Friday, 12 November 2010


After the figures of deaths of world war two...

The numbers listed below are from a high school textbook are estimated.

Japan military -1,740,000 civilian - 3939,400

Italy military -226,900 civilian - 60,000

Germany military-3,250,000 civilian-2,350,000

5 Primary Allied Powers:

United States military-405,000 civilian-68

France military-122,000 civilian-470,000

Britain military-305,800 civilian-60,600

Russia military-11,000,000 civilian-6,700,000

China military-1,400,000 civilian-8,000,000

North Africa was invaded

Arab countries were impending invasion

Australians and new zealanders fought.

Unclassified number of Jewish humans killed [perhaps as much as 5 million or more]

Irish and Italian police informer gangsters that work with rogue policeman have bought large swaths of world resources.

Ireland did not fight with England during world war two.

America's space programme is a result of which faction of administrators conditioned from german and english rocket scientists...

Funding is such a difficult thing these days...

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