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The flexible path.

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The Isley brothers / Voyage to Atlantis


And thust, it was so, the tale begun where man hath done his casting upon the shores of Atlantis we bare our precious bodies tide unto our blessed thee, it was so that Charlie Bolden brought out the word of our blessed chosen Barack Obama...

And they spoke...

Smokey Robinson / Quiet storm


Man did consider his love for his existence and did bow all he did, god his true love for where shall it end, ends deceit knew of no grain of sand and let it be known to man no grain of sand shall carry deceit.

And Charlie Bolden considered Barack Obama and Barack Obama knew god and God was love, and god loves man.
Charlie Bolden carries the word of Barack Obama that man shall cast his love of god further for him to cherish for thee knew god loves man no endeth, let it be so that truth carries man, and let man carry his woman for she is his and no others and let it be that man be with his woman, and let it be love that man carry.

Smokey Robinson / Being with you


And again man said of his love, lost is his among the mighty breast of woman where milk hasth cast it's gaze upon the brow of a mans kin spirit and it's bosom the caster of mans destiny for destiny a mutiny of masculinity upon man's crown, and Barack Obama said among the people, man seeks his love among distant shores which wash our tides with new humblings, and Barack Obama brought the word of love to mans cause for his blessings were growing and Barack Obama did love man, and Barack Obama did love god, and Barack Obama did serve the love of god for the love of Barack Obama's people Barack Obama did love love god and Barack Obama did love his people. And Charlie Bolden brought the word of Barack Obama to the shoulder of man and Charlie Bolden did tell man that the word of Barack Obama was a loving word of God and that man shall carry the word of God and be blessed because God loves man and Charlie Bolden knew that Barack Obama's word was carrying love from God and Charlie Bolden said man and woman shall consider love further.

And Barack Obama was pleased. And Charlie Bolden was pleased. And god was pleased that Barack Obama was pleased and God was pleased that Charlie Bolden was pleased.

Cruisin / Smokey Robinson


Man casteth his eyes where woman walked and knew love, and man was pleased that man knew love. Man was pleased with love of woman and man was pleased woman brought him love. And man sought woman, and woman knew man sought woman and man was pleased man sought woman, and woman was mans. And man was pleased woman was mans. And man knew love. And god loves man. And man Carry's love. And man Carry's the love of woman.

The chi lites / Have you seen her


And Barack Obama knew his people and Barack Obama knew man loved woman and man loved god, and all the people knew man's love of woman and Barack Obama knew mans love of woman was true and that man would love woman among the stars and Charlie Bolden knew that mans love of woman would destine among stars.

And man said of his love...

Method man / All i need


And Charlie Bolden knew man was true and Charlie Bolden knew that man did carry love of woman and Charlie Bolden knew that man was true and Barack Obama knew man was true and that mans love of woman was true. And god was pleased. And man knew God was pleased. Mans love of woman's tide was his journey to pasture again, and man knew the love of woman was mans love. And woman knew mans love was the love of woman. And man was pleased with the love of woman, and woman knew mans love of woman was true. And man knew mans love of woman was true. And man was pleased with love of woman and woman was his. Man knew his love was sent to love woman and man knew that woman was his. And again man knew woman was his. Man was pleased with love and man was pleased with his love of woman.

Michael Jackson / I'll be there...


And woman listened to man and knew mans love. And man knew woman's love.

Commodores / Zoom


The Delfonics / Hey love


Access your flexible friend


Sending out messages for newer improved satellite communication among our solar system.

Time delays [picture]


It is really exciting to be capable of doing business for a community that is gearing for another planetary colony! Could you actually believe that we are about to begin organising commodity interests for people with ideas of becoming members of another planet, moon or planetoid? The opportunities must be hugely encouraging to people who do business, particularly for people who are natural explorers and are yet to begin exploring.

On the countries of Europe when we go on holidays it is usually to other countries to sample the cultures that they have built for their nationals, generally speaking everyone purchases new clothes and shoes for the holiday and purchases are bought usually according to local taste. I'm not sure what Americans prepare for holidays and travelling with, but, I do believe it is certainly a fun, enjoyable and interesting opportunity to be involved with a multiplication of human activity that is pleasing simultaneously.

Here a quick inspiring glimpse of very cheap affordable useful items.

Flexible utility


Folding chair


There is plenty to chose from


Flexible woman


voice resonance stabiliser [picture]

atmospheric monitor [picture]

a candidate interviewer [picture]

a new operative... [picture]

a new operative..... [picture]

a new operative....... [picture]

a new operative..........[picture]

a new operative## [picture]

a new operative food specialist [picture]

another new operative [picture]

a new operative# [picture]
A specialist fuel technician [picture]
a new operative cleaner [picture]

President Obama Proposes Additional Financing For Growth And Jobs

June 21st 2010

WASHINGTON -- The president submitted to Congress on Friday, June 18, a fiscal year 2011 budget amendment that targets up to $100 million toward spurring regional economic growth and job creation in the aerospace industry.

The amendment would provide up to $40 million in aid for Florida's Space Coast and a maximum of about $60 million for other affected regions. These funds specifically would be made available from the Constellation Program transition element of the agency's exploration request. The amendment does not increase the total of the administration's fiscal year 2011 budget request.

The amendment was presented to support the administration's new course for human spaceflight, while revitalizing NASA and transitioning to new opportunities in the space industry and beyond.

"We're very pleased the president has asked for additional support to help the communities and workers most deeply involved in our space program," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said. "NASA's work force is incredibly talented and dedicated. This $100 million investment in our people is essential to spurring economic growth and job creation."

The president established the Task Force on Space Industry Workforce and Economic Development on May 31. The task force is chaired by Bolden and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke. It is charged with developing, in collaboration with local stakeholders, an interagency action plan to enhance economic development strategies and plans along the Space Coast and affected aerospace communities in other states. The task force team will report its recommendations to the president by Aug. 15.

The administration launched a $40 million, multi-agency initiative in May for regional economic growth in Florida and to prepare space industry workers for future opportunities there. Task force activities will complement local and federal economic and work force-development efforts.

For information about NASA and agency programs, visit:


Shalamar / Take that to the bank


policing the flexible path [picture]

Personel security]

Maintenance operative]

Ion monitor]

an atmospherics specialist [picture]

a surface graduate [picture]

furniture specialist [picture]

a medic [picture]

trainee data communications [picture]

payload specialist [picture]

area base monitor [picture]


the flexible path [picture]

http://www.flexibletrips.com/ for many of us, growing becoming a younger adult was difficult, it was difficult for a lot of reasons, for me as a minority among the community it was a search for an equality that did exist, of course it did, my own powerful approach to problem solving became a well oiled operation that helped me form bonds with the people who respected our world and wondered at it.

Seriously though, finding a mate in the science world is a really difficult thing to do, we spend so much time searching for answers and following clues that it becomes impossibile to have any sort of relationship that has any real emotional commitment attached, and that is really all most scientists want, a steady rock to lean on when they've spent themselves at work. But, how do we get someone who listen's to constant funding woes and worries, someone who will marry or have residence with someone who is carreer driven, but, operates on loose agreements, term funding, subsideries or minor contracts, though intrinsically is ambitious beyond the actual funding agreement oportunities? I'm not sure, but, I am sure that when we have the opportunity to travel off planet the choosing game will become much easier, simply because the commitment spells itself out.

Rose royce / Wishing on a star


a new operative [picture]

Hometime is an emotionally draining experience, hopefully the females can deal with the requirements of a physically demanding schedule...


Policing the path


White hair blue eyes monitering regolith response]

To me a successful relationship is a partnership that has defined perimeters for development, it usually clarifies it's objectives that are staged managed to perform conservatively according to personel stimulative satisfaction rates. It is one of the reason's why I have such respect for the Indian people of Asia and the arranged marrying system. I do not beleive that all people are good judges of character, but, it certainly has its merits based upon success trivia and a fundamental agreement that a relationship has a purpose to fulfil firstly as opposed to an obligation that very often among the western world becomes a very secular non entity baggage shambles.

Interview with a potential colonist


Sportmans evolution for training


pelvic exercise time [picture]

Green has it's merits


With new relationship's among the western world the starting principle for relationship is perhaps 90% of the romances a physical attraction, the reasoning for the beginning of such a relationship is very often the reason for its completion, completion being a positive descriptive of a situation that often seems to be a silly shannanogan, what seems to be the negative repatition of the immediate physical attraction is the very publically silly and sometimes humiliating continuing saga.

Wouldn't it be an advancemnet of human profiling if we were trained to please by professionals before relationships.

Preparing for a rough ride is a lifetimes work...


exercises [picture]

exercises.. [picture]

Perhaps some paths are not as flexible as they would make out...


Green seems to be the colour


Midnight star / Operator


Sneaking off.

The main fear for advancing technology nations is it's utilisation for an outward development programme that doe's not cater for an economic stimulous nor will it cater for a population boom. The worry with the space race which was it's intitial motivator is that it will run itself back into itself, thus, plonking it's problem straight back on our home planet. It does seem to be the trend with modern technology gadgetry that man on his journey has not considered it's immediate value to him and his primative needs. The sneeking off profile of the leaders of technological advancements does nothing to suggest that it will be for the advancement of any of the race class divide nor will it produce condusive evidence that it would conjour balance among our people, genus, race. Because the social connotations of wealth divide upon this moment of transfusion to another avenue of history the catastrophic implication's rest with an uneasy easiness. As I have said earlier, it is not soft women and children that want to brakeaway from our beautifully air balanced surface life nor will it be to their detriment if the technology provided to people to provide such an option of folly is not counter measured with weighted lofty ideals. That senario will ultimately require a flux mechanism of open communication between several classes to maintain and DNA match association for any advancing opportunities. Those DNA matches are impossible to predict while we still evolve among the circumstances apparant to our nature. It must catogorically be a strategically open expansion inclusive of all genre of man woman and children.

Our race is beautiful, but, it needs those who are yet to acknowledge their manifesting faith in their ability to among those who have, it is that which is the provider of life and beauty.

Surface / Closer than just friends


Tony toni tone / Just me and you


Sean Combs / I'll be missing you


angle of approach [picture]

Of course the number of poverty stricken people in urban areas that would be considered needy of building repairs will continue to esculate, it is a natural blooming of the population that occurs and the direction for it's constituents will continue to become more and more focused on an outward spiral, whether that becomes financially or exponentially intrinsic. The guidance of the presidency is blatently an American legacy that shows it's adept sociological pathology particularly utilising period administration abundant with proping legislation based upon more advanced techniques of demographic in and out breeding. Building newer cities doe's not neccessarily mean they must be locally adapted. In England we have local government schemes where cities are ''twinned'' with other european cities.

Coolio / Gangsters paradise


Warren G / Regulators


There is plenty to chose from


Redman / Yes sir



Well truefully, this is why I'm involved with the space business, it's not a secret nor do I want it to be, I am absolutely awe humbled by looking at the night sky, for me it is beyond words, simply because it is hugely out of immediate visual range for a totality of it.

I must be among it and know it and be knowledgable of it and be involved with it and do things for it and service it and revere it and treat it with supreme respect. I have had my hobbies during my twenties when I was taking a break from gem studies and owned recording studios and toyed with a Uri Geller alien encounters magazine that he owned then and was doing a Roswell 50th aniversary special edition which I said I would do a special sounds from space music compact disk to put on the front of the magazine... Well truely, Uri is certainly capable of spoon bending and got my afirmation when he bent my keys in front of me... Thanks uri!

Hey, perhaps Uri will be interested...

Some ideas for surface exploration!!!

flexible organic data sheets [picture]

http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2008/10/post-2/ ...flexible screens for visual display units on surface exploration...

FLEXIBLE LEOPARD DESIGN SUIT PICTURE] flexible leopard design explorer planetoid suits could become a light stimulant for deflecting or attracting gases and thus, pressure....

blonde with cat design bag [picture] the use of flooring and mentality for thought control while doing important science data compilation will be essential for the maintenance of mental and psysical performance.

centre of gravity training [picture] Obviously for training astronaught's and scientists for stronger gravity surfaces and the same type of training will be utilised by the world top sportman...

blonde with water guage and flexible datascreen [picture]...

Spine and nervous system protector [picture]

horticulture specialist]

horticulture specialist picture]

Loose ends / You can't stop the rain...


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