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This post is about why we could really utilise an asteroid for advancing our space travelling capabilities. It could prove that an asteroid would be an excellent opportunity for science research, space hotels or depots and supply platforms. The science of studying molecular activity on an asteroid would be a valuable resource for astrobiology, astrochemistry and the theory of panspermia [molecular origins of the animal kingdom]. Obviously the recent President Barack Obama NASA 2011 budget has inspired this post with his references to landing on an asteroid for the objectives this budgets research and development instigating stimulus funding proposes.

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The use of wind turbines on asteroids to create electricity and magnetism for anti gravity platforms would be a significant factor for our evolution process. Anti gravity platforms would be multi functional facilities utilising the ability to depot cargo freighters, science vehicles and tourists. The teleporting method of beaming light into a magnetic path would be an extremely useful move for our evolution, something reminiscent of the starship docking bays seen in the recent Star trek film.

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pin tumbler lock picture] shows how the asteroid could perform multi tasks using the magnetic teleporting technology for the tractor beam docking sequence and the magnetic process for programming the circular planetoid axis rotation and attitude.

Doing the sums for a tractor beam based on photons decaying with a zinc polymer base designed for a star ship crystalline structure of an integral architecture.

The tractor beam technology would be appropriate for asteroid management!!!

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When do asteroids fall out of orbit according to a solar system map of minerals?

Obviously everyone is terrified of our our planet being the recipient of an asteroid strike, the funding for watching the asteroids is still abysmally farce particularly considering the number of scientist who literally beg for funding to probe the sky, our asteroid facility watching programme is not nearly good enough for a thorough sleep at night with 100% certain safety, truefully it could be any day that a planet extinction asteroid shows itself on a path for our planet, but, hopefully government funding and research and development give us the answers and results we need really soon.

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When objects do hit the surface of planets many thing's could be the result of the collision...

New life is brought and emerges from the bacteria...

Life is eradicated...

New cures are brought...

New virus's are released...

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But, significantly is the regional mineral composition that adds to the chances of the developing results from the collision.

Well... Thats food for thought...

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Picture of the thunder clouds could actually show a 6th dimension picture, some people actually envisage an asteroids path as such.

Selections from the President's speech on 15 April 2010:

"Early in the next decade, a set of crewed flights will test and prove the systems required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit. (Applause.) And by 2025, we expect new spacecraft designed for long journeys to allow us to begin the first-ever crewed missions beyond the Moon into deep space. (Applause.) So we’ll start -- we’ll start by sending astronauts to an asteroid for the first time in history. (Applause.) By the mid-2030s, I believe we can send humans to orbit Mars and return them safely to Earth. And a landing on Mars will follow. And I expect to be around to see it. (Applause.)"

Earlier in the speech the President mentioned an image he has in his private office, an image I believe of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) image depicting the 2009 Jupiter Impact Event (as mentioned in the NASA Advisory Council meeting minutes from 18-19 February 2010).

Selections from the President's speech on 15 April 2010:

"Here at the Kennedy Space Center we are surrounded by monuments and milestones of those contributions. It was from here that NASA launched the missions of Mercury and Gemini and Apollo. It was from here that Space Shuttle Discovery, piloted by Charlie Bolden, carried the Hubble Telescope into orbit, allowing us to plumb the deepest recesses of our galaxy. And I should point out, by the way, that in my private office just off the Oval, I’ve got the picture of Jupiter from the Hubble. So thank you, Charlie, for helping to decorate my office."

From the NASA Advisory Council meeting minutes from 18-19 February 2010 referring to the image in the President's office:

"Mr. Bolden turned his attention to HSF (Human Space Flight). He emphasized the importance of a destination and noted that the President had spoken yesterday with astronauts and students at the White House. The President was enthusiastic about HSF and talked about going to Mars and returning to the Moon. The President understands that we must have a destination. For Mr. Bolden, the ultimate destination is Mars. Over the coming years we will try to figure out how to best get there, what the limiting capabilities are, what capabilities we don't have today, and then build a plan. There are intermediate destinations, e.g., the Moon and Near Earth objects (NEOs). Mr. Bolden explained that one of the jobs that he shares with Secretary of Defense Gates is defense of the planet against things, not people. At a recent Cabinet meeting, Dr. John Holdren, the President's Science Advisor, showed the President an HST image depicting a large asteroid impact on Jupiter that no one had predicted.

An asteroids planetary biology picture.

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When searching the universe for minerals for the many uses we will need them for, probably most importantly medicine for colony building and colonies it would be an excellent opportunity to encourage doctors to start thinking about plasma sickness research and how excellently trained medicine practitioners will need to hone their techniques for rapid response vaccines for space explorers.

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Magnetic resonance brain treatment will be vital for brain plasma scanning. It would certainly be one of the first lab additions I would fund for the international space station if I were ever to bid for it should it become available for public purchase and use. Obviously Robert Bigelow and have the necessary business model for building orbital labs, but, it would be an excellent investment for the American government to donate a billion dollars to his company, Brian Shiro of could certainly cater for the astronaut demand.

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Obviously it is well documented that airborne virus's and sickness's enter the earth's atmosphere frequently because of space dust, the plasma that carries the virus is usually activated with warm currents, an example would be 2009 swine flu, 2008 bird flu, and 2007 meningitis, a science lab on an orbiting asteroid would have the opportunity to gauge space dust and study it's molecular structure it's strengthening and activating properties near differing planets and proximity to planets/planetoids, obviously positron energy would be a study of interest particular coupled with neuclide activity and the virus's strength according to it's entry position and magnetic resonance near the polar regions. Burkelande currents accounted for a solar system weather model 80 years ago and has not been built upon since.

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