Monday, 25 January 2010

Planetoid surface habitats and surface reconnaiscence.

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Hank William's / Build me a cabin in the corner of gloryland

The knowledge of surviving terrain recconnaiscence is vital to a pioneer and the neccessary survival instinct must be accompanied with basic acumen...


Pressurised suits would not make the task of landscape pioneering very easy, but, advances in footwear technology would help the exploration task to be a lot easier. Bedding down for rest and sleep is a situation which will require considerable dexterity according to the careful procedure of protecting the spacesuit from wear and potential disastrous tear. These examples show us the simplicity of a bed on the back facility to enable sleeping on rough terrain at any location. It would be concievable to suggest an array of versatile applications that could be used while bedding down.

Food insertions

Computer satelite navigation [sat nav]

Computer database

Electron microscope

Portable magnetic electricity generator [jet pack/com systems/lab kit/bunsen burners/furnace]

Antennas and transmitters

Storage for mineral, regolith and rock samples/deposits

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Dolly Parton / Coat of many colours

Planetoid surface training:

Because of different gravitation quotients and commodities on planetoid surfaces stamina and fitness is a standard that must be thouroughly engrossed in the trials and tribulations of testing environmental changes, swings, roundabouts, and... For ''who else'' wants to think they are a pioneer at work...

Of course Archaeology and geomorphology are a main factor with learning about historical events of planetoid geophysics climatology and oceanography. Some techniques for moving across terrain and getting to places that landers and rovers certainly could not will be particularly neccessary for searching caves and caverns, gulleys and ravines, valley's and Wadies... [Forget rover's and lander's...]

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Mountain base jumping...

Caves potentially offer shelter from the surface environment, but, they offer creatures and lifeforms the same options that certainly represent a scientific challenge for exploring and for possible alien discoveries.

Frankie Laine / Rawhide

{Frankie Laine march 30th 1913 - Feb 6th 2007}

Some agility training...

For the planetoid pioneer...