Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Putting it on our laps.

Let us start with the honouring of the glorification of the modern pioneer.

The lords prayer.

Our father whose art is in the heavens
hallowed be thy name
thy kingdom come
thy will be done
on Earth as it is in the heavens
give us this day our daily bread
forgive us our trespasses
as we would forgive those who trespass against us
and lead us not into temptation
deliver us from evil
for thine is the kingdom
the power and the glory
for ever and ever

[picture of charlie bolden]

"Today we are launching a bold and ambitious new space initiative to enable us to explore new worlds, develop more innovative technologies, foster new industries, increase our understanding of the earth, expand our presence in the solar system, and inspire the next generation of explorers..."

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden
February 1, 2010

M.A.R.S. / Pump up the volume

[SAS] Special air service {emblem}

You must be vigilant, you must be patient, humanity will build it's inevitability on it's resilience, for it is it's maker that kindred spirited thee... [skylon] picture

Our duty to our race is a forgone conclusion, to be a coward is not to have existed, to be a man is to be given the glorification of god's will. Let man tell man. [Barack Obama] Picture

Kc flight / Planet e

Starting the space program with a continents aptitude.

John f. Kennedy / Space program

Exploration Research & Development [ms.marilyn.monroe.] picture ''all the money must stay in america honey, the economy needs all the help it can get to balance the world''... Hmmm...If we don't build 5 more cities on america the world will fall over silly!!!

The Budget includes three new robust exploration programs:

1. Technology demonstration program, $7.8 billion over five years.

Funds the development and demonstration of technologies that reduce

the cost and expand the capabilities of future exploration activities,

including in-orbit refuelling and storage.

2. Heavy-Lift and Propulsion R&D, $3.1 billion over five years. [Maaaa... That's easy, anti gravity platforms with vacuum magnetic boosters]

Funds R&D for new launch systems, propellants, materials, and

combustion processes.

3. Robotic precursor missions, $3.0 billion over five years. [Darn probes...gentleman! The woman needs a service].

Funds cost-effective means to scout exploration targets and identify

hazards and resources for human visitation and habitation.

In addition, the Budget enhances the current Human Research

Program by 42%; and supports the Participatory Exploration

Program at $5 million per year (for activities across many NASA


Before we ask International traffic arms regulations [I.T.A.R] to grant solar system passports for human galactic travellers we must learn our way around the system maturely, sensibly and responsibly. This video is a lesson for us to examine what awaits when we have learnt what we should be learning to maintain our races evolutionary path.

Soul sonic force / Planet rock

An example of the International traffic Arms Regulation [I.T.A.R] law being touted as an effective legislature for space travel governance...

Sec. 120.5 Commodity jurisdiction procedure.

The Office of Munitions Control will provide, upon written request, a
determination on whether a particular article is included on the United
States Munitions List. Such requests should be accompained by five copies
of the letter requesting a determination and any brochures or other
documentation or specifications relating to the article. A "commodity
jurisdiction" procedure is used if a doubt exists within the U.S.
Government on whether an article is on the Munitions List. The procedure
entails consultations among the Departments of State, Commerce and

An excerpt from a recent International Traffic arms regulations legislaton drafting...

Presumably, a space tourist must at some point see the craft and its components (components are also on the USML) during the trip. This could allow an individual to percieve, through a visual inspection, technical data about the craft. If that individual is a foreign national, then a deemed export will have occurred, and a license should have been obtained by the company prior to the export. Another layer is added by the Human Space Flight Requirements. The Requirements do not call for licensing of each individual participant, but they do require informed consent from each individual (14 CFR 460.15).

Ladies and gentlemen, this is ''us''...

You ''must'' watch the first 10 minutes if you haven't got the opportunity to listen to our major general give us our orders for the movement of man on our planet to a space exploring race.
[Charlie Bolden and Barack Obama] picture

[seals] Emblem

Stylistics / I'm stone in love with you

Cash boost for the commercialisation of space travel...
Yes Richard... Dennis is selling his photography collection... Lol...

picture of Arnold Schwartzenegger

Guess who I'm friends with Paaa... ??? Lol...


Who will be Mr universe? Mr fox? Mr Governor...