Thursday, 21 January 2010

A time for cowboy's...

Rhinestone cowboy

Tell me true and ride em

Love on the rocks

On the inside

Hickory wind

Born to run

Prairie Spring

Evening and the flat land
Rich and sombre and always silent;
The miles of fresh-plowed soil,
Heavy and black, full of strength and harshness;
The growing wheat, the growing weeds,
The toiling horses, the tired men;
The long empty roads,
Sullen fires of sunset, fading
The eternal, unresponsive sky,
Against all this, youth
Flaming like the wild roses,
Singing like the larks over the plowed fields,
Flashing like a star out of the twilight;
Youth with it's insupportable sweetness,
Its fierce necessity,
Its sharp desire, Singing and singing,
Out of the lips of silence,
Out of the earthy dusk.

Willa Cather [Dec 7, 1873 - April 24, 1947]