Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Message to viewers.

It has been terrific recording my journal and recently has been fantastic that newer scientific journals are producing some very very encouraging and important results from lab and feild.

As people who visit my journal often, you would have seen that the visitors to the journal page at it's www. address has significantly dwindled since wednesday 6 days ago probably because someone wanted to remove it from veiwing, obviously the adult pictures and videos contribute to the science and it is purely at visitors discretion if they themselves stay to learn more about the journal and it's type of science.

I do really want to clarify that the journal is probably the target of a chosen identity discrepency and my recent comments at a blog journal that is another industry journal would probably have contributed to some reactions that perhaps were calculated not for the sake of ''floating point element'' economics.

''It was september 14th since your previous hyperinflation report, recently on television I have seen that the two Gambino bosses have been assasinated, John Gotti has recently died, and Bonnano the godfather of Italian american mafiosa that reported directly to the German ss has recently died''.


My comment at the post 'HOW HYPERINFLATION WILL HAPPEN' [2 january 2011] started the sequence of a conversation that worries me seriously probably becuase the journal is ''coveted'' by perhaps more than 1400 veiwers daily, many of whom senior industry men.