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This posting is about spherics and our spherical mathematic equation which is called life, well this is probably the standard politically obviously relevant naming as all the big objects that we identify with immediately in the sky are round!!! So, how they float is all about dark matter and dark energy, but, I thought I would let someone else do the explanation of that, so, I thought I would start the path of spherical mathematics, it's probably named string theory, but, I prefer the romance... Lol...

Life is such a beautiful thing until we get to the stage we name puppy love, we think we're in love and all of a sudden we're nice to mum, and dad's a pal. Then... it decides to be difficult because we don't know why and we get the bottle of rum out [then join the] and go searching for the baggage that we plonked on some clueless arrogant twat!!!

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When we dance, are we pretending to swim? When we sing are we talking to water? Is that why we sound better in the shower?

Is it all to good to be true?

At the verge of space tourism perhaps you could consider. An object in water that seems to be closer than it is. It is a light refractive index that is the calculation of the light travel curvature, which explains the theory a little better. Clarifying the theories necessary consideration, a mirage that is the result of shimmering heat of water is comparable to space time and the warp time potential of actual time and apparent time. Thus, the declaration that apparent time and visible time is the same thing is not a declaration that modern physicists use, particularly astrophysicists when studying stars and nebula's. Thus, e=MC squared seems to work while looking at an object in water and verifying its distance, but, the brain does not acknowledge how much light is bent, thus the time seems to be lost. The lost time is in the particle that is missing from the apparent. Protons bridge that gap in space, and thus clarifying that protons represent the time involved with the apparent time and the visible time in space following the time to planetary atmospherics, which is how I will be dating planets, continuing to compile a dimension map which I started 7 years ago, the mathematics involved prove that all planets are still active race community providers probably with their enhabitants still on the crux of their cultures on the surface, but, in another time zone, according to the particle of entry to the atmosphere [I'm still working on the mathematics and one of my friends at NASA is studying stargate mathematics that we could probably finalise when I get on the surface of some other planets].

Thus confirming that e=MC squared is not a third dimension law, but, a second dimension principle in space with a rather feeble showing. The technology utilised for the Dr. Who time lord television programme 'tardis' is tessaact technology, which, I'm sure you will enjoy contemplating.

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I was born September.

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Picture of the Philadelphia project boat ''The Eldridge''] ,The Philadelphia Experiment was an alleged naval military experiment at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, stories about the research say that about the time of 1943, in which the U.S. Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge was to be rendered invisible (cloaked) to human observers for a brief period of time. That is also referred to sometimes as Project Rainbow. The story has like many other other incredulous science research ideas many enthusiasts who believe the version of events to be a hoax. While the U.S. Navy maintains that no such experiment occurred, and details of the story contradict well-established facts about the Eldridge. It has been a constant story of interest since the 1940's and the research hasn't been publically accepted as something which taxpayers money is funding though, stargate, portal and vortex science and technology is widely televised as science fiction. I myself have interests with stargate technology and have some basic research that I myself and some other colleagues have gathered.

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This would clarify the situation with empirical results.

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Another article with added supportive evidence [the occurrence occurs around our own solar system. .....

Perhaps you could consider the new type propellers that reduced noise on submarines. It will help you with the concept of the outdated e=MC squared theory.

As the example shows that sound travels different among different atmospheres, it will be imperative that trained astronaut's do the surface reconnaissance for biological effects. I myself have trained 7 years for this particular type of work and totally expect to be involved with the first planetoid manned programmes.

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Picture of me doing the Ganymede plasma training shows a considerable coherent displacement. [September 2009]

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An article I wrote while working with the United states military [Army, Navy and Airforce] 8 years ago considering pressure, atmospheric natural alignment and plasma distortion.


[This particular thesis's explains the A.W.O.L syndrome and what may of been classified as ''tropical diseases'' caused by regional displacement and atmospherics].

'It' boy ''like that''.

Question 1.

Why is it that those particular characters experience such ''depths'' of being '''raised'''.

Possible answer.

Because those characters had a wealth of experience which granted them particular ''social entitlements'' but, perhaps more significant is the potential quotient which ''was'' available.

Question 2.

Is the fact that those characters 'nervous system responses' have been attacked with a systematic deconstruction brake down of sensory administration which was stimulated because of 'super enhanced' senses [Claire audience/hearing voices, new abilities of communication {which start as negative experiences} and events of paranormal physics]?.

All associated with dehydration, a direct result of atmospheric conditioning leading to mirages and heightened sense perception.

Possible answer.

Activation of the higher and perhaps what humans may say is deeper knowledge capabilities is perhaps activated from the pineal gland. So, the impact upon that particular character may be a significant difference as observed with other characters. The standard of confidence and experience with sociology is the questionable tolerance quotience which receives such a serious blow to its grip upon the characters standards of function, have you been around the universe knowledge block?. Thus those who had their feet firm on the ground experienced the more serious question of operation to the characters affiliation.
Thus, the 'it boy' with serious experience {beyond his years} is subjected perhaps to the most serious category of character blow.

Question 3.

Is the term known as being ''raised'' [Ref: Egyptian terminology].

Possible answer.

The term known as being 'possessed' is synonymous with the process of being ''raised'' and observation of the process shows the character to be 'zombie' like {at the first/initial stages}.

Question 4.

Perhaps the pineal gland operates as if it were like a 'ear drum' which is blocked and can't hear until it is unblocked which happens with some form of pressure releasing the pent 'opposing pressure'.
So, the reality is changed according to where the location of the character has been projected to, obviously determined with refractive index's that occur according to pressure bending light.
Thus, visualizing a fourth dimension is possible {perhaps more dimensions}. Looking at friends, family and acquaintances is now resulted as looking at specters representing the character of the person who was the person they were. Traveling energy as time grooves, travelling time as energy grooves, flows and quantum flux's? Light is described to travel as waves and particles, but, has not yet been mapped with it's actual behaviour pattern showed across the universe, a job I hope to work with some time among the future.


Possible answer.

The pineal gland is responsible for memory and time functions. Our opinion is that the pineal gland is a conduit for a photonic mechanism ''sponging'' from dimensions. The data which is recorded is coded and decoded which is a form of dismantled pictures which the reality of it suggests that ''it is actually reality''. Our opinion suggests that the pineal gland operates like the movement of an octopus swimming, thus stimulating, manipulating, generating and delivering the 'real pictures' known as reality. It is perhaps the mechanism of dimension focus.

Once you've acknowledged it the focus has changed and the result is that your looking at spectors from a different time period jumbled with events and characters from different periods. The result is that your attitude changes towards your application to the social environment and as such the difference of character application is 'very significant' regarding the difference of characters previous normal standard operation techniques. Thus, the ''alienation'' is evident and draws significant differences between what was and were once stable relationships.

Question 5.

Is 'being raised' a difference of dimension focus entangled with logged systematic linear time dimension events, or is it a 'very real' quantum physics catapult situation spurned from some sort of pineal gland reaction/mechanism?

Possible answer.

The Egyptians described the human 'being' as a vessel of various degrees. The quotience of the vessel known as the 'Ba' and the 'Ka' character and life exist as separate entities and as the pineal gland is jolted, our opinion is , is that the 'Ka' is perhaps some part released from the human vessel to wonder or exponentialy exposed to the vastness of the dimension space, resulting with the weird 'self acknowledgement of person deficiency', i.e.
semi - zombie state.

However, the process of being raised next battle {self corrective procedure} is to seek alignment with ones original physical 'standard set up mode' resulting with a roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil seeking for the persons self to realign '''The Ba and the Ka'''. The brains physical reaction to the new 'state' is to restrict ones talents, abilities, social interaction, dress sense, word phraseology, tastes, likes, and perhaps change attitudes to dislikes [the seeking of realignment is a very tedious traumatic experience]. Our opinion is, is 'that' particular synopsis of the brains physical reaction is if the ka has not been totally catapulted [perhaps to a different dimension state].

Our opinion maintains the observation that particular methods of 'transposing' the Ka [sending the life self] to another dimension at the start of pineal gland ''tampering'' is possibly a series of ''queer'' questions which totally throw {catapult} the Ka via the pineal gland photonic dimension world [heaven/hell/dream states] somewhere else. The crucial decisive ''act'' being a perverse action of unknown thought of 'personal moral' resulting with the surrender of the ka.
Hence, some zombies have half a chance of fighting to realign because they have not been catapulted {just a jolt of serious magnitude capable of learning the new physical nature of the extra dimensions whilst maintaining the home base dimension}.

As I have shown at recent posts, the orgasm is the electric mechanism for atmospheric alignment and the pressure gauge calculation for the place of orgasm. Thus, when a man know's something is wrong, but, does it, his pressure is tipped across a magnetic line = projecting the Ka to another dimension, the act is known as a sin, homosexuality is presumably the mechanism that send's men to hell.

The hugely contraversial song...

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As we move into the space exploration era I hope to lead teams of scientists [men and women] to establish evidence for a theory that could lead to the proof of heaven, because my belief is that heaven is composed of water neutrons it is of vital detriment to survey water molecules [acid and alkali's] in the habitat they are at also pathing the way for proof that life forms are actually made in heaven. This research would enventually become the foundation of space exploration and science [hello NASA!!!], but, I also would be very interested to conduct research with teams of homosexual pioneers to crack the keys to hell entrances, establish communication with the heavens of the planets and begin colonising programmes...

If the theory is proven correct.