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Charlies angels.

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Developing friendships is an essential part of becoming an adult, it is about determining who not just you are, but, who you ride side coast with, you see, pissing people off is very much a habit which for some crazy reason people do, I don't know why, truth is, I'm not sure if they do, but, I am sure that some people really please us, they please us a way that for some reason is vitally right, it is that vitality that people quest for, my kind of people. I guess everyone has a kind of people, but, some people like winning their way, some people like winning by default, it's a wonderful feeling to win when you have worked really hard to become a winner, but, as we all know, working hard isn't the only ingredient that makes winners, it's that quality that as an explorer, a pioneer an adventurer, it is what sustenance is delivered from it. You know, that Cheryl Ladd sort of thing...

Cheryl Ladd Kris Monroe...

Ok... Going into space really at this stage is about taking our clothes off, presenting ourselves to an encompassing environment, so, total in it's hugeness that shelter is only offered on planets that have ground to stand upon, for our feet were developed utilising solid pressure to comprehend and thus our home be upon it's platform. What water is to our existence, it's exuberance is justified in the beauty of a woman nakedness, only land and a horizon with a cool wind blowing across it could possibly match it's exasperation to fantasy.

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This web page has some of Cheryl Ladd's songs that are most tasteful, I really recommend the 'Skinny dipping'' song.

Skinny Dipping...

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Cheryl Ladd Kris Monroe

Cheryl Ladd / Missing you...

Cheryl Ladd

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The need for a public based monitoring system of our Sky's could be a huge significance for the public sector in intergalactic community surveillance. This recent legislation protraction should be an in dication of just how far public domain reaches in it's quest for protection for itself and the development of public infrastructure and the use of government backed companies receiving large licenses for the development of mainframe sociology.

Would a google monitoring platform for the public be welcome in space, a live security platform open for accessibility for public use.

Recent laws dividing secure sky windows for international security are still developing the procedure that will hopefully be a public utility precautionary measure for all those doing homework and curious about space directions, public security and awareness in space and government nullification of the meandering process.

Significantly, googles involvement with the publicly available competition google 'x prize' competition would be a completely acceptable proposition for the public domain to increase and expand into space.

June 6 (Reuters) – Australian police have been asked to investigate Internet giant Google over possible breaches of telecommunications privacy laws, the attorney general said on Sunday.
The investigation follows complaints from members of the public about activities of Google employees while taking photographs for Google Maps, the search engine’s maps page.
The “Street View” service has recently come under fire in several countries. The company has said it inadvertently picked up personal data from some unencrypted wi-fi services over several years.
Google said on Sunday it would cooperate with the Australia police investigation.
The probe comes amid a wave of criticism worldwide over collection of personal information by Internet giants, including Google and Facebook.
The matter was referred to the Australian Federal Police on Friday after complaints from members of the public, Robert McClelland told journalists in Melbourne at the start of a forum on Internet security.
“On Friday the attorney-general’s department did refer those allegations and those reports to the Australian Federal Police,” McClelland said.
“They relate in substantial part to possible breaches of the Telecommunications Interceptions Act, which prevents people accessing electronic communications other than for authorised purposes.”
A police spokeswoman confirmed a referral had been received.
Senior company executive Alan Eustace said last month the company had mistakenly collected personal data from wi-fi networks, and ordered a halt to the practice. However, he said this only involved unencrypted wi-fi networks, and none of the data was used in Google products.
A Google spokeswoman said on Sunday the company had made an error.
“This was a mistake. We are talking to the appropriate authorities to answer any questions they have,” she said in a brief written reply to Reuters.

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You need to learn that you could deal with the situation...

Cheryl Ladd / Lady grey...

Will the church build churches on other planets and planetoids? The church has recently advanced it's spending on modern science research, but, really the need for a church presence on any planetoid would be hugely significant, not just because it's acknowledgement for the people of our planet would be a proud acceptance that we are doing the right thing in space and developing into a righteous path, but, it's stabilising influence on our planet would be immensely rewarding for governments, I personally only see the advantages of such an historically fundamentally important essence apparent as wholesomely good, but, I have problems believing that opposition to such a development would happen, of course jealousy would emerge, but, it is a sifting process that god himself would be the judge of 'as friend', as 'advisor', as 'spiritual leader' and as an 'inspiration' to all who look at the heavens. Obviously security and vigilance against terrorism would be the instigator of public space camera access and public space radar web cams.

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Time for explorers to speak for humanity...

Cheryl Ladd's prim and proper exploring helps us remember why it is the excitement that needs to be tempered with diplomatic clarity, the actual match of clarity and image is an essential part of any management of journey and the reason that the journey is made which during this opening period of history should be totally public sourced, any other path would be a betrayal of human intelligence.

Impeccable form is a gift to be appreciated.

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Cheryl Ladd / Take a chance

A modification would give me the opportunity to report to the government what this thing could really do. The wave rider is a sophisticated piece of equipment with the right person aboard operating. It would be a very suitable craft for the likes of myself and Cheryl Ladd!!!

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Let's talk business, me Cheryl, we've got a rendezvous someplace, I need to check the xenon perimeters before I start bringing my women on away journeys, the modified wave rider needs a good pilot and workout.

Say goodbye to my little friend...

X-51 a test flight

[CAUTION] the animation shows the x-51 a solid rocket booster climbing quicker than reality...

Picture of the X-51 a wave rider

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X-51 a test flight taxi and take off

X-51 a wave rider scram jet engine demonstrator...

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Cheryl ladd's songs

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Cheryl Ladd / Think it over

The White House is expected to unveil a new U.S. space policy June 28 that emphasizes international cooperation and commercial space.

“This policy seeks to strengthen our domestic commercial space industry and reestablish U.S. leadership in the international community,” states a one-page summary of the policy obtained by Space News.

The June 25 document — “National Space Policy Top-Level Messages” — was created by Peter Marquez, director of space policy for the White House National Security Council.

“The United States,” the document says, “considers the sustainability, stability, and free access to, and use of, space vital to its national interests.

“It is the shared interest of all nations to act responsibly in ways that emphasize openness and transparency, and help prevent mishaps, misperceptions, and mistrust.”

The document also says, “A robust and competitive commercial space sector is vital to continued progress in space.

“The United States is committed to encouraging and facilitating the growth of a U.S. commercial space sector that supports U.S. needs, is globally competitive, and advances U.S. leadership in the generation of new markets and innovative entrepreneurship.”

One of the specific goals of the new policy, according to the summary document, is making the U.S. space industry more competitive in global aerospace and technology markets, including “satellite manufacturing, satellite-based services, space-launch terrestrial applications and increased entrepreneurship.”

The new policy also calls for expanded international cooperation in the peaceful use of space and the promotion of safe and responsible operations through improved data collection and sharing aimed at avoiding in-space collisions, protecting critical space and ground systems and mitigating orbital debris.

Other stated goals include:

“Increase assurance and resilience of mission-essential functions enabled by commercial, civil, scientific, and national security spacecraft and supporting infrastructure.
“Pursue human and robotic initiatives to develop innovative technologies, strengthen international partnerships, inspire our Nation and the world, increase humanity’s understanding of the Earth, enhance scientific discovery, and explore the solar system and the universe beyond.
“Improve space-based Earth and solar observation capabilities needed to conduct science, forecast terrestrial and near-Earth space weather, monitor climate and global change, manage natural resources, and support disaster response and recovery.”
The White House is expected to formally unveil the policy June 28, according to government sources.

Cheryl Ladd / Thunder in the distance

Cheryl Ladd

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Well I'm not sure what lover Cheryl's singing about, but, she certainly gets my vote of confidence, I think really that my opinion could be justified with the knowledge that God and the devil have finished arguing and the devil is in heaven with god. So, my guess is for the all the people out there wondering it must be about highway 101 which is the longest road in America and the journey is a tiresome one...

I know... It's really really really hot, it's really really supernaturally cold on top of a brisk warm low thin current.

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[a song?]

Cheryl Ladd / Brandy

Cheryl Ladd / 101

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The distribution of stars is an important job and some of us are constantly working out with all sorts of practicing, teaching the right technique is a worthy ability for astrology and astrophysics, but, why acting Cheryl?

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Cheryl Ladd / Battle of the network stars 77

Curiously appropriate!!!

Cheryl Ladd / Tropical nights

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Cheryl Ladd / Wella balsam advert...

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Cheryl Ladd / Lip gloss

Cheryl Ladd...Love? Me? See ya...Lol...
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The reasoning that the platform of camera 'public access monitoring in space' is running along at an economically appropriate time regarding the necessity and age of the technology is a good reasoning for new investment into a properly organised public network. NASA has as well declared the application elderly and is being retired.

Cheryl Ladd

NASA Retires First Data Relay Satellite After Stellar Career

WASHINGTON -- After a long and successful career providing communications support, NASA's groundbreaking Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) 1 is retiring.

On Sunday, June 27, NASA will shut down the satellite that launched into orbit during space shuttle Challenger’s maiden voyage (STS-6) in April 1983. From 1983 to 1998, TDRS-1 provided NASA with the ability to communicate with other satellites in orbit. NASA reassigned TDRS-1 in 1998 to support the National Science Foundation's (NSF) U.S. Antarctic Program and others on scientific, educational and operational endeavors.

TDRS-1 worked with eight additional satellites to relay data and communications from more than 15 customers, including the NSF, the Hubble Space Telescope, the shuttle and the International Space Station. The TDRS system provides the capability not only to send commands and receive data, but also to navigate and talk with crews in orbit.

"TDRS-1 paved the way for this incredible space communications system," said Bill Gerstenmaier, associate administrator for NASA's Space Operations Mission Directorate. "The remaining TDRS satellites, and the new satellites that will be online within three years, will carry on these critical capabilities for many NASA missions, including science and human spaceflight."

TDRS-1 was the first satellite used to support launches from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida in the early 1990s, returning real-time telemetry. It eliminated a dead zone over the Indian Ocean where there previously was no communication, providing full coverage for the space shuttle and low-Earth orbiting satellites.

TDRS-1 proved helpful during a 1999 medical emergency at the NSF's Antarctic Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. The satellite's high-speed Internet connectivity allowed personnel to conduct telemedicine conferences. Doctors in the United States aided Dr. Jerri Nelson, who had breast cancer, in performing a self-biopsy and administering chemotherapy. Later, in 2002, doctors used TDRS-1 to perform another telemedicine conference with the station to assist in knee surgery for a meteorologist.

Because of its orbit, the satellite was able to link the North and South Poles and relayed the first pole-to-pole phone call. TDRS-1 also transmitted the first internet connection and live webcast from the North Pole and supported the first global television event from the South Pole Station - a worldwide television broadcast to commemorate the beginning of the year 2000.

TDRS-1 was instrumental in supporting innovative astronomy and astrophysics research programs at the South Pole Station, including the one-of-a-kind IceCube Neutrino Observatory and the South Pole Radio Telescope. The satellite transmitted gigabytes of science research data to university researchers worldwide on a daily basis.

The first six TDRS satellites were built by TRW Inc. (now Northrop Grumman Corp.). Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems also built three TDRS satellites. NASA plans to launch two additional satellites into the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System by 2013.
On June 13, 2010, the satellite arrived at its final destination, approximately 22,500 miles above the Earth. After the orbit is stabilized and the remaining fuel removed, NASA will shut down the satellite on Sunday, June 27.

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Cheryl Ladd picture]

The thing is Cheryl I know my beers and, I have just the iglo and fire in mind...

Cheryl Ladd / Michelob advert

Truthfully though training techniques are a mans best friend with a warm beer...In a bottle...Stimulating...

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Cheryl Ladd picture]

The ability to improvise is a commodity.

Strength keenly abundant...

Cheryl Ladd / Try a smile

Astrium to develop key technologies for new upper stages for future space missions
New ESA contract worth EUR20 million

Published on Jun 24, 2010
Read Market Research :
Technology development for new re-ignitable upper stages

(Bremen, June 23, 2010) -- Astrium, Europe's leading space company, has been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop key technologies for new re-ignitable upper stages for new launchers. Under the two-year contract, worth EUR20 million, Astrium will develop advanced technologies that will play a major role in enabling the engines of the cryogenic upper stages (fuelled by liquid hydrogen and oxygen) to be re-ignited. The project is called CUST (Cryogenic Upper Stage Technologies) and is issued under the framework of the Future Launchers Preparatory Programme (FLPP) of ESA. The work will focus particularly on fuel management in the state of zero-gravity and on the thermal insulation of the fuel tanks filled with cryogenic fuel.

"It will be a huge challenge to develop the technologies needed to supply fuel to the engine after a period of weightlessness, but they are a vital necessity if we want to make more powerful and flexible launch vehicles. A re-ignitable engine is also an essential requirement for certain types of space missions like placing satellites more effectively in their orbits or trajectories towards 'exotic' destinations, like a Lagrangian point or a planet," said Thomas Renk, head of the CUST project at Astrium. "Our experts in Astrium have the necessary know-how, based on many years of experience with the whole family of Ariane 5 upper stages, and this new contract will enable them to preserve and extend this know-how for future applications."

One of the main challenges of designing a re-ignitable cryogenic upper stage, powered by liquid hydrogen and oxygen fuel and operating in a zero-gravity environment, is that of maintaining the fuel in a liquid state. Above a certain temperature, the liquid turns to gas and there is a risk that the fuel will evaporate. Another major challenge is that of directing the fuel to the place where it is needed, namely the feed lines to the engine.

To remain in its liquid state, oxygen has to be cooled to below minus 183 degrees Celsius, while hydrogen requires the even lower temperature of minus 253 degrees Celsius. The widely fluctuating "outside" temperatures in space, due to variations in the intensity of the impinging solar radiation, make it very difficult to keep these highly volatile substances in their liquid state over an extended period of time. Innovative insulation concepts are therefore being developed for the fuel tanks and the upper stage itself, to minimise unwanted heat transfer to the fuel.

Another challenge to be solved relates to the zero-gravity environment in which the rocket stage resides after the engine has been switched off, causing the liquid fuel to float at random inside the tank. Specific technologies need to be developed to ensure that the fuel will be immediately available at the feed line to the engine when the engine is re-ignited.

To support this work, two experiments relating to cryogenic fuel management will be launched in 2011 onboard the Texus sounding rocket, as part of the Texus/Maxus programme that Astrium in cooperation with German Aerospace Center (DLR) has been operating from Kiruna in northern Sweden for over 30 years.
Astrium is the prime industrial contractor for Ariane 5, and the company's considerable expertise in the design and construction of the launch vehicle's upper stage was a determining factor in ESA's choice.

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Cheryl ladd / The love boat commercial

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Cheryl Ladd/ Walking in the rain

Forging a New and Better Future

June 21, 2010 at 7:48 PM EDT

In his remarks at the White House Tribal Nations Conference last year, President Obama said, “I am absolutely committed to moving forward with you and forging a new and better future together. It’s a commitment that’s deeper than our unique nation-to-nation relationship. It’s a commitment to getting this relationship right, so that you can be full partners in America’s economy, and so your children and grandchildren can have an equal shot at pursuing the American dream.”
During the conference, Tribal leaders expressed their visions for the future and identified obstacles that must be overcome to achieve their goals. Soon after that historic gathering, I worked closely with Interior Secretary Salazar’s staff to synthesize the input from tribal leaders. The following were the most common issues that emerged from this process:

Strengthening the Government-to-Government Relationship

Health Care

Public Safety


Sustainable Economic Development


Respect for Cultural Rights

Today, we are releasing the White House Tribal Nations Conference Progress Report. This report, which was developed by the participating agencies, provides a summary of the feedback we received about the conference, and provides an update on the progress the Administration is making on the issues of concern to Indian Country. Thanks to tribal input which helped focus the Administration, I am pleased to report that we are making progress in these areas. Some highlights include:

During the summit, the President signed a Presidential Memorandum directing the Federal agencies to submit detailed plans on how they intend to fully implement Executive Order 13175, “Consultation and Coordination with Tribal Governments.” The agencies are currently implementing these plans and will submit progress reports in August.

The permanent reauthorization of the Indian Health Care Improvement Act was included in the Affordable Care Act which the President signed in March. We are working very hard to begin implementation of the many provisions in the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama supports the Tribal Law and Order Act, which would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the tribal justice systems and better prevent crime in tribal communities. In addition, the President supports initiatives to hire new Indian country Assistant United States Attorneys to prosecute cases involving violent crime on Native lands and provide additional federal agents to support law enforcement efforts in tribal communities. Addressing crimes involving violence against women and children on Native lands is a particular priority of the Administration.

The President supports enhancing the role of tribes in Indian education by strengthening the Tribal Education Agencies through the Elementary and Secondary Education Assistance reauthorization.

The United States is formally reviewing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and is doing so in consultation with Indian tribes and with input from other interested stakeholders
All of these steps are part of President Obama’s commitment to ensure that tribal voices are heard in Washington.
We are moving in the right direction, but our work is not done. To bring real change to tribal nations, we must continue to work together, on a nation-to-nation basis, in order to realize a future where Native people live long and healthy lives in safe communities, where they are able to pursue economic self-sufficiency, and where their children and grandchildren can have an equal opportunity at pursuing the American dream. We will continue to look to the wisdom and experience of tribal leaders to inform our policy agenda.

The monroe space programme continues...

Cheryl Ladd / Dancing american

Cheryl Ladd the Hawaii chair

Cheryl Ladd / Dance forever

Picture of President Barack Obama]

God Bless the president.

"Where Are We on Scientific Integrity?"

June 18, 2010 at 8:21 PM EDT

[Ed. Note: In this week’s "Ask the President's Science Advisor," OSTP Director Dr. John P. Holdren answers an e-mail question concerning the Obama Administration's efforts to enhance scientific integrity in Federal policymaking.

Dear Director Holdren,

The President put scientific integrity on the top of his science agenda as a candidate and pledged in his inaugural address to "restore science to its rightful place."
The President asked the Office of Science and Technology Policy 15 months ago to create a plan to restore scientific integrity to federal policymaking. The plan was due by July 9, 2009. Why is there such a delay in restoring scientific integrity to the federal government? What are the sticking points? Can you give me a date when you expect a plan, directive, or Executive Order to be released?


Jason, San Francisco

President Obama’s “Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies” of March 9, 2009, on the subject of scientific integrity stated clearly and unconditionally the fundamental principles of the Administration’s stance on this subject. These clear and unconditional statements begin, in the document’s second paragraph, with the following:

Political officials should not suppress or alter scientific or technological findings and conclusions. If scientific and technological information is developed and used by the Federal Government, it should ordinarily be made available to the public. To the extent permitted by law, there should be transparency in the preparation, identification, and use of scientific and technological information in policymaking. The selection of scientists and technology professionals for positions in the Executive Branch should be based on their scientific and technological knowledge, credentials, experience, and integrity.

This set of principles is augmented later in the Memorandum, in connection with the President’s request to the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy for recommendations for further Presidential action “to guarantee scientific integrity throughout the Executive Branch”. As formulated there, the principles on which these recommendations for further Presidential action are to be based are as follows:

(a) The selection and retention of candidates for science and technology positions in the Executive Branch should be based on the candidate's knowledge, credentials, experience, and integrity;
(b) Each agency should have appropriate rules and procedures to ensure the integrity of the scientific process within the agency;
(c) When scientific or technological information is considered in policy decisions, the information should be subject to well-established scientific processes, including peer review where appropriate, and each agency should appropriately and accurately reflect that information in complying with and applying relevant statutory standards;
(d) Except for information that is properly restricted from disclosure under procedures established in accordance with statute, regulation, Executive Order, or Presidential Memorandum, each agency should make available to the public the scientific or technological findings or conclusions considered or relied on in policy decisions;
(e) Each agency should have in place procedures to identify and address instances in which the scientific process or the integrity of scientific and technological information may be compromised; and
(f) Each agency should adopt such additional procedures, including any appropriate whistleblower protections, as are necessary to ensure the integrity of scientific and technological information and processes on which the agency relies in its decision-making or otherwise uses or prepares.

There should not be any doubt that these principles have been in effect—that is, binding on all Executive departments and agencies—from the date of issue of the Memorandum on March 9, 2009. All that has been awaiting the requested action by the Director of OSTP is recommendations to the President on what further instructions he might issue in augmentation of these principles in order to advance the goal of achieving the highest level of scientific integrity across the Executive Branch.
Pursuant to that request, my staff and I have been engaged since the date of the Memorandum in development of such recommendations, which as specified in the Memorandum has included consultations with “the heads of executive departments and agencies, including the Office of Management and Budget and offices and agencies within the Executive Office of the President”. Indeed, OSTP began the process by creating an interagency panel with representatives from all of the major science offices and agencies. That group launched an unprecedentedly open, Web-based process to accept detailed input from stakeholders inside and outside government. Based on that input and internal discussions, the group developed draft recommendations for consideration by OSTP and OMB. And over the intervening months representatives from those two offices have been honing a final set of recommendations.
I am the first to admit that the process has been more laborious and time-consuming than expected at the outset. Determining how to elaborate on the principles set forth in the Memorandum in enough detail to be of real assistance in their implementation, while at the same time retaining sufficient generality to be applicable across Executive departments and agencies with a wide variety of missions and structures, has been particularly challenging. And other demands on the participants over this time period have also been much greater than expected. But I am pleased to report here that the process, though slower than many (including myself) had hoped, has resulted in what I believe is a high-quality product that I anticipate finalizing and forwarding to the President in the next few weeks.
In addition to the strong scientific integrity principles that, as noted above, have been in effect since the President’s memorandum of March 9, 2009, there has been other important activity on transparency and integrity ongoing in parallel with the process of developing the supplementary recommendations that the memorandum requested. In particular, OSTP and OMB have spearheaded an array of Open Government initiatives that have, together, made a record-breaking amount of government data available to the public and, more generally, have unveiled many previously hidden workings of the Federal government. Indeed, I believe no Administration has pushed as hard as this one to restore integrity in general—and scientific integrity in particular—to the Federal enterprise. I am confident that with the completion of OSTP’s recommendations on scientific integrity these already high standards will be strengthened and assured well into the future.

John P. Holdren is Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The flexible path.

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The Isley brothers / Voyage to Atlantis

And thust, it was so, the tale begun where man hath done his casting upon the shores of Atlantis we bare our precious bodies tide unto our blessed thee, it was so that Charlie Bolden brought out the word of our blessed chosen Barack Obama...

And they spoke...

Smokey Robinson / Quiet storm

Man did consider his love for his existence and did bow all he did, god his true love for where shall it end, ends deceit knew of no grain of sand and let it be known to man no grain of sand shall carry deceit.

And Charlie Bolden considered Barack Obama and Barack Obama knew god and God was love, and god loves man.
Charlie Bolden carries the word of Barack Obama that man shall cast his love of god further for him to cherish for thee knew god loves man no endeth, let it be so that truth carries man, and let man carry his woman for she is his and no others and let it be that man be with his woman, and let it be love that man carry.

Smokey Robinson / Being with you

And again man said of his love, lost is his among the mighty breast of woman where milk hasth cast it's gaze upon the brow of a mans kin spirit and it's bosom the caster of mans destiny for destiny a mutiny of masculinity upon man's crown, and Barack Obama said among the people, man seeks his love among distant shores which wash our tides with new humblings, and Barack Obama brought the word of love to mans cause for his blessings were growing and Barack Obama did love man, and Barack Obama did love god, and Barack Obama did serve the love of god for the love of Barack Obama's people Barack Obama did love love god and Barack Obama did love his people. And Charlie Bolden brought the word of Barack Obama to the shoulder of man and Charlie Bolden did tell man that the word of Barack Obama was a loving word of God and that man shall carry the word of God and be blessed because God loves man and Charlie Bolden knew that Barack Obama's word was carrying love from God and Charlie Bolden said man and woman shall consider love further.

And Barack Obama was pleased. And Charlie Bolden was pleased. And god was pleased that Barack Obama was pleased and God was pleased that Charlie Bolden was pleased.

Cruisin / Smokey Robinson

Man casteth his eyes where woman walked and knew love, and man was pleased that man knew love. Man was pleased with love of woman and man was pleased woman brought him love. And man sought woman, and woman knew man sought woman and man was pleased man sought woman, and woman was mans. And man was pleased woman was mans. And man knew love. And god loves man. And man Carry's love. And man Carry's the love of woman.

The chi lites / Have you seen her

And Barack Obama knew his people and Barack Obama knew man loved woman and man loved god, and all the people knew man's love of woman and Barack Obama knew mans love of woman was true and that man would love woman among the stars and Charlie Bolden knew that mans love of woman would destine among stars.

And man said of his love...

Method man / All i need

And Charlie Bolden knew man was true and Charlie Bolden knew that man did carry love of woman and Charlie Bolden knew that man was true and Barack Obama knew man was true and that mans love of woman was true. And god was pleased. And man knew God was pleased. Mans love of woman's tide was his journey to pasture again, and man knew the love of woman was mans love. And woman knew mans love was the love of woman. And man was pleased with the love of woman, and woman knew mans love of woman was true. And man knew mans love of woman was true. And man was pleased with love of woman and woman was his. Man knew his love was sent to love woman and man knew that woman was his. And again man knew woman was his. Man was pleased with love and man was pleased with his love of woman.

Michael Jackson / I'll be there...

And woman listened to man and knew mans love. And man knew woman's love.

Commodores / Zoom

The Delfonics / Hey love

Access your flexible friend

Sending out messages for newer improved satellite communication among our solar system.

Time delays [picture]


It is really exciting to be capable of doing business for a community that is gearing for another planetary colony! Could you actually believe that we are about to begin organising commodity interests for people with ideas of becoming members of another planet, moon or planetoid? The opportunities must be hugely encouraging to people who do business, particularly for people who are natural explorers and are yet to begin exploring.

On the countries of Europe when we go on holidays it is usually to other countries to sample the cultures that they have built for their nationals, generally speaking everyone purchases new clothes and shoes for the holiday and purchases are bought usually according to local taste. I'm not sure what Americans prepare for holidays and travelling with, but, I do believe it is certainly a fun, enjoyable and interesting opportunity to be involved with a multiplication of human activity that is pleasing simultaneously.

Here a quick inspiring glimpse of very cheap affordable useful items.

Flexible utility

Folding chair

There is plenty to chose from

Flexible woman

voice resonance stabiliser [picture]

atmospheric monitor [picture]

a candidate interviewer [picture]

a new operative... [picture]

a new operative..... [picture]

a new operative....... [picture]

a new operative..........[picture]

a new operative## [picture]

a new operative food specialist [picture]

another new operative [picture]

a new operative# [picture]
A specialist fuel technician [picture]
a new operative cleaner [picture]

President Obama Proposes Additional Financing For Growth And Jobs

June 21st 2010

WASHINGTON -- The president submitted to Congress on Friday, June 18, a fiscal year 2011 budget amendment that targets up to $100 million toward spurring regional economic growth and job creation in the aerospace industry.

The amendment would provide up to $40 million in aid for Florida's Space Coast and a maximum of about $60 million for other affected regions. These funds specifically would be made available from the Constellation Program transition element of the agency's exploration request. The amendment does not increase the total of the administration's fiscal year 2011 budget request.

The amendment was presented to support the administration's new course for human spaceflight, while revitalizing NASA and transitioning to new opportunities in the space industry and beyond.

"We're very pleased the president has asked for additional support to help the communities and workers most deeply involved in our space program," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said. "NASA's work force is incredibly talented and dedicated. This $100 million investment in our people is essential to spurring economic growth and job creation."

The president established the Task Force on Space Industry Workforce and Economic Development on May 31. The task force is chaired by Bolden and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. It is charged with developing, in collaboration with local stakeholders, an interagency action plan to enhance economic development strategies and plans along the Space Coast and affected aerospace communities in other states. The task force team will report its recommendations to the president by Aug. 15.

The administration launched a $40 million, multi-agency initiative in May for regional economic growth in Florida and to prepare space industry workers for future opportunities there. Task force activities will complement local and federal economic and work force-development efforts.

For information about NASA and agency programs, visit:

Shalamar / Take that to the bank

policing the flexible path [picture]

Personel security]

Maintenance operative]

Ion monitor]

an atmospherics specialist [picture]

a surface graduate [picture]

furniture specialist [picture]

a medic [picture]

trainee data communications [picture]

payload specialist [picture]

area base monitor [picture]


the flexible path [picture] for many of us, growing becoming a younger adult was difficult, it was difficult for a lot of reasons, for me as a minority among the community it was a search for an equality that did exist, of course it did, my own powerful approach to problem solving became a well oiled operation that helped me form bonds with the people who respected our world and wondered at it.

Seriously though, finding a mate in the science world is a really difficult thing to do, we spend so much time searching for answers and following clues that it becomes impossibile to have any sort of relationship that has any real emotional commitment attached, and that is really all most scientists want, a steady rock to lean on when they've spent themselves at work. But, how do we get someone who listen's to constant funding woes and worries, someone who will marry or have residence with someone who is carreer driven, but, operates on loose agreements, term funding, subsideries or minor contracts, though intrinsically is ambitious beyond the actual funding agreement oportunities? I'm not sure, but, I am sure that when we have the opportunity to travel off planet the choosing game will become much easier, simply because the commitment spells itself out.

Rose royce / Wishing on a star

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Hometime is an emotionally draining experience, hopefully the females can deal with the requirements of a physically demanding schedule...

Policing the path

White hair blue eyes monitering regolith response]

To me a successful relationship is a partnership that has defined perimeters for development, it usually clarifies it's objectives that are staged managed to perform conservatively according to personel stimulative satisfaction rates. It is one of the reason's why I have such respect for the Indian people of Asia and the arranged marrying system. I do not beleive that all people are good judges of character, but, it certainly has its merits based upon success trivia and a fundamental agreement that a relationship has a purpose to fulfil firstly as opposed to an obligation that very often among the western world becomes a very secular non entity baggage shambles.

Interview with a potential colonist

Sportmans evolution for training

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Green has it's merits

With new relationship's among the western world the starting principle for relationship is perhaps 90% of the romances a physical attraction, the reasoning for the beginning of such a relationship is very often the reason for its completion, completion being a positive descriptive of a situation that often seems to be a silly shannanogan, what seems to be the negative repatition of the immediate physical attraction is the very publically silly and sometimes humiliating continuing saga.

Wouldn't it be an advancemnet of human profiling if we were trained to please by professionals before relationships.

Preparing for a rough ride is a lifetimes work...

exercises [picture]

exercises.. [picture]

Perhaps some paths are not as flexible as they would make out...

Green seems to be the colour

Midnight star / Operator

Sneaking off.

The main fear for advancing technology nations is it's utilisation for an outward development programme that doe's not cater for an economic stimulous nor will it cater for a population boom. The worry with the space race which was it's intitial motivator is that it will run itself back into itself, thus, plonking it's problem straight back on our home planet. It does seem to be the trend with modern technology gadgetry that man on his journey has not considered it's immediate value to him and his primative needs. The sneeking off profile of the leaders of technological advancements does nothing to suggest that it will be for the advancement of any of the race class divide nor will it produce condusive evidence that it would conjour balance among our people, genus, race. Because the social connotations of wealth divide upon this moment of transfusion to another avenue of history the catastrophic implication's rest with an uneasy easiness. As I have said earlier, it is not soft women and children that want to brakeaway from our beautifully air balanced surface life nor will it be to their detriment if the technology provided to people to provide such an option of folly is not counter measured with weighted lofty ideals. That senario will ultimately require a flux mechanism of open communication between several classes to maintain and DNA match association for any advancing opportunities. Those DNA matches are impossible to predict while we still evolve among the circumstances apparant to our nature. It must catogorically be a strategically open expansion inclusive of all genre of man woman and children.

Our race is beautiful, but, it needs those who are yet to acknowledge their manifesting faith in their ability to among those who have, it is that which is the provider of life and beauty.

Surface / Closer than just friends

Tony toni tone / Just me and you

Sean Combs / I'll be missing you

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Of course the number of poverty stricken people in urban areas that would be considered needy of building repairs will continue to esculate, it is a natural blooming of the population that occurs and the direction for it's constituents will continue to become more and more focused on an outward spiral, whether that becomes financially or exponentially intrinsic. The guidance of the presidency is blatently an American legacy that shows it's adept sociological pathology particularly utilising period administration abundant with proping legislation based upon more advanced techniques of demographic in and out breeding. Building newer cities doe's not neccessarily mean they must be locally adapted. In England we have local government schemes where cities are ''twinned'' with other european cities.

Coolio / Gangsters paradise

Warren G / Regulators

There is plenty to chose from

Redman / Yes sir


Well truefully, this is why I'm involved with the space business, it's not a secret nor do I want it to be, I am absolutely awe humbled by looking at the night sky, for me it is beyond words, simply because it is hugely out of immediate visual range for a totality of it.

I must be among it and know it and be knowledgable of it and be involved with it and do things for it and service it and revere it and treat it with supreme respect. I have had my hobbies during my twenties when I was taking a break from gem studies and owned recording studios and toyed with a Uri Geller alien encounters magazine that he owned then and was doing a Roswell 50th aniversary special edition which I said I would do a special sounds from space music compact disk to put on the front of the magazine... Well truely, Uri is certainly capable of spoon bending and got my afirmation when he bent my keys in front of me... Thanks uri!

Hey, perhaps Uri will be interested...

Some ideas for surface exploration!!!

flexible organic data sheets [picture] ...flexible screens for visual display units on surface exploration...

FLEXIBLE LEOPARD DESIGN SUIT PICTURE] flexible leopard design explorer planetoid suits could become a light stimulant for deflecting or attracting gases and thus, pressure....

blonde with cat design bag [picture] the use of flooring and mentality for thought control while doing important science data compilation will be essential for the maintenance of mental and psysical performance.

centre of gravity training [picture] Obviously for training astronaught's and scientists for stronger gravity surfaces and the same type of training will be utilised by the world top sportman...

blonde with water guage and flexible datascreen [picture]...

Spine and nervous system protector [picture]

horticulture specialist]

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Loose ends / You can't stop the rain...

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