Saturday, 30 January 2010

An artists impression of stars, temperature and evolution.

This posting is about moving with temperature which is the equivalent of time, which as you've all learnt has something to do with holidays, the origin of the word holiday 'holy day' is a day for worship, but, worship of what nowadays...

George Stubbs / Mares and Foals in a landscape

Is one of my favourite paintings to just watch and consider it's virtue, it is a truely magnificent effort and what I would consider to be the work of a master...

Jimmy Cliff / Many rivers to cross

Is a song of humane calling, it is a yearning that reminds me of the way the sight of the night sky call's the star's to grace each other, it bring's water to me, for it's rapture is the very essence of going home, a place that the human race is yet to decide, I... I personally... you must see the stars to believe...

A map of Jamaica.

A beautiful view to the stars is apparant from Jamaica.

The Milky Way Galaxy, as viewed from Earth's position in a spur of one of the galaxy's spiral arms, appears as a hazy band of white light in the night sky arching across the entire Celestial sphere. The light originates from Stars and other material that lie within the galactic plane. The plane of the Milky Way is inclined by about 60° to the ecliptic (the plane of the Earth's orbit), with the North galactic pole situated at right ascension 12h 49m, declination +27.4° near beta comae Berenices. The South galactic pole is near alpha Sculpturis.

The milky way.

A beautifully painted picture which is noted significanly as Thomas Gainsborough's best painting... It was painted in 1770 and has significant views about the colours involved...

Thomas Gainsborough / Blue Boy

[other picture of milky way from central location]

The righteous brothers / Unchained melody

The main process responsible for the energy produced in most main sequence stars is the proton-proton (pp) chain. It is the dominant process in our Sun and all stars of less than 1.5 solar masses. The net effect of the process is that four hydrogen nuclei, protons, undergo a sequence of fusion reactions to produce a helium-4 nucleus.

[REFERENCE PREVIOUS POST = Gradient training]

Pioneering is a hard job, it is a job that we name the 'human race', we do so, because we must evolve quick enough to survive, even technology threatens us, with it's sheer efficiency, it's ability to out work man, it's ability to out perform man in it's robotics that are produced by men who are not capable pioneers. Let us remember some good old fashioned pioneer's...


Blue boy from high chaparall

Mark Slade is probably best known for his portrayal of Billy Blue (Blue Boy) Cannon in The High Chaparral. Mark became a teen idol and appeared on the cover of numerous magazines all over the world and received tons of fan-mail every day.

However, his role in The High Chaparral wasn't his only achievement. He has an extensive filmography as an actor, appearing in, for instance, the Wackiest Ship of the Army and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. As a writer, he received a commendation from the White House and three national awards for Cliffy, an episode of the Rookies, in which he also played the part of Cliffy.

Currently he creates and sells his original artwork and photography from his studio...

60 percent of the world's silver market is for photographic picture developing...
Our world has a multitude of elements...

Starship / We built this city

[picture of pegasus]

What do we do when we are happy, I think ultimately man want's his woman and his climate and his music and his arts...

And as man has always wondered...............

My love...

'Sounds of the stars'... [another posting will be the analysis of Patrick Moore and the programme 'sky at night' of which he has presented for more than 50 years].


Snoop Dog / It ain't no fun [if the homies can't get none]

Blue boy / Remember me

Picture of the Star trek voyager crew.

Sam Cooke / Change going to come

May the universe bless John F Kennedy...

For everyone involved with the space programme, industry professionals, families of operatives, the future generations of space travellers, the ancestors, the decendants, the scientists, the dreamers, the teddy's and the doll's, the toy's the films and cartoon's, WE'RE ALL INTERESTED!!!

High Chaparall...

picture of pegasus...

A family of Jamaican's abroad...

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ion class.

An introduction to regime.

[This post is for adults considering asteroid, lunar, planetoid and Martian experiences and colonising].

Pressure subduction.

Learning concentration is a tool neccessary for controlling brain thoughts this situation is perfect for showing that concentration will be lowered, but, our example show's that it's lowest can be a useful tool for it's strengthening.

The woman learning the first practice techniques.

G force stamina training class.

Peggy Lee / How deep is the ocean?

Area field base pressure training: Regulating pulse, adrenalin shift, and sweat glands.

Female 25 percent uphill gradient for 100 yards training [20 minute reconnaiscence archaeology climatology and oceanography scientists]

Female rocket launch preparation and data input stamina. Lowers g force conduction to the spinal nervous system and balances ion deposits correcting to standard golden mean allowing a red and white blood cell maximizing physical efficiency and boosting mental vision.

The coldness of space and it's dwarfing ambience could perhaps play a role in work productivity efficiency. International space station astronauts are trained for missions, but, colonising will need a total different approach to long periods of a detachment from everyday planet Earth surface dwelling on another planetoid surface. Pre training/programming bio-rhythm's certainly provide Inspiration and body heating.

The modern North American people are of European decent, they emmigrated to America about 270 years ago, the country, because it is climatologically hot and warm dictates that the modern north American people will be brown after perhaps another thousand years of colonisation.

This example clearly shows a chemicle displacement occurance that is connected to hormones and testosterone imbalances due to visual effects.

The wooing is a compulsion spurred by ion activity and it's transition to the American continent from Europe.

An example of chemistry at work.

Body vibration's recieved from our star sol account for regional circadian rhythm patterns, off planet it is not known what long exposure away from our star does to our sleeping pattern. These vibrations can be compensated for to an extent and would certainly calm an industrial type room.

Anoushka Shankar / Red Sun

Simply red / Holding back the years

Fats Domino / Blueberry hill...

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Buck Roger's and the 25th century.

The year is 1987, and NASA launches the last of America's deep space probes, In a freak mishap, Ranger 3 and it's pilot, Captain William ''buck'' Roger's, are blown out of the trajectory into an orbit which freeze's his life support system's and return's buck Roger's to Earth 500 year's later.

NO LETTER'S TO I.T.A.R demanding the series be continued [filmed on a Virgo sunset...Lol] Twiggi diggi diggi...

Let the computer's do the work huh???

Lol... Watch the video at 0-15 second's, ok, who want's the rest of the race to be robot's? ''Who's getting the drink's'' and what was your favourite beach holiday? Huh...

How the water did tell of a future Buck Roger's was capable of saving during time... [Well, what do you do when your 500 years ahead of everyone else?]

2mins 29 seconds]

2 mins 33 seconds - 2mins 57 seconds] That's exactly where I was standing colonel...

[57 second's] ''who's the boss''


So, let's listen to this...

Toploader / Dancing in the moonlight

[for the vessel enthusiasts]

2 mins.56 seconds - 3 mins .28 seconds]

Getting the groove!!! And the gents say hello honey...

Who was wetting their knicker's at the fancy dress party...

Well I don't need to spoil a great series that everyone needs to watch again...

So, i''ll let you all go and purchase the dvd's or send a letter to the television company demanding they show them again...

But, make more Buck Roger's and the 25th century series...

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss pppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

Thanks Gil and could anyone forget Erin...

The 1980's showed us the beauty of a maturing simmering beautiful woman...

But, who loves who more...

Monday, 25 January 2010

Planetoid surface habitats and surface reconnaiscence.

Let's start this post with an appetiser!

[Note: Video not working, direct link's supplied]

Hank William's / Build me a cabin in the corner of gloryland

The knowledge of surviving terrain recconnaiscence is vital to a pioneer and the neccessary survival instinct must be accompanied with basic acumen...


Pressurised suits would not make the task of landscape pioneering very easy, but, advances in footwear technology would help the exploration task to be a lot easier. Bedding down for rest and sleep is a situation which will require considerable dexterity according to the careful procedure of protecting the spacesuit from wear and potential disastrous tear. These examples show us the simplicity of a bed on the back facility to enable sleeping on rough terrain at any location. It would be concievable to suggest an array of versatile applications that could be used while bedding down.

Food insertions

Computer satelite navigation [sat nav]

Computer database

Electron microscope

Portable magnetic electricity generator [jet pack/com systems/lab kit/bunsen burners/furnace]

Antennas and transmitters

Storage for mineral, regolith and rock samples/deposits

Another song from the lusciousness, beautiful gorgeousness...

Dolly Parton / Coat of many colours

Planetoid surface training:

Because of different gravitation quotients and commodities on planetoid surfaces stamina and fitness is a standard that must be thouroughly engrossed in the trials and tribulations of testing environmental changes, swings, roundabouts, and... For ''who else'' wants to think they are a pioneer at work...

Of course Archaeology and geomorphology are a main factor with learning about historical events of planetoid geophysics climatology and oceanography. Some techniques for moving across terrain and getting to places that landers and rovers certainly could not will be particularly neccessary for searching caves and caverns, gulleys and ravines, valley's and Wadies... [Forget rover's and lander's...]

This is a job for... LOL



Mountain base jumping...

Caves potentially offer shelter from the surface environment, but, they offer creatures and lifeforms the same options that certainly represent a scientific challenge for exploring and for possible alien discoveries.

Frankie Laine / Rawhide

{Frankie Laine march 30th 1913 - Feb 6th 2007}

Some agility training...

For the planetoid pioneer...

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Jiggly joogly wobbly!!!

Well, this post is for the gentlemen, the gentlemen who need warmth channelled to their thoughts while on duty on away missions/sorties/reconnaiscence. Ion management is an art, but, for the average man can be managed with different techniques. The methodology is used everyday with sportsmen abstaining from sex before the event creating more thrust for the vessel. PERFORMANCE MEN, PERFORMANCE.

For the women, this glass rollin pin filled with hot/warm water or hot/warm chocholate can be used for ion and neutron management.

Native regional repellant duristiction pesticide management.

Well, friends who are my real friends have the knowledge that I like warm beer, vegan food and adventure. Bringing ice from near planetoids or asteroids would be an easy way for stimulating a Venusian atmosphere. Considering the path is directly out to interstellar space the incentive for an expert to build a base from near utilities is probably considered the next step to the universe...

Who is adept at building rocket's? The Northrop Grumman challenge offers ideas.

Who has got the chemistry, stamina, grounding???

Thursday, 21 January 2010

A time for cowboy's...

Rhinestone cowboy

Tell me true and ride em

Love on the rocks

On the inside

Hickory wind

Born to run

Prairie Spring

Evening and the flat land
Rich and sombre and always silent;
The miles of fresh-plowed soil,
Heavy and black, full of strength and harshness;
The growing wheat, the growing weeds,
The toiling horses, the tired men;
The long empty roads,
Sullen fires of sunset, fading
The eternal, unresponsive sky,
Against all this, youth
Flaming like the wild roses,
Singing like the larks over the plowed fields,
Flashing like a star out of the twilight;
Youth with it's insupportable sweetness,
Its fierce necessity,
Its sharp desire, Singing and singing,
Out of the lips of silence,
Out of the earthy dusk.

Willa Cather [Dec 7, 1873 - April 24, 1947]

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Baseline homebase building...

Historically this album cover is a master class of explanitory art, but, significantly, musically a master lesson of chemical quantifying for horizon gauge conceptual mathematics...

Raze / Break 4 love

Husky / I love you

If you have friends that you differ from is it because you are going to the same place from someplace or because you have arrived from someplace they were at??? We all have people that we like for some reason and parabolically need, i.e sportsman, musicians, politicians, actors... The list goe's on, but, demographically variated...