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Picture 0f 37 degree]

[Many people have not given these records the scientific respect of creed they toil]

Everyone goes on holiday, most people go to warm or hot places with nice beaches that gives them the opportunity to relax and let stress fade away, the sound of waves crescendo and crashing on the beach with a cool breeze is very calming and the bodies responses become sensitive because the listening process seems to be activated for the experience. It would perhaps be true to say that most people's best sex has been on holiday because of the vibrations of a relaxed atmosphere, an atmosphere that broods welcome for man and encourages spiritual karma.

Most white men love seeing their women with a sun tan and similarly are complemented more when they have a healthy tan, if you was asked if you had a 100 years for a life what place would you choose, I think perhaps 99% of people would chose a paradise island with an abundancy of fruit and vegetables and a large variety, if we found a planet that was just starting to surface land it would be an ideal situation for populating, obviously the terraforming would be an issue for breathing as the chances of having a perfect match or near perfect match atmosphere would be very very small., but, I think it would be true to say that most of us would want to go and start the colonising process...

Imagine if it was..


Sanchez / Missing you

Tuning the people to a leveling that comprehends it's culture must move a little further outwards is a very delicate job, the fact is it is a professionals job, if you imagine the procedure necessary for acclimatising to local time and the ambiance of the region being sponged you''ll see that our race needs to move in tandem to be syncronised for a thorough evolution. It is not offices that decide evolution when man first steps on a new planet it is the element and demographic foundation that we seek to align our ascendancy.

Capleton head above water

Buju Banton / Love Sponge

It's simple, some love their way around the universe and it is easier listening to the legend Dennis Brown while the star light shines us the way we want. You yes... That kind of star light...

Dennis Brown / To the foundation

Picture of red stripe beer]

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Picture of Cards]

Picture of Domino's]

For a Jamaican man life is really simple, a woman is a hobby, a woman is a love, and women are life. A woman was made to serve man, especially while he plays ludo, domino's and cards while drinking beer and rum. Everything else is designed to kill us, but, when the time is right to move onto new pastures the knowledge comes with, and with the ability to stay.

Buju Banton / Champion

Sandra Cross / Put it on

Daggering picture]

Jamaican Rough Erotic Dance Leads to Broken Penises

A Jamaican erotic dance faces a government ban due to the fact that it is supposed to be the main reason behind an increased number of penis injuries in the country. It is worth mentioning that over the last year the tragic outcomes from daggering tripled in Jamaica.
"Daggering" represents a vulgar dance style in which couples imitate dry sex in different positions to the beat of the music. The dance is distinguished by over-the-top gyrating, intense pelvis-thrusting and mad jumps.
It was found that a lot of couples took the daggering dance moves to their bedroom and ended up with catastrophic outcomes. After a dance-inspired rough intercourse lead to a number of fractured penises, the government asked Jamaican doctors to issue a warning regarding the risks of daggering.
Because the new dance registered a huge increase in popularity, followed by a lot of public protests, the government of Jamaica decided to forbid songs and video containing blatantly sexual content.
The country's Broadcasting Commission described daggering as a "colloquial term used in dancehall culture as a reference to hardcore sex or what is popularly referred to as 'dry sex' or the activities of persons engaged in the public simulation of various sexual acts and positions". The ban came into force in February, forbidding the radio, television and cable services, along with live songs and music videos to promote "daggering".
Describing the dance, a commenter said: "Daggering is a dance that makes you unleash the beast! If you ain't know what I mean think about every sex position and put it in a dance." The ban divided the Jamaican community into those who agree with it and those (mainly artists) that say the ban limits their freedom of speech. Jamaican model picture]

Deborahe Glasgow / Champion Lover

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The yard = from heart to fingertip the longest vein in the body flows to the left finger which is crowned with gold when married.

Jimmy Cliff / Many rivers to cross

Sugar Minott / A house is not a home

Picture of the Earth and moon]

Jamaican Knowledge of astronomy is really a story which embellishes itself in Jamaican culture.

Winston Reedy / Dim the lights

Carroll Thompson / I'm so sorry

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The pleiades{m45}

Don Campbell / See it in your eyes

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Jamaican National anthem

Marcia Griffiths / The first time ever I saw your face

Marcia Griffiths / Tell me now

Marcia Griffiths / Dreamland

Bob Marley / Exodus

Bob Marley / Stir it up

Jamaican science is peaceful consideration of harmonics to our fathers land, it will be so, and so is justice conferred upon it.

Picture of Hummingbird] from gods humble nobility does he grant us wisdom for our exodus is soon upon us.

Building new craft for space faring will be a difficult proposition for the next era because of the International traffic and arms regulator [I.T.A.R] restriction accompanying passenger and science specification, the military not necessarily at civilian level responding to international conformity. It would be sensible for governments to spend research funding for the utilisation of natural resource space vehicles.

Science design based on nature would be a sure way of identifying craft ability and conformity to international security air space standards.


The Jamaican hummingbird which is Jamaica's national bird exhibits all the classification requirements for a safe and bright future for aeronautics.

The bird has perfected movement as an exponential factor of electrical impulse which seems to sit upon an electro magnetic base, as the video shows the bird has evolved across moments that show levitation has been achieved upon the basis the bird has electro magnetic communication direct to it's golden mean base.

A concept certainly worth encorporating for modern space faring designed for specific light interaction immediately designating air space path, ascension and priority to vehicle.

A concept I certainly will be introducing in the future of aeronautics.

Picture of the Allens hummingbird]

The Allens hummingbird is the first bird shown.

Flight picture]

Hummingbird vortex to base lift picture]


Wing rate picture]

Bob Marley / Three little birds

Numbers picture]

Blessed is the Prophet Robert Nester Marley.

The prophet Robert Nester Marley taught us and his teachings will reverberate among the stars for though his absence is not, but, a wave from majesty it's telling is a secret to unfold upon his mantle. Canter thee steed for thy might knows burial unto thee...

Bob Marley / Could you be loved

Pamela Maynard / Misty Blue

The expansion into the universe will be a telling story of adventure, real commitment and courage.

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Bob Marley / Natural mystic

FAA wrong to exempt gliders from new rule
Examiner Editorial

July 6, 2010

The Federal Aviation Administration excluded nonmotorized aircraft, such as gliders, from requiring pilots to broadcast their positions to other air traffic in the vicinity. (Mark Wilson/Roswell Daily Record, AP)
Ensuring safety in the skies is the Federal Aviation Administration's core mission, but that can too easily get lost under a blizzard of bureaucratic rules and regulations. Consider the FAA's ambitious "Next Gen" air traffic control system, which by 2020 will replace 300 aging radar stations with a sophisticated satellite-based global positioning system. The FAA could easily have included all aircraft in its final rule requiring pilots to be able to broadcast their position and velocity to other air traffic in the general vicinity. But nonmotorized aircraft, including gliders, were inexplicably exempted despite the fact that nine people have died and dozens more have been injured in accidents involving gliders and airplanes, including two pilots who were killed in a midair collision last November over Middletown, Calif.
This omission is particularly disturbing given that the National Transportation Safety Board, which has investigated all of these crashes, has repeatedly recommended that the FAA require gliders to carry devices that make them visible to other aircraft. Glider owners have long resisted these efforts because the available technology was cumbersome and expensive. FAA spokesman Paul Takemoto told The Examiner that gliders were exempted because "they fly in remote areas." That logic cannot be encouraging to the owners, pilots and passengers who use more than a quarter-million general aviation aircraft in this country, many of which operate in the same "remote areas."
Takemoto also noted that gliders were exempted by FAA officials because they can't support current position-identification equipment used on powered aircraft because it consumes power and adds excessive weight to the aircraft. However, those objections have largely been eliminated by a new miniaturized transceiver, developed by McLean-based Mitre Corp., that is cheap, lightweight and can run on four AA batteries. The device, originally designed for unmanned aircraft, can alert other aircraft of a glider's presence within 80 nautical miles, giving them enough time and space to avoid a collision.
After The Examiner took the FAA to task last year for not acting on the NTSB's repeated recommendations, the FAA finally agreed to test the prototype on gliders and fix several technical glitches in Frederick, Md., this summer. "We'll see if the damn thing works," Phil Umphres, president of the Soaring Society of America, told us, adding that Mitre has agreed to make the technology commercially available if and when it gets the green light from FAA officials. That's encouraging, but FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt should also explain -- on the record -- why his agency has ignored the NTSB's recommendation that gliders no longer be exempted from carrying this life-saving technology.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

Ruddy Thomas / Nice and easy

Bob Marley / Is this love

The world is a place of different people, much arkwardness still exists among many of them, but, the Jamaicans have proven themselves proficient colonisers that adapt to communities that have built settlements with various entertainment, to me, it seems that the Jamaican people not just because of their staunch loyalty to god, are more advanced than others because of their natural flair and vervacious character, the place just seems to glow and echo light when Jamaicans are near and the need to be involved becomes apparant, the search for a womans base is the central flux expansion of Jamaican time and star light of any place on this planet seems to be suitable for the continuation of the commoddity carrying mechanism.

Still the wind carries the message from yard...

Bob Marley / Duppy conqueror

Supercat / Learn fi ride

For me the new era of space ships will bring different types of science research styles associated with human evolutionary bhaviour that ultimately dictate how our bodies will evolve, the platform 'The united federation of planets' will need to start universe academy teaching at all places around our planet.

Jamaicans at church

Conference: The regulation of suborbital flights in the European context Thursday 16 September 2010

Jul 08, 2010 09:53 am

International Institute of Air and Space Law

Thursday 16 September 2010, 14.00-18.00 hrs

Leiden Law School, Gravensteen, Pieterskerkhof 6, 2311SR Leiden, Netherlands

The symposium, which will be held on 16 September 2010 in Leiden, will focus on the legal issues arising from this new era of human spaceflight by analyzing the perspectives of various stakeholders, and will attempt to formulate some recommendations for its efficient and adequate regulation.
The advent of sub-orbital private human spaceflight has created a need to draft specific legislation in the areas of responsibility, liability, safety, insurance, certification and more. The USA has taken the lead in this respect and has set up an extensive body of (temporary) rules dealing with these issues since 2004, when SpaceShipOne started the new space race, for ‘space tourism’. Although the majority of these activities will take place within the USA, several plans related to sub-orbital space tourism also exist in some EU Member States. The symposium will focus on the legal issues arising from this new era of human spaceflight by analyzing the perspectives of various stakeholders, and will attempt to formulate some recommendations for its efficient and adequate regulation.

Chair: Ms. Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Deputy Director
International Institute of Air and Space Law
President, International Institute of Space Law

Rapporteur: Ms. Axelle Cartier, Senior Lecturer

International Institute of Air and Space Law

PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME (subject to change)

14.00 – 14.05 hrs Welcome by Prof. Laurens Jan Brinkhorst, Chairman,
International Institute of Air and Space Law
14.05 – 14.10 hrs Introduction by Ms. Tanja Masson-Zwaan
14.10 – 14.30 hrs Sub-orbital space tourism: the Societal Perspective

Dr. André Kuipers

European Astronaut Corps, ESA (invited)
14.30 – 14.50 hrs The influence of space tourism on space activities in general

Mr. Peter Hulsroj

Director of Legal Affairs and External Relations, ESA, Paris
14.50 – 15.10 hrs Sub-orbital space tourism regulation: the US Experience

Mr. Steven Mirmina, Senior Attorney, International Law,

NASA Office of the General Counsel, Washington DC
15.10 – 15.40 hrs Tea break
15.40 – 16.00 hrs Sub-orbital space tourism: the Perspective of the EU

Mr. Luc Tytgat, European Commission,

DG Mobility & Transport, EU (invited)
16.00 – 16.20 hrs Sub-orbital space tourism regulation: EASA’s Perspective

Mr. Michael Gerhard

Legal Adviser, EASA, Cologne
16.20 – 16.40 hrs Sub-orbital space tourism regulation: the Safety Perspective

Mr. Tommaso Sgobba

Head of ESA Independent Safety Office
16.40 – 17.15 hrs Panel discussion with all speakers, led by the chair
17.15 – 18.00 hrs Closing Drinks

Jamaican coloured belt]

Supercat / Learn fi ride

Junior English / Take good care of yourself

Picture of Yellowman]

Picture of yellowman]

Yellowman talking about about his difficulties as a younger man shows that his abilty to perform was not just built upon his ability to triumpth because of the potential of phychological oppression, rather it was his flair from his Jamaican musical schooling that prove his worth as the professional he is and became. Some could perhaps see the continueing battle of mans evolution written on his face, but, certainly the Jamaican national slogan 'Out of many one people' rules true, a very very appropriate saying for the guard and the carrying into space.

Picture of yellowman]

Gregory Isaaccs teaches us atmospheric rocket science with testimony that ''he who cometh stayeth is he''.

''Slave master, I'm the sheperd of my pasture''.

Gregory Isaaccs / Slavemaster

The beggining is a complete testimony of the colonising nature of star travel... Where does everyone make love the best? On holiday? What place is mans home on a planet heated from the warmth of a star, but, what happens when the population needs more space, more space to the stage when we need another planet, and when we designate that planet would we choose a beautiful island of supreme beauty...

There the cycle, for man rideth it...

''I was given as a sacrifice, to build a blackmans hell in a white mans paradise''

For everyone who has learnt their rocket science you could empathise with the lyrics ''the procedings seem so thankful and so slow slow slow''.

Gregory Isaacs / Sacrifice

Sacrifice [Gregory Isaaccs]

i was given as a sacrifice
to build a black man's hell an' a white man's paradise
but now that i know
it's time i've got to go, lord
the proceedings seem so painful
and so slow, slow, slow
the proceedings seem so painful
and so slow

i have gathered all the wealth
from all over the world
beating chains an' shackles
just to help them make them kings, duke and earl
but now that i know
it's time i've got to go lord
the proceedings seem so painful
and so slow, slow, slow
the proceedings seem so painful
and so slow

what i give is what i will take
i gave love - i won't take no wait
i say : love love love - iniversally
love love love

what i give is what i will take
i gave love - i won't take no wait
i say : love love love - iniversally
love love love - itinually
love love love
that is what i give
and that is what i take

Gregory Isaaccs / Set the captives free

percent of circle picture]

Looking at the plaeidian star cluster and star system is a type of bonding that has some sort of power attracting, obviously astronomers work the sky with their studying, but, some people walk upon the surface with a warm ambition, some a glowing, some a burning. But, a heaven of silk compels not voices of angels for it is on earth that man be heard.

Gregory Isaacs / Night Nurse

Obviously, I wonder if women react the same way to Jamaican food as do men, but, hey, what do I care ...Lol...

Gregory Isaaccs / Hush Darling

So, the Jamaicans have bred across the planet Earth and seek homeage for repatriation of the wonderers yeild... Doth the Atlas rocket play it's tune...

Jamaican model picture]

Gregory Isaaccs / Number one

Jamaican model picture]

Picture of 'Star trek' starfleet insignia]

Peter Hunnigale & Tippa Irie / Raggamuffin girl

Pure silk / Do you ever think about me

Capelton / Number 1 pon the look good chart

Michael Prophet and Ricky Tuffy / Your love

As I've said at a previous post, essentially the Jamaican people are people of natural love for our planet as a husbandry role equates a story of man walking upon his planet pushing his realm upon it's boundry where women walk. This at this era partner's Jamaican mans persuit of his realm to consider how best he continue. A look at chemicals from rockets using liquid and solid fuel evaluates how much longer man will continue grace of our planet according to sacred philoshophy of divinity essence to path...

And vitally how we export our faith of god to different planets according to our technological advancement choices.

Peter Spence / Lovers rock

Jamaican model picture]

Time for love... Loversrock / Reggae

Picture of pope Benedict]

It would perhaps soon be a topic to discuss for the Vatican to consider what rocket fuel would be seen as an enemy of the church. The religious considerations for science and the church will soon be an issue particularly because of the science research that is being done at C.E.R.N and the FERMI labs for the search of the Higgs Boson particle which has perhaps inappropriatly be named 'the god particle'.

Hopefully rocket science shows its loyalty to mankind reguardless of religius belief.

Europe studies new rocket options

Arriane 5].

The Ariane 5 is regarded as reliable but is expensive to operate

Ariane 5 rocket]

A group of rocket comparisons]

The European Space Agency (Esa) has asked a consortium led by EADS Astrium to investigate what sort of rocket should succeed the Ariane 5.

The new vehicle, dubbed simply the Next Generation Launcher (NGL), would not come into service before 2025 - if ever it were developed.
Although highly regarded for accuracy and reliability, the Ariane 5 is expensive to operate.
Lower costs will be critical in maintaining a competitive position.
The 15-month study will report in time for Esa's next ministerial council in 2012.
If member states were to approve a successor, its development would cost them many hundreds of millions of euros, quite probably billions.
"The development of a new launcher involves creating the technologies of tomorrow, whilst minimising development costs and ultimately operating costs," said Astrium Space Transportation CEO, Alain Charmeau. "It's the adventure of a lifetime."
EADS Astrium is the current prime contractor on the Ariane 5.
Introduced in 1996, the European workhorse has now flown more than 50 missions.
Year on year, it launches about half the world's large telecoms satellites.
Current concepts for a successor point to a more modular design.
It might have two or three stages and be capable of launching a range of payloads, from three tonnes to eight tonnes, into a geosynchronous orbit some 36,000km above the Earth.
But the NGL would also have to fly a range of different missions, including low-Earth polar orbits favoured by many environmental monitoring spacecraft.
Because of its design, the Ariane 5 has to launch two medium-sized satellites or one giant platform to make best use of its performance.
The NGL on the other hand would be capable of launching a single medium-sized satellite in its simplest configuration, or could sport additional strap-on boosters if required to loft a larger platform.
The Astrium study will consider various design options, covering the different types of propulsion, materials, structures, avionics, etc that might be incorporated into the NGL.
The director general of Esa, Jean-Jacques Dordain, said recently that Europe needed to "reflect on", and "learn lessons" from, the maiden launch of the US Falcon 9 rocket developed by the SpaceX company.
The total development costs of the Falcon 9 to its first flight in June were about half a billion dollars, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has claimed.
The California company is currently advertising launch prices that dramatically undercut those of its competitors, including Arianespace, the firm which markets the Ariane 5.

Natural dangers

Other fuels

Perchlorate invasion

Gladly Jamaican science has the neccessary research available to consolidate procurement for planetary science, hopefully this shouldn't be much longer...

One love people get ready...
Jamaican motto]

Bob Marley / One Love

A Dennis Morris Bob Marley with football picture]

Obviously the reasons for sending your children to university on Jamaica are for an avid scholar to explain... Lol...

Some people's Journeys tell many stories...

Speaking of which thats the end of this post.

Obama vote supporting JA science and Jamaicans in America]

Marilyn Monroe visited Jamaica for a fortnight immediately after getting to America from England soon after marrying Arthur Miller.

MM with hose picture]