Saturday, 23 January 2010

Jiggly joogly wobbly!!!

Well, this post is for the gentlemen, the gentlemen who need warmth channelled to their thoughts while on duty on away missions/sorties/reconnaiscence. Ion management is an art, but, for the average man can be managed with different techniques. The methodology is used everyday with sportsmen abstaining from sex before the event creating more thrust for the vessel. PERFORMANCE MEN, PERFORMANCE.

For the women, this glass rollin pin filled with hot/warm water or hot/warm chocholate can be used for ion and neutron management.

Native regional repellant duristiction pesticide management.

Well, friends who are my real friends have the knowledge that I like warm beer, vegan food and adventure. Bringing ice from near planetoids or asteroids would be an easy way for stimulating a Venusian atmosphere. Considering the path is directly out to interstellar space the incentive for an expert to build a base from near utilities is probably considered the next step to the universe...

Who is adept at building rocket's? The Northrop Grumman challenge offers ideas.

Who has got the chemistry, stamina, grounding???