Thursday, 25 March 2010

A womans chain.

This posting is about the movement of evolution in our universe and a woman's body, the consideration of a woman's reproductive system and water, exposure to water and different kinds of water. The evolution of the universe and the star evolution that continues to populate our universe with new and unexplored heat signatures surely plays itself out in the human biological theatre. The search for planets is an explorers dream, but, still to understand the process of life and it's meaning as ONE entity is a concept which is a reality though remains hidden in the ability of man to unravel the truth of our history in body, in mind and in stone.

blonde explaining picture]

Action / Terra Fabulous and Nadine Sutherland

Water fountain

Egyptian hieroglyph]

Sanchez / I'm missing you

Don Campbell / See it in your eyes

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Atla tv cartoon

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The large hadron collider is a 27 kilometer track built underground to smash and collide particle's at high temperatures and fast velocities. It's concept is to create circumstances that are responsible for the possibility of looking at particles that exist inside fabric that exists at finer energetic regions of space and space time. Obviously, the advances that our science could bring to our race show that significant increases in energy storage at smaller quantities and in larger sectors of space and time offer us the opportunities to establish a map of how the universe perhaps evolved through its various stages and how it continues to evolve.

Obviously, the connotations of mapping space time dimensions with energy signatures is a mouth watering [why does the mouth water!!! It must be something to do with being around tonsils and clitorises!!! thank you god for this universe!!!] opportunity.

Large Hadron Collider

Learning about chemistry is something we all do, particularly when learning about each others bodies, on the verge of human space travel for our race, very very little plasma research has been completed or funded, I myself have had funding problems and because of red tape and confining legislature have not been able to continue this vitally important sector of science for astrobiology and astrochemistry.

It is one of the reasons I am a staunch President Barack Obama supporter of the NASA 2011 budget and equally support Charlie Bolden as senior advisor to the president about NASA jurisdiction, affiliation, legislature and procedure. The decision to increase commercial company focus on personnel safety, routine management and the initial comparative work ethic regarding old NASA funding habits and it's previous old boy old guard attitude to space exploration for America and it's preparation for the new boy, the serious explorer in natural abundance which Mr president has so rightly identified with the American spirit of space exploration for this generation considering the technology which has been built and stored ready for use, since the greatness of President John F Kennedy committed America and all of the American people to the next step of our races evolution.

Ladies and gentlemen, vigilance fortitude and temperance be blessed to our race.

God bless the presidents and prime ministers and give the people faith in their ability to steer us to safety. Let us be humble in wisdom and receive grace in our space programme.

Invisible Cloaking technology

Black uhuru / Shine eyed gal The nearest large body influence on the water of another body. cervix mechanism Pineal gland stimulation endorphin procedure... The chain mechanism...

 The cervix

Cervix picture] Menstrual possibilities

Photograph of the vagina]

picture of the vagina]

5 star chick

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Tossing the caber

Picture of Egyptian ritual of sexual exploiting]

Learning the way around]

The highland fling.

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Video of the spine. e=MC squared [space time continuum]

How much water is inside the woman's continuum, it's base resonance comparative to opposing attractive. It is actually a germ moving through space as an amplification of a string theory operation. The easier explanation would be a mirage created because of heat rising, thus the example of cloud leading to rain exemplify an orgasm as the result of an electrical occurrence.

As time itself is governed with star activity, motion and density everyday itself is testament to reality. Just seen your dream partner...

To continue the pursuit of breeding and populating our universe biochemistry is subject to analysis, of course, my own knowledge of this subject is not taught in universities, but, for me to continue my research it is obviously necessary for me to travel the universe itself testing theory and practice.

A womans reproductive system falling out of orbit. Looking at the universe...

E= MC squared will be challenged on the basis of changing menstrual cycles when we have the ability to witness the psysiological effects on a woman's body in different universal environments. Star sizes...

Monday, 15 March 2010

Will you are you?

144,000 constellation's of our universe...

Kellis / Milkshake

Iron maiden / Stranger in a strange land

Pagans mind / United alliance

The lead vocalist Nils has an exceptionally clear and thorough voice which has been acknowledged around the music business for some years... If only people new what he was talking about!!!

Pagan's are a very close to home natural student bunch of people, many stories of aliens visiting our planet continue to be recited in stories, many the remnants of ancient baird songs and fables. A common acknowledgment with an alien species is the little grey men who are documented to be from the constellation of reticuli, after some research into the actual background of those little grey men the story goes on to explain their origin in the universe from a planet orbiting the star which we name procyon which is in the constellation of Canis minor. Continued in our baird knowledge which is still holding many scientific analogies we see that the procyon species is actually the name of the genus species of Racoons, a derivative of the slang for a derogative for a type of black man - a coon, this of course assuming that someplace in time these little grey aliens told members of our race that they were originally black! Caution... The greys are known to be time leeches.

Picture of Procyon

Picture of Procyon Canis minor

Relevant to space exploration science...

Pm Dawn / Set adrift on memory bliss

Thin Lizzy / Cowboy Song

Most of us are different some way, the really interesting thing about being a human is how and why we like things, it's as if we are bringing experience from other places...

[Picture of compass drafting]

Aeroplane landing / On moving van

Our landing procedure at the moment dictates that a 32 degree angle window be the inclination to designation considering ascent to descent regarding temperature to heat maximum integral responsive to velocity.

Kyuss / 100 degrees

Orbit velocity can be controlled with maintenance from the partner operative.

Lagrangian points are a much talked about topic with our modern science interests, utilising power positions on planetary and star orbits, the immediate use for a micro gravitational heliosphere position gives us the opportunity to track satellites and planets with minimal technological difficulty, this being particularly valid while considering maintenance of trajectory and orbit alignment. Headquarters in space that does not need regular engine boosts to maintain orbit position are an obvious advantage for our technology.

talking about squirting
Picture of pleaidian woman.

Space ships and the space station are reported to be cold environments, which probably add to weight loss and inevitably bone deficiency, it would be a good policy to keep the body warm to maintain plasma distributive energy functions.

Kyuss / gardenia

Bulbous buttercup.

Picture of snail with sector descriptives

Temperature and pressure confirm character base, it is a virtual tour of the universe to accomplish orbit and thus the attraction of likeness can be utilised to guide ships to port, sometimes it is easier to see when something is all at sea, and sometimes it is obvious that somethings belong all at sea.

Olivia newton john / magic

When I started atomic colliding and time continuum analysis using neutrons and ions from different atmospheres, I learnt about graviton orbital behaviour considering water neutron spin axis jurisdiction to multiple plateau events, I have a web address for friends and others who study the science of particle physics and what some would consider feeble knowledge of Quantum mechanics.

Ok, another of my earlier aquaintances...
You know your place in the universe don't you darling... lol...

Emma Bunton / What took you so long

Former spice girl Emma Bunton and husband former boy band singer Jade Jones [You married her then Jade... Lol]

Cheryl Cole / Parachute

Err, thank you Cheryl for the lesson of Euclidean mathematics...

Picture of cheryl and aviator glasses

picture of cheryl and ashley cole [Cheryl with football ace Husband Ashley cole former Arsenal fc youth and senior first team player]

I must say that my football team, the football team that I support not just because they are they most entertaining football team in England, but, have proven themselves to be the best football team in Europe with a championship winning season of zero defeats {38 league matches}, the type of football that our manager who is known as ''the scientist'' provides for us at our stadium which is known as ''the emirates'' is a mathematical experience, and believe me, euclidean shapes are our managers concepts of the football game on the football field.

[picture of Arsene Wenger ''the scientist'' speaker of 7 languages]

Arsene Wenger has a degree in Engineering and a masters degree in Economics.

Dennis Bergkamp brings quantum mechanics to football. Anyone who wishes to see a glimsp of what football is like in another universe recognises that this hero and legend to many brings string theory physics on to the football field from another dimension which quite obviousy has football being practiced on planets in it's universe...

The goal that is being talked about defies the laws of motion, this example of what Dennis Bergkamp does with his superlative vision clearly shows us that the event which he performs has already been masterfully conducted in another time frame continuum as is evident the anticipation of the flow of time and the people ''on feild dynamics'' shows them to be clearly the recipients of slower quantum mechanical principles. Proving that Dennis Bergkamp is actually practicing his trade from another dimension. As a student of time splicing I can confirm that the approach of anti gravity is apparent with Dennis Bergkamp chemicle identity, thus, he is known as the iceman.

Picture of Dennis Bergkamp known to more than a quarter of the worlds population as the most gifted football genius of the latter 20th century. AND AN ARSENAL MAN

You see, when I was a boy I needed to ask the old men on the corner of the street to get me a quart of rum to warm me when it had been snowing before a saturday arsenal game which would be really cold while sitting in the terraces, I followed arsenal everywhere around the country from the age of twelve, in fact, even to the age of 16 I bunked off school if we had a mid week game at the other side of the country, but, I felt a real heat supporting my football team and had a serious connection to anyplace we had a football game, I have been to different countries following my football team Arsenal and I'll testify that players are players plying their trade, but, some players bring new pastures and watching Dennis Bergkamp, I didn't need the rum anymore... THAT IS A LEGEND... stylish, technical and professional...

Arsene Wenger [Centre] with
Arsenal 2009-2010 team unit


This explains the situation.

''Dagger of the mind'' is available to watch at wait for the front page advertisement to show the episode!!!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Personal integrity.

Michelle Yeoh picture [acrobatics]

It's really easy to imagine getting into a rocket and pressing an automated sequence button to fly you to another planet, I personally believe that it could soon be possible to have a rail system commuting vessel carriages around the solar system to the planets and moons. I believe that recent technological advances of teleporting technology utilising magnetism will enable a rail route to transport people and cargo from place to place. Space station bases connecting the teleporting beam line would deliver the route profile. That is the reason why I have been concentrating my personal astronaught training on self discipline. Obviously my research is classified because of it's advanced standard of professionalism, but, of course it is something I want to share with everyone else, particularly because it will be vital to exploration experience and knowledge.

So, this is what I believe the NASA funding 2011 budget is considering while developing the 2nd generation space age International traffic in arms regulation [I.T.A.R] for travellers that will have complete access to our solar system moons, planets and planetoids.

Ike picture]

Planetary axis, pioneer focus and retrograde.

Could this possibly be a shuttle and lander in an orbit of another planet?

Is it a pioneer scouting the terrain on foot?

Or is it like watching paint dry?

Alanis morissette / Ironic

Starting this consideration these teachings must be watched.

What does an obese person think, this body is too big for me? What do astronaught's think when in a spacesuit?

Hmmm, What does Jackie Chan think...

I believe that many people have a dream of going swimming on another planet, what will the water be like? Water that is not influenced with lunar tides, will it be denser and thus require different techniques to get through it? What if it had the ability to revitalise the organs if if was a direct pressure on a body swimming in it? Thus the type of swimming encourages different types of rejuvenation.

E.g Breast stroke. [picture of nipple]

Navy seal swimming technique

Navy seal showing intelligence stamina technique and chimp showing capability of same task in different declination habitat.
Show how the instructor teaches base's importance.

How does a bodies training operate on other centres of gravity...

A giraffe uses it's height as it's primary source of survival and thus, uses it.

Crouching tiger hidden dragon

Picture of double helix]

Gofers use the horizon to see what is on it's surface, thus it's centre of gravity is below it {on the other side of the planet}.

A tortoise uses a shell for protection ands waits until everything is sleeping, thus it has evolved patience, patience gives the heart longevity, perhaps the eradication of sleeping and longer life is possible with body stance.

Water bather's think around water thus thoughts slow, thus the habit is to think of home {zero water for away reconnaissance}.

[Michelle Yeoh]

Party animal...

Picture of double helix]

Bringing momentum to integrity {retrograde knowledge}

This video teaches us that skills and ability differ on planets according to retrograde of solid base and gaseous base.

No doubt / Don't speak

Shaolin martial arts]

This video teaches us that every moment of movement is crucial to a live body survival, remember each planet has a different law of motion [forget E = mc squared, it is not proven], but, remember that it is possible to suggest that fire is in the feet.

and no the robot,,bodyintegrity

How many stars, universes and time differential tunnels.

Picture of time plane
Picture of stairs of people.

As we have shown, animals react to the thoughts they evolve with usually creating the centre of gravity which the centre of balance sits upon, it is retrograde that is the decisive technique for the advancement of the pioneer.

beer drawing picture]

Drunken master.

[Snowman picture]

Reminiscing about fond memories is almost like being influenced with alcohol, when I was a boy I used to go away to remote forest's with my boy cub scout group for days at a time, I remember I had a strong urge to be at the front of each cub team pack and it drove me crazy waiting to be at the front of the pack, it was something which drove me in all of the cub scout training that we got while learning about boats port and starboard and learning the necessary knots that I still use to this day, we learned team moral and integrity among each other with all sorts of exercises and disciplines, but, when I became the head cub scout of our branch I could see the strengths of the other boys and, that was when I treasured my knife the most because it gave me pride to see everything the way it should be for people who genuinely want to explore. So, I realise that many people want to explore and sometimes it can be the simplest things that drive us to them... It's ship shape that we need, and man is it missed...

Sheryl crow / The first cut is the deepest

Picture of blondewithpalmtree]

Ice house picture]