Saturday, 1 January 2011

Pleaidian honors.

Barack Obama Jamrock magazine picture]

I believe that as we evolve we become more like the sum of knowledge that we gather, analyse and then decide to keep, the more the knowledge thought and humbled itself the greater application to speech systems and explorationary effort. I want to start noting people who I believe would be awarded ranking members of our evolutionary process which as I believe will be measured as these and many more people do.

Perhaps 13 people per year would be sufficient as if to properly acknowledge the rank awarded. Obviously these people are predominantly western world, but, generally internationally respected people, hopefully my own knowledge of international people of pleaidian character and homage betters my ability to correspond the facts.

Calvin Broadus / Snoop Dogg awarded rank of colonel [Music and entertainment].

Goldie Hawn awarded rank of Major [Film, cinema and entertainment].

Micheal Johnson awarded rank of Captain [Sports].

Charlie Bolden awarded rank of major General [Space exploration and science].

David Attenbrough awarded rank of brigadier. [animal sciences].

Roberto Carlos awarded rank of Major. [Sports].

Bob Geldof awarded rank of Major. [Humanitarian]

Alesha Dixon lance corporal [Music and entertainment].

Christopher Blackwell awarded rank of colonel [Music].

Richard Branson awarded rank of commander [Business].

Kofi Anan awarded rank of general [Humanitarian politics]

Patrick Moore awarded rank of acting admiral [Astronomer]

Arnold Schwarzenegger awarded rank of cheif of financial affairs [physical training and entertainment].

Special medals of honor.

The Marilyn Monroe arms of distinction.

The Marlon Brando knight of the valour.

Marilyn Monroe picture]