Thursday, 25 March 2010

A womans chain.

This posting is about the movement of evolution in our universe and a woman's body, the consideration of a woman's reproductive system and water, exposure to water and different kinds of water. The evolution of the universe and the star evolution that continues to populate our universe with new and unexplored heat signatures surely plays itself out in the human biological theatre. The search for planets is an explorers dream, but, still to understand the process of life and it's meaning as ONE entity is a concept which is a reality though remains hidden in the ability of man to unravel the truth of our history in body, in mind and in stone.

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Water fountain

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The large hadron collider is a 27 kilometer track built underground to smash and collide particle's at high temperatures and fast velocities. It's concept is to create circumstances that are responsible for the possibility of looking at particles that exist inside fabric that exists at finer energetic regions of space and space time. Obviously, the advances that our science could bring to our race show that significant increases in energy storage at smaller quantities and in larger sectors of space and time offer us the opportunities to establish a map of how the universe perhaps evolved through its various stages and how it continues to evolve.

Obviously, the connotations of mapping space time dimensions with energy signatures is a mouth watering [why does the mouth water!!! It must be something to do with being around tonsils and clitorises!!! thank you god for this universe!!!] opportunity.

Large Hadron Collider

Learning about chemistry is something we all do, particularly when learning about each others bodies, on the verge of human space travel for our race, very very little plasma research has been completed or funded, I myself have had funding problems and because of red tape and confining legislature have not been able to continue this vitally important sector of science for astrobiology and astrochemistry.

It is one of the reasons I am a staunch President Barack Obama supporter of the NASA 2011 budget and equally support Charlie Bolden as senior advisor to the president about NASA jurisdiction, affiliation, legislature and procedure. The decision to increase commercial company focus on personnel safety, routine management and the initial comparative work ethic regarding old NASA funding habits and it's previous old boy old guard attitude to space exploration for America and it's preparation for the new boy, the serious explorer in natural abundance which Mr president has so rightly identified with the American spirit of space exploration for this generation considering the technology which has been built and stored ready for use, since the greatness of President John F Kennedy committed America and all of the American people to the next step of our races evolution.

Ladies and gentlemen, vigilance fortitude and temperance be blessed to our race.

God bless the presidents and prime ministers and give the people faith in their ability to steer us to safety. Let us be humble in wisdom and receive grace in our space programme.

Invisible Cloaking technology

Black uhuru / Shine eyed gal The nearest large body influence on the water of another body. cervix mechanism Pineal gland stimulation endorphin procedure... The chain mechanism...

 The cervix

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The highland fling.

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Video of the spine. e=MC squared [space time continuum]

How much water is inside the woman's continuum, it's base resonance comparative to opposing attractive. It is actually a germ moving through space as an amplification of a string theory operation. The easier explanation would be a mirage created because of heat rising, thus the example of cloud leading to rain exemplify an orgasm as the result of an electrical occurrence.

As time itself is governed with star activity, motion and density everyday itself is testament to reality. Just seen your dream partner...

To continue the pursuit of breeding and populating our universe biochemistry is subject to analysis, of course, my own knowledge of this subject is not taught in universities, but, for me to continue my research it is obviously necessary for me to travel the universe itself testing theory and practice.

A womans reproductive system falling out of orbit. Looking at the universe...

E= MC squared will be challenged on the basis of changing menstrual cycles when we have the ability to witness the psysiological effects on a woman's body in different universal environments. Star sizes...