Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas.

Blonde Santa picture]

Merry Christmas to everyone and family, thank you for your interest at my blog for its first year, the blend of music, science and law gives me the opportunity to remember important facts, paths and decisions among our business. Obviously many of you will be happy to reflect with the more adult material on my blog, like me you spend many many hours of each day alone at work whether in the field or at the library the warmth of friendship is not bound by a time that I could tell and traverses distances still yet undiscovered.

Did you know that at the market they are selling tampons with bells on?

Only during the christmas period though.


Some songs for our christmas celebrations, thoughts and memories.

Alesha Dixon / To love again

Atlantic star/ Circles

Loose ends / Love controversy

U2 / I still havent found what I'm looking for

Nat ''king''Cole / Stardust

Billy Holiday /Ain't nobody's business If I do

Jimi Hendrix / All along the watchtower

John Denver / I'm a country boy

Don Mclean / And I love you so

Neil Diamond / Love on the rocks


Reccommended christmas gift music album is Alesha Dixon ''The Entertainer'' for science, space business and life researchers and enthusiasts, very good listening music for the children aswell.

Reccommended tickets for gifts ''Sade'' soldier of love 2011 tour.

Marilyn Monroe picture]