecraft to RKK Energia last year.
The company's roots can be traced back to the design bureau that launched the first Sputnik in 1957 and put the first man in space in 1961.

A scale model of the spacecraft was unveiled at the Farnborough Air Show
RKK Energia completed its research and development work on the future craft and submitted it to Roskosmos in April of this year.
Despite satisfying tough requirements set by the agency, the project caused controversy within the Russian space industry.
The company's decision to rely exclusively on solid-propellant engines for landing of a capsule with six cosmonauts onboard attracted particular criticism. Much of this came from TsNIIMash research institute, the agency's think tank, which traditionally evaluates and certifies the nation's rocket and space systems.
All previous Russian spacecraft, including Soyuz, used parachutes as the main system for soft landing.
To make its case, RKK Energia took the unusual step - at a preliminary design stage - of ordering the construction of an experimental propulsion system.
A non-flying prototype was intended to demonstrate that controlling unruly solid propellant would be possible during landing. According to sources within the Russian space industry, a test system was built by missile developers, who used similar technology in classified designs.
According to sources at RKK Energia, engineers retained the rocket-powered landing in the preliminary design of the ship. They left it to the agency to make the difficult decision about whether to certify the exotic system for flight, or to request a change.
Ultimately, the company added a parachute as an emergency landing system. Russian sources said that much more experimental work and funding would be required to prove that solid propellant could be safely used for a manned landing.

Rocket science

Roskosmos also faces an unexpected dilemma surrounding the launcher for the future spacecraft. RKK Energia did comply with the agency's requirement to fit the new ship into a Rus-M next-generation rocket, which the Russian government approved for development last year.
Although promised to fly in 2015, the new rocket would need the yet-to-be-built Vostochny launch centre in the Russian Far East, which could be decades away from completion.
On Monday, during his visit to RKK Energia's main facility in Korolev near Moscow, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin promised to provide long-awaited funding for the construction of Vostochny.

A centerpiece of the Farnborough exhibit was a rocket that would enable Russia to launch from Baikonur Top managers at RKK Energia delayed their arrival to Farnborough until Tuesday, in order to meet Putin in Korolev. Ironically, at its Farnborough stand, RKK Energia exhibited a model of the rocket launcher for the new spacecraft, which would rely on existing facilities in Baikonur, Kazakhstan, rather than Vostochny.
The proposed launch vehicle closely resembles the existing Ukranian-built Zenit rocket. Since most critical parts of Zenit are built in Russia, it would be relatively easy to organise its production in the country.
And this would satisfy the Kremlin's requirement of developing the access to space, independently of former Soviet republics. RKK Energia carefully kept the overall mass of the future spacecraft within Zenit's capabilities.
"With this rocket, we could at least start flying [the new spacecraft] from Baikonur and then move to Vostochny when it becomes operational," Aleksander Derechin, Deputy Designer General at RKK Energia, told BBC News.
The company added the concept of the Zenit-based rocket to the preliminary design of the new spacecraft as an unsolicited proposal. "It was our free bonus to Roskosmos," one RKK Energia engineer said.

Obama factor

But another factor appears to have influenced the Russian space agency's decision to go ahead with the full-scale development of the new spacecraft - a recent decision by the Obama administration to stop the development of the next-generation Orion capsule. Russian sources told BBC News that this took the wind out of the sails of the parallel Russian project.
Like its American competitor, the future Russian vehicle has the Moon as its ultimate destination, and the uncertainty of US goals in manned spaceflight is an obstacle for Russian plans.
But RKK Energia officials said that they would continue to attempt to persuade the agency and the Russian government that the current US policies provide a robust future for the American manned spaceflight programme and that Russia should quickly respond with its own development of the next generation of manned transport systems.
Nikolai Zelenshikov told BBC News: "We still believe that Mars should be a primary goal of the manned space programme with the Moon as an intermediate destination and now we hear that Nasa has agreed with us."

Stevie Wonder / Part time lover


Stevie Wonder / Until you come back to me


Stevie Wonder / I'm wondering


Stevie has some really gracious fans, if they knew the sort of talent that he produces from his song writing they would see that Stevie himself yearns to be among his place in the stars, from his early recording's produced in accoustic type resonance with his sheer unadulterated genius peer trembling as if the bass was Stevies very essence itself telling us his sector rendevous designation, masterfully intercepted with a Quincy Jones like production apprenticeship awaiting it's students to join, it's fading invitation to it's velocity reaps the space ear in it's melodic infancy. It is a real pleasure to listen to Stevie play because his effort is so true, a true that only is associated with aeronautics, and Stevie has it's space foundation as a lesson to all in our sphere of Knowledge. To me this feel has a special place close to me, time could perhaps tell Stevie, I am a Copeland, I await...

This is astronaught music...
Stevie Wonder 'In square circle' album]

Stevie Wonder / The Square


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Well, I sit around the office doing sums all day, of course, what is the value of mineral mining to people who are happy with what they've got? I guess that as I've learnt that when mining, toxic gases release molecules and germs and the research from that itself is a very educational type of medical archaeology that has answers from ancient surface and ground types. Pressure itself is responsible for chemicle interaction and obviously heat is the progeniter of the transaction, it would be a very satifying job to mine for medicine off planet, actually docters still do not have the full quotient of flora logged and mapped, I do imagine much much work from planetary exploring, I hope that man will see the value of the persuit before the persuit of the money.

But, obviously some people have more weight than others, rumours float around, but, very often emmerge as nothing circumstantial, the high ground the low ground??? Who know's what's good in the heat of the moment...

Stevie Wonder / Knocks me off my feet


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Stevie Wonder / Higher ground


Stevie Wonder / Fingertips


Stevie Wonder / Some other time


Stevie Wonder / Rocket love


Stevie Wonder / Do like you


Stevie Wonder / Signed sealed delivered


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