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Recently a personal favourite of my musical choice, the Great Teena Marie died at her home In California at the age of 54. Today it was reported that the front man male singer from ''Boney M'' Bobby Farrel died at his hotel room.

Bobby Farrell, front man of the 1970s disco group Boney M, has died at the age of 61, his agent has announced.

The singer was found dead in a hotel room in St Petersburg, Russia, where he had been performing, John Seine said.

Farrell, he continued, had complained of breathing problems before and after a show on Wednesday. The cause of his death has yet to be established.

Farrell, the only male member of the popular four-piece, had been due to fly to Rome for a TV show on Friday.

Born Alfonso Farrell in Aruba, the singer left his home on the Caribbean island at 15 to work as a sailor.

He then travelled to Norway and Germany to pursue a career as a DJ.

In 1974 he was chosen to front Boney M, which was put together by German singer and songwriter Frank Farian.

'Quite bizarre'

It was he who performed much of the male vocals on the group's hit records, Farrell being more a dancer and showman than a singer.

He continued to perform after Boney M disbanded in 1986 Known for his extravagant costumes, Farrell was often seen with a bare torso and tight-fitting bell-bottom pants.

Boney M had their first hit with Daddy Cool in 1978, scoring a UK number one that same year with Rivers of Babylon.

The song sold nearly two million records in Britain alone, where it stayed number one for five weeks.

After the group disbanded in 1986 Farrell continued on his own, most recently touring with three female backing singers under the name Bobby Farrell of Boney M.

According to Mr Seine the singer had suffered from "heart problems, shortage of breath and problems with his stomach" for the last decade.

He described his client as "a fantastic person" but also "quite bizarre". "He had a big heart but he was explosive," he said.

Farrell is survived by a son and a daughter.

[As I have already done a post showing a lot of Boney M music, I will probably show video's of them sporadically at some stage, I will though attempt to honor Teena Marie with her own post title, it's such a tragic shame to see people of such immense talent leave our company, god bless them and many thanks to god for letting them stay while they did].

Eric Benet / Sometimes I cry

Happy New year.

Merry new year everyone involved with the space business, science, music and our planet... and merry new year to all the supporters of our planet and our race.

Perhaps soon we shall introduce the 13th constellation of the Pleiades to our calendar and add an extra 52 days for its month to be between Virgo and Libra.

Dolly Parton Kenny Rogers / Islands in the stream

Merry new year and merry soft happy.

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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas.

Blonde Santa picture]

Merry Christmas to everyone and family, thank you for your interest at my blog for its first year, the blend of music, science and law gives me the opportunity to remember important facts, paths and decisions among our business. Obviously many of you will be happy to reflect with the more adult material on my blog, like me you spend many many hours of each day alone at work whether in the field or at the library the warmth of friendship is not bound by a time that I could tell and traverses distances still yet undiscovered.

Did you know that at the market they are selling tampons with bells on?

Only during the christmas period though.


Some songs for our christmas celebrations, thoughts and memories.

Alesha Dixon / To love again

Atlantic star/ Circles

Loose ends / Love controversy

U2 / I still havent found what I'm looking for

Nat ''king''Cole / Stardust

Billy Holiday /Ain't nobody's business If I do

Jimi Hendrix / All along the watchtower

John Denver / I'm a country boy

Don Mclean / And I love you so

Neil Diamond / Love on the rocks


Reccommended christmas gift music album is Alesha Dixon ''The Entertainer'' for science, space business and life researchers and enthusiasts, very good listening music for the children aswell.

Reccommended tickets for gifts ''Sade'' soldier of love 2011 tour.

Marilyn Monroe picture]

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Constellation programme.

Ok, hello everyone, this posting is a broad, but, fine mission statistical descriptive. I have successfully completed the journey to and from, between and through heavy element and cause magnetic sequence disbursement regionic placement and displacement. The connotations for astronaught atmospheric exploration training represent a comprehension of aeronautics, astrophysics, astrochemistry and geophysics to the more advanced geomorphology for the location of landing and potential colony areas with varying ground area pressure availability for adaptation particularly regarding amino acid reaction, pancreas enlargement and lung capacity representing consequentially upon the fluid flux body exercise mechanism. The mission objective was to find, identify and investigate quantum solid state influence, observe flux, gauge properties, accomplish acclimatising techniques and retrieve prime order rock specimen in linear time.

Landing on the north side of the island of Jamaica was the choice that was fourth coming, it proved to be a good volume flight as we arrived at Montego bay airport as I had been doing my sums from around the Bermuda triangle area to across the island areas of Cuba and its close neighbours, the pressure that I experienced from landing descent was minimally comparable to large volume overkill, parallax was achieved. Walking to the buildings application centres I felt like a man very much in his element, my thinking was controlled with warm currents indicative to the regions atmospherics immediately considered with a comfortable ease of berth, though bordering euphoric with how pleasing it was to feel close to what felt like perfect power to weight ratio harmonic alignment, the weight of the elemental disbursement of the atmosphere was welcoming to me and it's heavy presence which is its designation.

For one day I acclimatised to the England montego bay four four beat, I took my 5 kilo rack sak to a guest house, rested for about 30 minutes and went to get some local food, obviously for me I had eaten Jamaican food since I was a child and thus acid physics were not something which needed much worry. While doing my local knowledge gathering with my comparative experience to plot plan a man approached me and we spoke for 20 minutes about localities, after the initial introduction I thought it would be good to meet again approximately 120 minutes later. I went to the arranged meet, but, after waiting 5 minutes thought I should get some food about 5 minutes walk away, some beers and hard food were just the necessary ingredient for local town street exploration, it was dark when I had finished food and the street dj's had started playing reggae music. I liked the music that was playing and thought that standing against the wall across the road from the dj playing music was a good place to wait for the person I had met earlier. 10 minutes later I was happy to see our man appear. Blue boy was hungry so we went back to the place I had been and blue boy had some food. I asked him if he could arrange a canoe with boatsman for me to traverse the rivers up to bull head, and that I would be starting from ''ochi'' [ocho rios]. It was terrific talking to blue boy [no disrespect meant], looking at his eyes, I knew I was among my element and he knew I had arrived for this job. At the fourth thought I knew I could move to the fifth tomorrow and said I would be travelling the more than hundred kilometers to ocho rios and the near Dunn's river falls, fifth thinking was something I had been doing a long time and was quietly confident I could arrive into ''ochi'' ocho rios [ocho is the Spanish word for 8]. The next day I walked to the transportation centre asked how much it was to ochi and was happy £4 pounds was very reasonable for 15-20 people to each pay for the journey of 120 minutes. I had said to blue boy that I had come to Jamaica to survey the rivers and he knew that country tourism was something that had terrific potential, I went and did not tell him I had chosen to walk to Dunn's river falls from ocho rios.

Arriving at ocho rios was a different atmospheric acclimatising module, to sink into the element conditions I knew I would need two or three days before going to Dunn's river falls, Dunn's river falls, though my love for Jamaica was strong, Dunns river falls, is the heart of the land and my job was not new to a roster that had many many names and prehistoric cartographers on it, the job to get the grail was just beginning and, I knew the entirety of my life was planetarily bound, it would be a listening test of credentials.

The town was bigger more open, more people and the streets were bigger, the volume was easily represented with busselling movement that seemed to have order according to time, for instance some people were looking for beer drinking places of cultural or historical value, some were looking for a gigolo and some no doubt for prostitutes, you must remember Jamaica was the pirate capital of the world for hundreds of years and many of it's port towns are inhabited with those who stayed, children of those who visited, slaves of all ethnic denomination and men and women who used boats to travel from other lands.

When I arrived I walked the entire length of the town looking for a guest house, from each side of the town I walked basically two and a half times the length of ocho rios before I was lucky enough and treated with good feeling to a room at a guest house again, the room was very very affordable and just what I wanted. I rested for about 120 minutes before I went searching for beer and dinner, of course, red stripe providing the local grain water and yeast. The food sat well, I knew it would be ok because I knew king Atlas brought it from Africa, because my mother is a Taurian and my father an arian, for me standing among the plea ides was about listening to weight, but, my parallax event horizon was affordable for extra sugar dilation in my blood system, but, liquid was the charm ingredient [ I will do a post someday about water pressure diets], I felt another notch becoming apparent to me and walking back the mile to the room after about 5 beers I was starting to acclimatise with the momentum of fourth thinking stability checking fifth and completing sequencing similarly to the feeling of the way a boat turns in water.

I maintained acclimatising the next day at ocho rios walking all of the towns length numerous times, while of course, providing thirst thoughts with local grain.

Day two at Ocho rios, I was at the verge of my crucibles shin [vital for professionals to grasp] and knew I could do the walk to Dunn's rivers falls. I paid 130 Jamaican dollars to Dunn's river [about £1.00] for the taxi journey, I arrived at Dunn's river falls about 10 minutes later. 15 American dollars to enter the area of Dunn's river falls for tourists, I walked to the rivers falls and went immediately to the actual steep of the falls, I had arrived and my thoughts had tallied the moment with all the research and searching for answers that I had done during my life, the calling and the urging had brought me this far and now it was time to release the pent energy that had been speaking to me from the stars since I was a baby, a blond woman hurriedly rushed towards me up the steps as I was descending to the steep of the falls verge.

Standing next to the falls I began doing the sums and completed an arc of the water for the signifying of the stage, I think God was watching and so was our man, he had been waiting a long time, and so had God, obviously many had achieved this position and I knew that many many Spaniards had travelled to attempt the grail, so, my respects were to to bring from my home land of England the journeys momentum, from four to five thoughts I loved my home land, and as a sixth thought, I knew that I was a close seven, but, more importantly, I was a living eight with the scars to show and numerous physical climatological tests achieved and surviving [just], love was set free for my purpose was clear, NASA and other world space agencies knew me, our space plan was becoming more realistic and the united federation of planets was more than conceived, we were, i am, an anti gravity platform researcher and advocate, and the worlds leaders knew it.

Sir Percival himself had been among this quest. And Arthur's hill was awaiting me...

I walked the 4 kilometers back to Ocho rios town, it was a walk that I thought about the next stage of my journey, task, job, truefully, I wanted to move immediately to the other side of the island and knew that this was where the real worries began. First thoughts, second thoughts and third thoughts are the killers.

Day three at Ocho rios I went to the transportation centre and paid 390 Jamaican dollars to Spanish town, a journey of about 135 kilometers, this journey would be travelling via the mountains that held the very water I had arrived to survey, from Ocho rio fifth thinking to Spanish town third, we would pass the sixth and seventh. The journey was narrow, winding, and lush green, my still ideas and plan of walking into the hills and mountains were becoming apparent that the rounding was veryt difficult to travel on foot, because of the thick flora covering ledges and crags that look loose and dangerously perilous, it would be virtually impossible to cross the land looking for the grail, I wonder how Sir Percival searched when roads did not exist, and how would a horse travel this land of wood and water, no, something was very very guarded thinking about climbing for miles and miles of treacherous rock and stone and thick jungle hills and mountains which is the entirety of Jamaica.

It was 45 minutes when I felt a twinge and tingling as we moved across a bridge that was a river inside the hills and mountains that now had this road, I knew Sixth thinking was me, I have been involved with multi billion pound deals to secure finance for medical research, I have spoken to thousands of scientists about planetary science, I am friends with some of the most successful people in their fields upon this planet, I have travelled thousands of miles in each direction of our globe, for work, and for cultural studies, I am a humanitarian and a vegan, I've looked at the stars with complete wonder since I was a baby, I have thousands of profiles of aeronautical vehicles among my personal library, I've been building models of spaceships in my thoughts and with Lego bricks since before I could walk, at the age of 14 I visualised planning for an anti gravity space ship utilising magnetic drive and started work towards getting the money to build it, I love all the people of our planet for there honest genuine cultural pathology among there own villages, that river sat with a calm that knew me and my exploits, it knew my inner self, the universe was not worried about me at this stage and moving forward was slip stream material.

30 minutes later I had an astral projection out of gravity experience, I was rushed to a euphoric status that transcended me, my physical knowledge of my breathing weight, the feeling totally took me, It lit me unequivocally like a distant boon, seventh heaven was now a phrase I could visualise as my emotion moved to another standard, the feeling was for about three Earth seconds, but, the time involved was perhaps as my guess universal, I felt an emancipation that swept my entirety, my life, my body, my journey became an epic saga that I could not explain inside that short space of time, but, it was all there, more than I could tell singularly, complete was it's summary of events more than I could tell or explain, it was me, but, thousands, perhaps millions trillions zillions, I couldn't say, but, It was like knowing I had all those lives inside me, with me, living me, was me and is me at the same time non linear.

For another 60 minutes we drove across the narrow winding path via the hills and mountains of lush lush green rock crags and trees growing from the small ledges they sprouting from.

Life is a challenge poster]

I arrived at Spanish town and my idea to acclimatise was to get to the Internet get some beer and visit family, I was planning to stay at a guest house, but, my new feeling was almost alien to me, but, I felt love a way that I had not felt before, I felt like I was standing above a mountain that had a trillion zillion people standing at the base all looking at me as if I was someone important. I felt like someone who had been to every beautiful place in the world at once. So, I thought I would spend sometime with my family.

Me at the entrance to, Mona university of technology Kingston Jamaica]

A tribute to Lord Morris at the reception of Mona university administration building].

Four days of beer and hard food [yam, green banana, sweet potato, potato, plantain], national newspapers and national television, I was ready to go to the countries leading university, Mona. I arrived at Mona at about two o'clock and after speaking to the gate security I would spend the rest of the day until evening walking around the facilities, man was I happy with what they had to offer, everything was for the professionals choice, faculties spaced though integrated, mountain scenery all around, an accent spoken from people that are completely at ease with themselves and their education, if ever I could of chosen someplace to study and learn text books this place was the best I have seen, of course, I had to get to the library, my books are the most important things to me in my life apart from health and my family and science, I had to see what sort of books these people have available, but, obviously I had to go to reception to see what it would be like to walk into the most perfect learning environment I had seen anywhere in the world.

faculty of liberal studies]

faculty of business management]

Me at Mona university sports field]

Walking around the entire faculty I could see why it would be easy for people to want to travel to Jamaica to study at Mona university, a large area in New Kingston offering all the necessary amenities delivering world class services, Jamaica's runners are easily the best in the world now and they are based at Mona, on the facilities, I could see among the people a great great compassion and a supreme innocence that only serves as a calling to all who look listen and feel.

Sign posts for faculties]

faculty of law]

Well, in new Kingston some side roads have not got street lights and yes, it's dark, to be honest I fell in a large water drain hole at the side of the road, I'm not sure how deep it was, but, when I fell I heard to cracks that would probably be bones breaking, I shouted, ''aarrhhh'' as my leg crashed into the side of the concrete wall that I fell into as I fell I grabbed the side to stop me from falling anymore and pulled myself to the surface, I rolled to the ground and saw in the darkness that I had a deep gash down the side of my shin bone which was exposed for about three inches, about another five square inches of muscles had been torn away from the shin and my leg and obviously my leg felt like it was in a bad way, I clambered onto my feet and hopped to the side of the road where there was some light, I thought I was in shock because I thought I had broken my knee and my shin bone, but, the gash was deep and, I had to get to hospital quick. I hobbled to the nearest person at an entrance to a building and twenty minutes later my Aunt drove me to hospital. At hospital my leg felt ok, but, I wasn't sure what the damage was, it was certain I would need stitches and the night was going to be a long one, after I realised that I didn't think my leg had any clean brakes, perhaps fractured, some hours later the doctor and then a nurse had had a look and clean the cut and put a dressing on and said that the cut would not be stitched until the early next day, and the doctor said come back at about 7 o'clock in the morning and then they world stitch my leg. I got back to the hospital at about 9 o clock in the morning and my leg was stitched at about 8 0 clock at night, probably didn't have any fractures in my leg because the throbbing really was just at the cut and must of just been some serious crunching.

Darn third thinking, It was while I was thinking about how much money the English legal system had swindled from me, how important that funding was to me, how I budgeted and put that money aside for future projects and, I was thinking what little value the common wealth had to Jamaican people anymore, how Jamaican people went to England when Adolf Hitler decided to put Jewish people in gas chambers and steel their houses from them and steel their hard earned money and how the remnants of the Nazi SS still occupy large swaths of government funding via informants in various walks of life, how Jamaican people went and stood with Englishmen who were being pummelled with relentless bombing and how the survivors of the second world war in England look at Jamaican people for their heroic community support and how Jamaicans have been nurtured and trusted into community influence particularly in the financial institutions.

Building the future]

I'm certain that Jamaica's future is with a federation type establishment where Jamaicans are welcomed around the world for their openness and willingness to integrate, to be part of any community, and from what I have experienced of Jamaican culture the love of women, of game, of food, and of travelling on the ground. I see a great future for Jamaicans as colonists of other planets if not purely for their adaptation abilities, for their wisdom games, dominoes, cards [79], and ludo...

I love these people because they do nothing but love and that is a great offering to the world, to any world as I know it.

I watched Jamaican television for the next 5 days wondering If I could climb bull head and not need medical attention , I new I could get to it with a jeep, but, I wanted to spend the night, perhaps more than one night with just me and the stars, I had done some basic research on the food in thew country and it wasn't promising, if anyone caught you taking food from their land basically I think you would be lucky if you escaped with your life, getting to bull head would be a very very difficult climb among treacherous rock crags and jutting stone, my plan was to climb mount Zion walk to Bob Marley's village of ''nine mile'' [Bob Marley's father sailed to Jamaica and stayed] , from nine mile walk to Arthur's hill, then climb across to Atlas mountain then climb around to the bull head mountain. It was realistic to think I could still do it because I could still walk with the stitches in my leg, but, the journey and climbing would be treacherous and food was not available which meant I would need two days of food in my rack sak, thats usually how I travel when exploring as my standard travel day is about 50 miles on foot I plan food scouting for about 100 mile radius, depending on the land.

The school football ground opposite Bob Marley's house at Nine Mile].

Jamaica's land is a group of hills and mountains]

Ok, after deliberating I thought that because I had achieved first to seventh thoughts, It wasn't imperative to climb around the mountain regions of bull head which basically is a close knit wealth of mountains all touching and connecting, I thought the mission really neaded to be accomplished for what it was, and, so, the rock sample from eighth thought was the last stage needed to complete the job, I thought that if I did got the rock sample and went directly to the airport and got on the aeroplane it would be a virtual astronaught reconnaiscence and collection and back to the space vehicle and fly back the sample situation, the sitaution that many future astronaughts will need to be capable of doing. The tide of the job completed would be the telling factor of any job like this one and the pressure involved would be world consuming for the operative/astronaught.

Me at the airport soon after collecting the noah's ark rock sample].

I got the rock sample, I got on the aeroplane and got back to london 14 hours after getting the job done and the rock sample.

Me 4 hours after collecting the rock sample, just before getting on the aeroplane].

I will be honored to share the rock sample results with friends during the spectroscopy analysis which I will be doing some time in the future.

Utech branch affiliates]

Let us know you belong]

My friend Dennis Morris will be happy to know his book is on the shelf in Montego bay airport]

Marilyn Monroe picture]

Marilyn Monroe had her wedding vacation at Ochos Rios Jamaica with Arthur Miller.

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Tessana Chin.

Introducing Tessana Chin, to all of our colleagues, friends and associates. I hope you like her as much as I do, this is real pleiadian woman music...

Tessana Chin /Taken

Tessana Chin / Loving you

Tessana Chin / Black books

Tessana Chin / Messenger

Tessana chin / Running [water]

Tessana Chin / No matter how

Tessana Chin / Until you get here

Tessana Chin / Broken Melody

Tessana Chin picture]

Tessana Chin / Unpredictable

Tessana Chin / Like you do

Tessana Chin / Control

Tessana Chin / Hideaway

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A quick post...

How many disk peaks in Jamaica?

Newly elected democratic republic of the Congo Joseph Kabila.

Joseph Kabila picture]

DIRECTOR of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority Board Milton Daley yesterday called on local players in the industry to join in the thrust to implement practices and measures geared towards maintaining a healthier environment.

"Despite the successes of the aviation industry, it continues to grapple with the problem of carbon emissions," Daley said at yesterday's church service at the University Chapel in Mona to mark International Civil Aviation Day.

Directors of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority Board Milton Daley (right) and Captain Andrew Bogle worship yesterday at the University Chapel in Mona, at a special service to mark International Civil Aviation Day. (Photo: Joseph Wellington)

Directors of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority Board Milton Daley (right) and Captain Andrew Bogle worship yesterday at the University Chapel in Mona, at a special service to mark International Civil Aviation Day. (Photo: Joseph Wellington) 1/1

He said: "Carbon emissions have continued to be challenging for the industry with many states seeking to put in place or have implemented a programme of carbon credit. We recognise that of the 625 million tonnes of man-made emissions each year, the aviation industry accounts for two per cent. The general aim is to reduce this figure."

Daley said that a resolution, aimed at improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions was recently passed at the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Assembly.

"Under this agreement over 190 member states agreed to work together in the industry to improve fuel efficiency by approximately two per cent annually. This is expected to cap emission commencing in 2020 and to develop a global framework for economic as well as environmental measures," Daley explained.

At the same time, he said that governments around the world, along with the ICAO, airlines and passengers have joined together in a partnership to foster the continued safety and security of the industry with a strong focus on creating a more environmentally conscious industry.

Significant strides, said Daley, have already been made with the reduction of airlines noises by approximately 75 per cent and that airlines have so far invested more than $1.3 trillion in the development of environmentally friendly and fuel efficient aircraft which are expected to come on stream in 2012.

"Additionally governments around the world have begun to look at a single air space policy which will further reduce routes and carbon emissions in the medium to long term," Daley said.

Jamaica, for its part, through the Civil Aviation Authority, has begun to explore the possibility of a single airspace with the rest of the region, which would keep the region in line with its Latin America counterpart, he said.

Daley also highlighted the importance of the aviation industry, pointing out that it is the "pulse of the world economies" which globally supports 32 millions jobs and $3.5 million in economic activities despite rising fuel costs and other challenges.

Rev Dr Oral Thomas, Methodist warden of the United Theological College of the West Indies, in his sermon, encouraged Jamaicans to remain convinced of God's promise of a different and better world and to act differently.

"If you believe in a different world then you will have to act differently and demonstrate behaviour that belongs to your new life, have faith in God and demonstrate behaviour that your life is going to be different," he said.