Sunday, 2 May 2010

Peggy Lee.

Picture of Peggy Lee

This posting is for astronauts, astronauts that are training be astronauts, astronauts that will soon train to become astronauts, scientists doing the research for astronaut training, and for astronaut knowledge...

Peggy Lee explain's just how long some people have been thinking about time, momentum of space time, quantum mechanics and the law of motion, rocket science, and the knowledge of rocket science, and interestly enough, how my ideal woman thinks about a womans place around an astronaut. Lol...

Peggy Lee / How deep is the ocean?

Honestly gentlemen, when your woman ask's you how deep the ocean is on Europa, would you include it's atmosphere as part of the equasion to explain how long it will be before you can kiss her lips on the surface without a space suit?

Will you measure the atmospheric density in the place where you want to build a beautiful little ranch with a pink porch and rope swing on the veranda, multiply it by its surface ground area pressure, then mutiply by the number of breaths for a kiss since you've been gone before you can tell her how deep the sky is that you will be in when you do.

Will you tell her that stratus is a recognition of that kiss? Can you tell her that her breakfast's are being carried by that very knowledge which is itself powering the journey remembering that it is a certainty the warmth of life itself is existing in another place of which heaven itself is a lover of awaiting the reunification of the rapturous equasion itself.

Well anyway, how many planets, moons and planetoids have we done the sums with, how many women's lips to consider.

Picture of Peggy Lee].

picture of aviators goggles]

FAA Office of Commercial Space Transportation Issues First Safety Approval

FAA Commercial Space Transportation Safety Approval
The Office of Commercial Space Transportation (AST) has issued the first-ever safety approval for a Spaceflight Training System. The approval was granted on April 7, 2010 to the National Aerospace Training and Research Center (NASTAR) of Southampton, Pennsylvania, for a centrifuge simulator with the ability to expose flight crew members to the G-forces they will experience during suborbital flights.
The approval process involved a thorough review of the design and operation of the NASTAR STS-400 simulator and on-site observation by AST personnel. NASTAR plans to offer its space flight simulation training to launch operators to support commercial suborbital space flights.

The lady and the tramp

He's a tramp

Peggy Lee / He's a tramp [dogg pound version]

Peggy Lee / why don't you do right

I'm not sure what other astronaut trainees look like when training, but, I have seen them go through the various stages of diet and fitness tests, bed rest testing and social behaviour practice, all of which I have not seen proper evidence of being capable of sustaining ion count durable enough for planetoid exploration which could and should realistically if we get the most *amount* of science done be for a couple of months. Truefully, it gets tatty, really tatty...

picture of compass with g].

Picture of Tanker air lift control centre]. ,

The 618th Tanker Airlift Control Center, located at Scott Air Force Base, Illinois, is Air Mobility Command's execution arm for providing America's Global Reach. The 618th TACC plans, schedules and directs a fleet of nearly 1,300 mobility aircraft in support of combat delivery and strategic airlift, air refueling and aeromedical evacuation operations around the world.

Peggy Lee / Where or when

Peggy Lee certainly talks a rocket scientist language, everyone getting experience after tentative build up for a momentum that our evolution does comprehend, trickle or stage manage...

picture of energy balance].

RELEASE : 10-093

NASA, NSBRI Select Proposals To Support Health On Space Missions

WASHINGTON -- NASA's Human Research Program and the National Space Biomedical Research Institute, or NSBRI, of Houston will fund 11 proposals to help investigate questions about astronaut health and performance on future space exploration missions. The selected proposals, representing 10 institutions in eight states, will receive a total of almost $10 million over a three- to four-year period.

The Human Research Program provides knowledge and technologies to improve human health and performance during space exploration. The program also develops possible countermeasures for problems experienced during space travel.

Goals include the successful completion of exploration missions and preservation of astronauts' health throughout their lives. The program quantifies crew health and performance risks during spaceflight and develops strategies that mission planners can use to monitor and mitigate health and performance risks.

The 11 projects were selected from 50 proposals received in response to a research announcement titled "Research and Technology Development to Support Crew Health and Performance in Space Exploration Missions."

The proposals were reviewed by scientific and technical experts from academia, industry and government. Seven of the projects will be assigned to the Human Research Program's team of principal investigators, while four will join NSBRI's team-based research program.
NSBRI is a NASA-funded consortium of institutions studying health risks related to long-duration spaceflight. The institute's science, technology and education projects take place at more than 60 institutions across the United States.

A complete list of the selected principal investigators, organizations and proposals is available on the Web at:

For information about NASA's Human Research Program, visit:

For information about NSBRI's science, technology and education programs, visit:

For information about NASA and agency programs, visit:

Peggy Lee / Is that all there is

Peggy Lee/ Is that all there is

picture of elements]

Peggy Lee oozes inspiration for explorers, the Chinese nation have had 2000 years of preparation for communal knowledge of elements around the universe and combinations of herbal horticulturalism combined with knowledge of personal biorhythyms, Tai chi [arobic meditative exercise] is itself a very widely practiced art in China that itself is testiment to energy movement around the universe.

The western world has Star trek to thank for ignorance of the common medium among our communities that perhaps one day would all need knowledge of basic sciences to survive while evolving on colony planets. The introduction of 'star trek' voyager shows the search for scientific answers, particularly the quest for mapping elements.
Picture of the star ship enterprize]

Picture of planet elements kepler].

Peggy Lee / When the sun comes out

Peggy Lee / Something

Peggy Lee / As time goes by

Short origin documentary.

Star trek introduction

Peggy Lee / Elmers tune

Peggy Lee / Hey there {you with the stars in your eyes}]

Peggy Lee / He needs me & suger

I'm not sure if Peggy Lee would of been a starfleet teacher on Planet base or crew member on deck of a star ship, but, certainly her commanding style and presence has an adept complement to a crews ethic.

Peggy Lee / Manana

Peggy Lee / Fever

Peggy Lee / It's a good day

Environmental Protection Agency picture].

Peggy Lee again performing with a class of verve that speaks volumes for real gentlemen.

Astrology helps us comprehend why some people seem so gifted, but, most importantly bring love and happyness to all who experience their gift with total appreciation.


Transit Date of principal star:
7 September

Pegasus, the winged horse, flew out of the head of Medusa when Perseus slew her. It was fathered by Poseidon, some time earlier, and waited for the Gorgon's death to appear. (Medusa's story is told under the constellation "Cepheus".)
Athene gave Pegasus to Bellerophon (a grandson of Sisyphus), who used the winged creature in his fight against the Chimaera - a monstrous female with three heads. Bellerophon shot arrows at the beast as he flew above her on Pegasus, then he stuck between her jaws a huge lump of lead. The monster's own breath melted the lead, which then flowed down her throat and burned her to death.

Now Bellerophon was sent off on another mission, which he accomplished with equal aplomb. Flushed with victory, he flew off for Olympus, home of the gods, as if he too were immortal. Zeus sent a gadfly, which stung Pegasus on the bum, and Bellerophon was kicked off the horse. Pegasus went alone to Olympus, where he was used by Zeus to carry around his thunderbolts. As for Bellerophon, for his presumption of greatness, he wandered about the earth for the rest of his life, blind, lame, and shunned by man, until dying of old age.
Pegasus is a conspicuous constellation which includes the so-called "Great Square of Pegasus". However it must now share the northeast corner of the square with Andromeda: delta Pegasus was given to Andromeda, to provide the lady with a head! The stars are generally second and third magnitude. There are several interesting binaries here, a curious flare star, and one outstanding deep sky object.

Double stars in Pegasus:

Kappa Pegasi is a very close binary, with an orbit of only 11.52 years: 4.8, 5.3; presently the companion is at PA 132 degrees and separation of only 0.2". 37 Pegasi is another close binary, with an orbit of 140 years: 5.8, 7.1; presently the companion is found at PA 118 degrees and separation of 0.8". 85 Pegasi is a well-known close binary with orbit of 26.27 years: 5.8, 8.9; currently the companion is at PA 149 degrees and separation of 0.8".


Variable stars in Pegasus:

Epsilon Pegasi is an irregular (Lb type) variable, and a flare star with a relatively cool shell. This supergiant can get as bright as 0.7 magnitude, and dimmer than 3.5. Generally it stays around 2.4.

Deep Sky Objects in Pegasus:

Pegasus has many galaxies and an outstanding globular cluster.

M15 (NGC 7078) is one of the finest globular clusters in the heavens, very bright and compact, at 35,000 to 40,000 light years away. It is found four degrees NW of epsilon Pegasi. NGC 7331 is a spiral galaxy resembling the Milky Way Galaxy; it's as if we were looking at outselves from fifty million light years away. NGC 7479 is a barred spiral galaxy about three degrees due south of alpha Pegasi. Stephan's Quintet is a noted cluster of galaxies half a degree SSW of NGC 7331. See how many of the five you can spot (three is average, four is good).

Peggy lee songs...

This song is for astronauts before they prepare the log, mission summary, notes and reports, I think Peggy Lee organised the arrangement for a huge variety of reasoning, I would suggest concentration modes be prepared for with this song as it stretches the imagination to a plateau of melencholy, ideal for phychology alignments.

It has been researched that the human brain capacity has 15 minutes of productive brain activy for work and mathematic conscious cognitive action per hour.

Peggy Lee certainly increases that capacity with technique beguiling of a seriously accomplished musician bringing music into science in a way that perhaps has not been acknowledged in a world that still beleives music is just an entertainment tool.

It would be correct to acknowledge the skill and professionalism of these musician's of an era when television was not prominant in 9 out of 10 homes, when music was designed for a purpose, usually to promote love and marriage for early relationship that have community supported loyalty bonds built on integrity and faithfulness.
Truelly concentration in micro gravity will become a study when centred on more mondane tasks and is not such an exciting holiday type adrenaline airtime slot of what is perhaps considered a dream come true [exaggerated neuron activity].

Peggy Lee / How can you erase a memory

Peggy Lee/ From this moment on

Peggy Lee / I'm a woman / The best is yet to come

I visited the Las Vegas Star trek experience at the larger hotel 1998, it was a fantastic, amazing experience to be near star trek machinery, costumes, actors and on the bridge of a star ship, to be beamed on the transporter deck was one of the most thrilling moments of my life.

Yes, I'm a serious professional, but you must comprehend the nature of star trek is everything that man is, was, and will be, for me, it has all of lifes pleasures and fantasies on an imaginery conveyer belt. I am a very controlled and balanced person, but, star trek just totally unhinges me, and really, good proper morality with stern tests of adventure are what adulthood is all about, and, I wonder if Peggy Lee will be watching us as our first star ship goes off exploring with the sum total of knowledge that we have gathered for our survival, awe, wonder and merryment.

Sheer delight...

Peggy Lee/ Waitin for the train to come in

I beleive that when someone of our generation gets enough money to acknowledge our needs as men and women on a planet in a vast expanse of space, they will develop the star trek infrastructure as Gene Roddenbury planned.

We have the plan sir, the teachings of Gene Roddenbury's star trek have given us a good fabric of which we will build the Federation.

I'm not rich enough yet, but, I have my education, knowledge and motivation AND EVERYONE KNOWS WHO'S RIGHT, DON'T WE CHINA, AMERICA, EUROPE, AUSTRALIA, AFRICA...

Truefully though, the government could start starfleet academy for children to be educated with star charts, geophysics, geochemistry, astrophysics and astrobiology, and move the national service to a modern space exploration airspace international government tour of duty.

Peggy Lee songs have certainly brought the temperment required for younger people to become responsible adults, the type of adults that make nations proud...


united federation of planets ''starfleet''picture]

Star trek star ships].

Peggy Lee/ Fly me to the moon

Peggy Lee / Strangers in the night

Peggy Lee / See see rider

When applying for federation academy education I think a little test will be part of a 30 minute examination. It will probably be a good idea to start with some basic 12 year old intelligence questions, I thought this would be for the ''A'' catogory candidates.

Space exploration eye test

Peggy Lee / Moon flowers, Peggy Lee / Pieces of dreams